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YSS Shiroyama

The YSS Shiroyama is a Star Army of Yamatai plot run in tandem by GM SirSkully and GM Jack Pine that will focus on both a Special Operations Fire Team known as the SOFT 74 and a ranger regiment that falls under the name 109th Imperial Ravens as they defend the resource-rich planet of Terra Multa from the Kuvexian threat.

Assigned to the titular station, the YSS Shiroyama, things are quiet for now after recent skirmishes… maybe too quiet…

Status: the plot is not currently accepting any new members

Plot Details

Below are some basic details about the plot and its intended group of players

Current Thread: TBA

Age Requirement: 16+
Format: Play-by-Post/ Joint Posts
Pacing: 1 post per fortnight minimum, will adapt to players


Language-3 Sexuality-2 Violence-2 I want people to feel free to roleplay their characters how they see fit, by no means will everything constantly be set to maximum but I want to try and leave it as open as I can without making the plot locked behind an 18+ wall - leave that to the Joint Posts please ^ -^

Crew Roster

074th Yama Dura Demons
Character Player Role Notes
Kimber_Shanks SirSkully SOFT Team Leader Unofficial Samurai, SOFT Mum
Valerie “Vinyl” Shanks SirSkully SOFT Infowar Specialist/Armourer Bouncy tech-head and music lover
Juno “Arsenal” Aurion SirSkully SOFT Combat Engineer Ripped’st Minkan
Kai Sagara Jack Pine SOFT Supply Specialist Obligatory bench-warmer
Mikodimus Liber Belmont Spaceeye SOFT Demolitions Expert Chef who knows how to spice it up
Arinori Sora Arbitrated SOFT Autorifleman Crowd control fluff
Jo Midori Sageshooter SOFT Sniper Silent Samurai
Miles Belmont Emiko club24 SOFT Medic The non-lewd Belmont
Shasse Emiko club24 SOFT Marksman Bundle of energy
109th Imperial Ravens
Character Player Role Notes
Lucas Arturius Jack Pine Ranger Team Leader Horned Preacher
Kensei Ichi/Rei IQ Cannon Fodder Robro
Itatski Suzume Charmaylarg Medic MUSCLE CAT
Kaito Hinata Sageshooter CQC Specialist Bad juju but good company
Aleksandra Voloshyn SensualCoder Sniper Ranger Mum
Itatski Sachiko Charaa Combat Engineer Muscle Cat in Training
gemini_gemma_takasho Squidbot Recon Energetic Ranger
Character Role Notes
Bjorn Clegane Head of Security “Bring in Officer Clegane”
Ryder Hayden Station’s Shosa One hell of a story behind those eyes, literally
Whiskers Station’s Moral support One adorable dog!

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