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Public Communications Network


The public universal network allows its users to share messages, media, databases, search-systems and can be used for peer-to-peer exchanges of information, all without censorship. Money is made via dynamic advertising which assesses what the user has publicly posted and browsed and recommends sellers and services for products relevant to their interests.

How it works

The public communications network all works thanks to the primary product of Lazarus: the node protocol. An open-source software sub-system, the node protocol can be compiled and installed on almost any computer by any operator, even with the most basic of computer experience

This 'node' looks for other nodes, through conventional network protocols and its own, shaking hands and indexing everything it finds. Importantly, every node 'mirrors' a small part of the network, which is repeated many times in many locations.

When a user requests or searches for data, the node looks for other nodes and networks around it, pulling down copies of information until a checksum is completed, delivering the final file or message.

'node' protocol?

Each node or point/client in the network acts as a dynamic host, discovering nodes around it and forming adhoc connections, similar to the neurones a human brain. Signals often ride the back of other networks, vastly expanding the range of the node. This data pathfinding experience is of course invisible to all but the most advanced users of a node.

Is it secure?

While the security of an individual node is unimportant (as the company cannot secure every system the node connects to), the security of the software itself is considered a top priority and updates are issued monthly.

The user however must be intelligent to prevent the loss of secure information.

Some facts to note:

  • Once information is on the public network, it is extremely difficult … Making it ideal for whistle-blowers.
  • Peer to peer transmissions however leave no trace as the information is not indexed or mirrored
  • Transmissions can be forced through many nodes, encrypting and disguising themselves, making tracing almost impossible
  • …Though if the user takes no precautions, their position may be triangulated by advanced node users, via the location data of other nodes!

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