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YSS Shinsugo

With everything going on the the universe, the Kuvexian War being the main trouble to the people of the Empire. A newly commissioned ship created for the Yamataian Empire, combining aspects from all the different species that work together, in and with the empire. A ship to show off the togetherness of the empire, making sure that every species has something built into the ship as either core assets like engines and weaponry, or as decoration with how the rooms are set up. Even the name of the ship is a combination of Union and Heart to show even more what this ship is.


YSS Shinsugo is an Open RP plot originally created Novmber 13th, 2019 by Bloodyscarlet, who is the current Game Master. Roleplay takes place primarily via SP, and players are expected to post frequently to keep things moving. Also, JPs may be scheduled from time to time (usually as character development interludes/asides).

This plot intends to be a exploration and ground combat, with the main aim being to work together and overcome the obstacles that are stopping the crew from progressing, working together does have it's drawbacks as tension and annoyance can plague the party, causing infighting and disagreements.

There is no minimum age requirement to join, though it may heighten in future based on player requests.

Organization & Assets

The YSS Shinsugo is a Midori-Class Scout Ship

The ship has a complement of:

The following special equipment has also be stockpiled on board:

Crew Roster


NCO & Enlisted

Open Positions

Any role at the moment is open, Unused vital roles will be filled by NPCs.

This ship is open to any type of Character and Species that is in the Yamataian Empire or is an Ally to them.


Mission 1

Plot has not yet begun!

Rules & Pacing

  1. All members of the plot are expected to post as often as the plot permits, at least once every week or so.
  2. Do not wait on another player to post for more than four days.
  3. If you will be absent or cannot post as often as required, post notice in the OOC thread. Common courtesy goes a long way!
  4. Players who have not posted in more than four days may have their characters' actions posted or chosen by the GM to keep the plot moving.
  5. Players who have not posted in more than ten days, or have their characters do something really stupid and badly written, risk getting auto-hit by enemies. Their fate may be left ambiguous so that players can return, this just helps speed things along despite player absence.
  6. Characters should be wary of the standard Star Army Regulations or expect IC punishment.
  7. We will generally work along these these guidelines and Readiness Conditions.

OOC Notes & Trivia

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