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Cracked Skulls

Cracked Skulls is a plot set to begin in 2021 by Game Master Rawolfe. The plot is set to be set in the aftermath of Kuvexian War.


The Cracked Skulls is an IPG unit that serves to drop behind enemy territory and sabotage Kuvexian operations on former Yamatai or Independent planets so that the combined forces of Nepleslian Star Navy and Star Army can liberate planets faster. The operations details of this unit is marked as classified and will be denied by the Nepleslian government.

Cracked Skulls
Forum Link OOC Thread
Faction Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Game Master Rawolfe
Pacing Joint Posts and Single Posts 1-2 times a week/varies
Number of Players 4
Accepting Players? Yes, but speak with Rawolfe
Joining Requirements Speak with Rawolfe

Plot Overview

The Kuvaxian war is over, but while the Kikyo Sector is licking its wounds from the brutal campaign of the Kuvexians, worlds are still in their control giving no plead to release them back to their rightful owners. Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia and Yamatai Star Empire combined secretly forces to finally come to the aid of these planets and designate a special task force that combines the two forces together. The recapture of these worlds requires to happen in a fashionable order or it will have devastating consequences for the other captured worlds.

The first phase is to send in units of specialized IPG and SAINT to these worlds to land behind enemy territory and disable any communications, shipyard operation, and resources gathering. Taking out the chain of command of the location is required to move further with the next phase. The second phase is for the task force to arrive in full force and take out any starships that are in the orbit of the planet and hunt down any escaping vessels. Relief forces are the third phase when the star system is declared clear and planetary forces are no match. This process requires to be repeated until stated otherwise.

Plots will continue to focus on Characters development and stories.

Drop 1: Nell Liberation

Nell a planet located in the Nellrun is currently under Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia control and reports indicate slavery and resource operation are in place of this location. While this might be a small location, it is a perfect testing ground for the Cracked Skulls to do their duties. Land on the planet at any cost and take control back at the starport, take down their communication grid and signal the fleet.


The fresh made IPG unit is designated to land at Nell to take care of the firm grip from the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia remnants that have been exploiting the citizen of this colony.


The roster for the Cracked Skulls Unit

Nothing found

Plot Will

When this plot becomes inactive, its story and structure remain their own and can't be reproduced without the consent of the GM.

OOC Notes

Rawolfe created this article on 2021/01/28 10:40.

Characters WantedSpace Marine
Field Medic
Tech Specialist

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