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WAP Yome Ismâopate (Searching Hawk) Plot


The Yome Ismâopate is one of the first ships to be formally part of the Wotanu Abokatinka Poku. She is the recent acquisition of Ruoka Sinloa. Lead by a new commander, and with the majority of the crew fresh trainees. The Yome Ismâopate is charged with defending the Lumujo Saei (Territory) from those who would plunder its resources.

As one of the first ships to move into this new role, the ship will also server as a proving ground for new weapons and equipment.

The primary method of role-play is by the Single-post forum at the link below. Each player is expected to post at least once every three days. Faster posting is encouraged.

The Yome Ismâopate roleplay began on 3 Dec 2013, it is the first plot of the Poku Degonjo Saeruo The Game Master for the plot is Nashoba.

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