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OIF Atuan

The OIF Atuan is a Justicar Mecha Carrier. Roleplay on the Atuan began July 20, 2009. The OIF Atuan is a Mecha test carrier, whose purpose is to ferry experimental frames to test grounds. However, with the theft of a Frame, their purpose has turned from testing to investigation and now to 'Reacquisition' aka “Revenge”. Characters find themselves drawn into a game of corporate politics and intrigue as pawns of a bigger plan. Whether or not they will be the sacrificial piece or not, remains to be seen.

SS Atuan
To the Tombs of our Enemies
GM(s): Kai Cadetnewb Origin Industries Origin Industries Subforum
Current Crew
Rank Name Position Player
Captain Arah Tenner Ship's Captain Kai (NPC)
Corporal Shinji Inakura Test pilot/demo expert Kai (NPC)
Ship's Computer Ged Ship's Computer Kai (NPC)
Ensign Kelly Williams Lead Test Pilot Cadetnewb
Private Meena Vershan Test pilot Kai(NPC)
Private Tachibana Yoshiko Test Pilot Cadetnewb
Private Taela Kaila Rookie Frame Test Pilot Moogle
Private 'Lucien' McGarland Rookie Frame Test Pilot/Hired Gun Luca
Private Asyncronus Seven Three Rookie Frame Test Pilot Cy83r K0rp53
Private Ritter Victoria Rookie Frame Test Pilot ShotJon
Private Mark "Master V" Vintropolis Rookie Frame Test Pilot Lamb
Former Crew
Name Reason
Maki Oyu Killed in combat
Zenny Ontarius Teddo dissapeared
Linda Fark Revolver's NPC Guest Character


The SS Atuan is a Justicar mecha carrier that has been assigned to ferry a squad of experimental Mecha to testing sites. Episode 1: The Atuan was briefly docked aboard Golding Station in order to pick up its crew compliment, before heading off to Hinoki Pagoda for a large banquet to unveil its compliment of Mecha, the first test squadron of OI-M1-1A Ashigaru. Unknown parties(revealed to be connected to HiGA) where responsible

Episode 2: Following the fiasco at Hinoki Pagoda, the Atuan was sent to Kennewes, to follow up on the stolen Ashigaru. Upon arriving, the Atuan found the planet under attack from the NMX, forcing the frames to be dropped onto the HiGA compound from high altitude, where they found a small contingent of NMX Infantry, and tanks, supported by a landing ship, attacking. Quickly dispatching the tanks and infantry, the former HiGA employee Lucien found himself inside a frame when it's pilot was killed, as new semi-organic mecha arrived, handily dispatching the NMX Landing ship, and then almost destroying the Atuan's frame team. The frame team was able to escape, though they took heavy damage.

Episode 3: Shortly after returning to Dawn Station, NMX stowaways, including an NMX Neko and several parasites, from Kennewes aboard the Atuan had unwittingly infiltrated Origin Industries. As old crew mourned the death of a teammate, and new members arrived, Dawn Station was wrapped in chaos as the NMX hijacked several frames and infected several employees, quickly demolishing sections of the station from within. The Frame Team was caught unaware and without their vehicles, but were rescued by the timely arrival of the Atuan itself within Dawn Station. With their frames manned, the Atuan and it's Frame Team promptly fought the enemies to a standstill before command override was issued. The Station was saved, but not without some collateral damage.

Episode 4: Strange things were strange. For the Frame Team, it was only moments ago that they had fought off monsters in their own back yard. Next, their boss, Murakami Kensuke had awarded them with a short time off, granting them free days to a Hotel and its attached Onsen. However, there was to be no rest for the weary; shenanigans after shenanigans pushed and pulled the crew about, eventually climaxing in the partial destruction of the Onsen and Hotel facilities, as well as embarrassing exposure for a crewmember, super-flu for one, and embarrassment for all! Meanwhile, everything had gone according to plan.

Available Positions

The OIF Atuan is seeking the following:

  • Mecha Pilots
  • Mechanics
  • Bridge Crew
  • Fighter Pilots

Frame Test Team

The OIF Atuan has Six frames, which are each assigned to a pilot or pilots as deemed necessary for testing. The following is the current arrangement in the plot:

Posting/Joining Requirements (OOC)

Players in this plot are expected to post at least once every other day, But posting every day is preferred.

Players who refuse to post for more than a week run the risk of being removed from the plot, unless they have provided proper reasoning and/or warnings for their absence.

You don't really need that much to join the Atuan, you just need to have a good attitude and outlook, as well as be available to post.

Crew Quarters Assignments

Captain's Suite

  • Arah Tenner


A total of 1 crew cabin is available.

  1. Shinji Inakura
  2. Zenny Ontarius
  3. Meena Vershan

Ship Inventory

The SS Atuan carries the following supplies:

Cargo Bay

«What is in the cargo bay?»

Ground Vehicles (If applicable)

Lounge(If applicable)

Medical Center

« What supplies are in the medical center?»

Mecha Bay

Assigned Mecha

Additional Mecha

Accessories Available

Ship Weapons


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