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YSS Takamagahara

The YSS Takamagahara is a Sharie-class Battleship serving in the Tenth Standard Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai. She was built and commissioned in mid YE 37.


The YSS Takamagahara NB-S10-753 is a Star Army vessel serving largely in the turbulent Yugumo Cluster and wherever else the Tenth Standard Fleet requires her. The plot was started it in August 2015 by Gunsight1, who is the current Game Master. The plot itself is intermixed with social themes out of combat and fierce ship to ship combat in.

The YSS Takamagahara is crewed entirely by mini Nekovalkyrja and has undergone appropriate modifications to accommodate her small stature crew.

The primary method of role-play is SP and players are expected to post at least every four days. See the rules, below.

Sharie-Class Battleship

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