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Legion IX

Ninth Legion Rikugun was a roleplaying plot created November 11, 2017 by GM Ethereal. It was later subsumed into the joint plot Task Force Inquisition.

It is the first and only Star Army of Yamatai plot that focuses on boots-on-the-ground action, close-quarters fighting and comradery between soldiers. It's a straightforward, rewarding plot for new players and breath of fresh air for veterans!

The platoon in which your protagonist will be located is one of the initial landing force, slotted to experience the most fighting to secure a firm foothold before the invasion can proceed in earnest. Assets will be dropped and collected for the initial attack, with greater and greater weapons being provided the greater the success of the platoon is.

This plot is part of the Task Force 0 storyline and is interweaved with the Orochi Squadron plot. Players are suggested if they enjoy the plot to create a character to experience the flipside of the campaign and even create a fighter pilot to be used in both if they're undecided.

We currently are deploying to retake Skadi, after elements of Eighth Fleet struggled to recapture the planetary surface of Jun from the NMX raiders with only their space-based forces to bring to bear. With the recent discovery by Star Army Intelligence of where the Yuletide ambush of YE 37 originated from, Taisho Shizuka Endo promptly requested the re-activation and deployment of the Ninth Legion to do what they couldn't.

Status: Ninth Legion is accepting new players at this time.

Plot Overview

Ninth Legion follows the conquest of the Ninth Legion - a Star Army Rikugun Legion - across the South-East Frontier of Yamatai space, conquering and liberating worlds from NMX, pirates, rebels and secessionists.

The Ninth is currently being deployed to Skadi, a world abandoned to the wolves inside Yamatai space. Due to recent troubles with the Kuvexian War, the Star Army of Yamatai dispatched the Legion to retake the various non-Yamatai controlled planets within Yamataian borders so that they may not be used as possible staging areas for irregular forces, such as what happened with the Rixxikor. This is the first planet in a series of several designated to be secured by the Ninth Legion.

It complements and is complemented by the Orochi Squadron plot, closely related and working with the Ninth to complete their task. With the YSS Orochi dealing with space superiority, the Ninth can get down to the nitty gritty and fight to secure the inner planets from the enemies of Yamatai.

About the Ninth Legion

The Ninth Legion was created in YE 34 under Shôshô Kimberly Kier, officially stationed at Yamatai (Planet) and consisting of 20,000 soldiers. The Ninth along with the other Legions were assigned to battling the bulk of the NMX forces during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. The Legions of the Star Army of Yamatai are tasked with handling major ground missions and occupations, both offensive and defensive. The Legions are divided into Centuries to allow for precision strikes and offenses.

The initial force will be 2 Centuries of troops, with our protagonists being in 8th Platoon “Helljumpers”, 4 Century “Bug Squashers”, 2nd Geshrintol Battalion, 1st Landing Regiment, 1st Brigade, 9th Legion.

Example Legionary Equipment

Rules and Pacing

  • Age Requirement: 16
  • Pacing: Every 3-5 days - Pace will increase as players join
  • Rating: 3-2-3

Platoon Roster

GM/OOC Information

  • Ninth Legion is current GM'd by PaladinRPG and Ethereal.
  • Paladin is a veteran SARPer and GM who joined all the way back in August 9th, 2008!
  • Ethereal is an FM has been around since 2015 and plays 30 characters! Yes, 30!
  • Ethereal and PaladinRPG created this article on 2017/11/07 20:15.

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