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YSS Anoiktos Crew

This page is part of a series of pages for the YSS Anoiktos plot!

The Crew of the Anoiktos is derrived of only Elysians who desire to get out from under Yamatai and make it out on their own. They generally as a rule do not like Yamataians nor do they like the Yamatai Government, this isn't to say that they can't have some sentiment towards Yamatai, just don't expect it to be reciprocated.

Current Crew Roster


Warrant Officers

Rank Elysian Rank Name Position Color Player Orders Notes





All crew cabins on the Anoiktos are made to house one person at one time, each Officer Cabin fit for a single person. This is due to the long term travel and compact nature of the ship. There are six crew cabins, and two Officer cabins. The Crew Cabins have a joint locker room with bathrooms and showers, each officer cabin has their own private bathrooms and showers.

Officer Cabins

Crew Cabins


If you are interested in joining in on the big movement that the YSS Anoiktos is attempting to introduce to the website there are a few things you need to know! So without further adieu let us dive right on in!

What do I have to know to join?

Frankly, you don't have to know much of -anything- to join. However it would be advised that you at least check out the plot page, and a few of the Elysian pages in question before joining the plot. You will also have to be aware that the characters who join the plot -must- be Elysian. The plot centers around the fact that not all Elysian are satisfied under the rule of Yamatai, and as such a majority of the characters must not be very fond of Yamatai, naturally.

What do the GM's look for in players, and characters?

Well this is actually rather easy, we look for competent players who can post within the 3 day posting limit consistently, have decent grammar and a firm hold on the English language. Able to at least hold a good conversation with a native speaker without the speaker going 'huh'? We want players who are likeable and enjoyable and ambitious, willing to speak their mind if they so desire and take chances to shine, but accept that the GM/Co-GM have the final word.

For characters, we expect and hope for characters who are truly loyal to the Elysian Empire and the betterment of the race as a total. We want characters who are willing to go that extra mile to ensure that the Anoiktos is capable of being the most successful colonization expedition since the colonization of old! We want characters of diverse personality, and skills, all so it can accumulate into the large goal of bringing the Elysian faction the glory and attention it deserves.

What type of characters is the Anoiktos looking for?

Well frankly put the only -real- requirement for the characters as stated above is the loyal to the Elysian Empire. That being said we have plenty of people capable of fighting, we would prefer if characters would focus on survival and the idea that we will need people to populate and build on the new planet that we colonize on. So here is a list of characters that we will be more than happy to see based in order from most needed to least needed:

  1. Culinary/Building
  2. Biology Personnel
  3. Diplomatic Experts
  4. Medical Personnel
  5. Science Personnel
  6. Security Personnel

These are the most important, and really all I can think of at the moment, if you want to be something else that doesn't stop you from joining however, you just need to PM Semjax on the forums or IRC and ask! We'll gladly work something out!

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