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YSS Sakishima

The YSS Sakishima is a Chiaki-class Escort Destroyer serving in the Tenth Standard Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai. She was created and assigned in early YE 35.

“…The Sakishima is basically a lawless no-man's-land…” -Anzu


The YSS Sakishima ND-S10-577 is a Star Army vessel serving largely in the turbulent Yugumo Cluster and wherever else the Tenth Standard Fleet requires her. The current Game Master of the plot is Gunsight1. The plot was started it in March 2013 by Gamerofthegame. The plot itself is intermixed with social themes out of combat and fierce ship to ship combat in. It also prides itself in being entirely at the direction of the players; there are no Characters on board the Sakishima. Everyone is a player and every outcome is the result of their choices and actions, from command down.

The primary method of role-play is SP and players are expected to post at least every three days. See the rules, below.

Rating: 3-3-3 (

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