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YSS Hana

YSS Hana is an award-winning roleplaying plot created June 15, 2017 by Game Masters Ametheliana and Fay and is now GM'd by Ametheliana.

Plot Overview

YSS Hana will be involved in protecting the Kikyō Sector from the Kuvexian threat.

Status: This plot is currently closed.


Below is the award YSS Hana has won:

2017 Tournament of Simulations: Outstanding Original Scifi

Rules and Pacing

  • Post once or twice a week, please
  • Posting is done in SP [Single Post] format

Characters and Players


This Midori-class Scout Ship, the YSS Hana, was deployed in early YE 39 and surveyed the Westerly Wastes before running into a newly discovered ally of the Interstellar Kingdom Of Kuvexia.

Mission One: - Pyrhhic First Victory

When a firefight breaks out during a routine sweep of an asteroid field, two SAoY Power Armor pilots, Nitô Hei Kage Kasumi "Mist" and Ittô Heisho Shinrin Yoku get separated from their outnumbered squad and must rely on their wits and each other to ever see home again.

Mission Two: - No More Worlds To Conquer

It's taco night on the YSS Hana and sensors picked something up earlier, but it's all quiet on the NorthWestern front - for now!

Art Notes

MisaKarin did the chibi!!

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