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Star Army Item Generator and Decoder


This Generator was developed originally for the SRSS Yggdrasill plot to determine what items could be uncovered on salvage salvage run, but was expanded for use by all salvage based plots. This program has even been used in an RP of the YSS Sakura. The program utilizes a Code Key to confirm that the RPer isn't cheating, which a Moderator's program called the Decoder can confirm as untampered with. The program is easy to update, relying on plain text files for libraries.

The user selects a location, and the program picks the corresponding planet list, which randomly directs to a race-based item list. Planet/Location tells which races have junk there, and the Race/Item list tells what junk each race has.

Each planet has 12 races (repeats are allowed) and each race list is made of 100 items (repeats allowed, but not optimal). This means that any one location has 1200 possible combinations.

Readme Contents

Star Army is Copyright Wesley Davis, 2000-2006

Program by Erik Jordan, a.k.a. “MM007”

Lists by MM007, Wes, Various Moderators and Forum Members

This tutorial is subject to change. Last edit: 9/25/06

Preparing Your Computer

This program requires a Windows Installation, preferably Windows 2000 Professional or later, and Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later (2.0 is available). Whether it is emulated or native should not matter. To install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, go to and download dotnetfx.exe. If this link does not work, or you wish for 2.0, search Google. The file is 23.1 MB, and by far the largest file needed. Normal program files will be on the order of kilobytes. Open the package and install .NET Framework 1.1, and you are ready to download the program.

Setting up the Program

The player’s program will, once deemed ready by Wes, be either available at, or upon request to Wes, myself (MM007), or any moderator/GM/player who has access to the file. Note that there are two versions of the rar package. Users will want to download the SAIGvxxx.rar file, while Moderators/GMs will want to download the SAIGDvxxx.rar file. NOTE: The SAIGDvxxx.rar file is for MODERATORS/GAME MASTERS, AND APPROVED DEVELOPERS ONLY!

Both versions contain:

Readme.doc Restricted Locations.doc Additional Rules.doc The generator executable directory.txt master.txt and two folders with text files, “Place” and “Race”. The Mods’ Version (SAIGDvxxx.rar) also contains Readmod.doc Editing.doc The decoder executable

After upzipping the file and placing it in a folder, the first thing you will wish to do is to edit the directory.txt file to say where you placed the folder containing these files. The default contents of the directory.txt file are C:\SAIG or C:\SAIGD depending on the version. Change this if needed. (MUST BE ON THE FIRST LINE OF FILE!) Make sure there is NO SLASH at the end. Once this is done, you are ready to use the program.

Using the Program

To use the Generator, the first thing you must do is select the location and action, or the “mode” in the white list box. Each location is usually straight-forward, while the Action is represented by a letter in front of the location. They are generally S for Salvage, M for Mining, P for Piracy, A for Archaeology, etc. To salvage in the Debris Ring around Nepleslia, for example, select “S Nepleslia Ring”.

In the piracy settings, the mode is typically in the format P, Quadrant, LY range. For example, “P III 10-20” means “Pirating in the Southwest (3rd) Quadrant between 10 and 20 LY from Yamatai”. A few planets which have very different ranges of ships from anywhere else in the area will have their own lists, like P Halna or P Ohara. To see which list to select for wherever you are, consult the Star Map at the main website.

After selecting the mode, click the “OK” button, and a string of text for you to copy and paste into your the Inventory and Finances section of your Bio will appear. Below is the format:

Item (Mode/Place, TC: XX-XX, IC: XXXX-XXXX-XX)

Make sure a link to your inventory page is on your IC post. This permits the Decoder, a parallel tool developed exclusively for Moderators and GMs, to confirm your result is legitimate. For more items in the same area, just hit “OK” again for a new item, and copy that in the Inventory and Finances section of your bio post. Repeat as needed, or until your ship is full.

If Pirating, this is used a bit differently, one roll being made and reported to a GM for RP.


On occasion, there will be updates of places/modes and races/lists in the system, which take the form of text files. Below is a description of the intended method of upgrade.

Upgrading is as simple as downloading a rar file, whose name will follow the convention SALI(date).rar. An example is SALI20060814.rar, for a Star Army List Archive made available on 8/14/06. Extract it to the folder where you stored the program the accompanying files and folders. A window will come up, saying that the destination has the same file or folder names as the archives, and that it will overwrite files of the same name within those files if they already exist. Allow this. This will update master.txt, and add/update files in the folders “Place” and “Race”.

Updates of the program are the same way, but require a re-setting of directory.txt, and may need re-patching.

You’ve updated. See? It wasn’t too hard. If you want to test it, open up the generator. You should see some new modes to choose from.

Salvaging Rules

There are several rules to consider when salvaging items. These are some of the following…these are prone to change without notice.

1. Unless they obtain permission from a proper individual, a user must always use the program, the Star Army Item Generator (SAIG), to obtain items. Such appropriate persons are plot GMs and Wes. Such requests must have reasoning behing them to be approved for advancing the plot or an IC need.

2. One can not “discard” rolls to get only the items they want when using the SAIG. If your ship is designated as holding 20 items, you make 20 rolls. If you have an item you do not want, it must be sold or disposed of properly on a planet rather than dumped in space. This makes sure a ship has to leave the area after a set number of rolls. Some items are never taken inside the vessel, such as entire vessels, and do not count toward the total.

Dumping items in space for IC reasons may be possible if pre-approved by a plot GM, Wes, or myself (as a plot sub-GM of sorts). Such cases are when the item is extra hazardous and dumping is part of the plot, or if your character happens to be an illegal salvager where it would be incharacter to do so. However, if caught ICly, one may pay a stiff fine for dumping. If one dumps for OOC reasons, like multiple rolls (this is considered implied dumping), one may have IC fines and lose the right to use the program. Users who lose the right to lose the program must have a mod roll on their behalf or not salvage at all in extreme cases.

3. Some items are considered restricted technology by the Star Army of Yamatai (and perhaps other governments if you salvage outside the boundaries of the Empire). Such technology is legally to be reported to the government which owns the technology, unless said government is an enemy with the Yamatai Star Empire.

Items that may or may not be restricted are:

Starships Parts of Starships Weapon Systems Power Armor Artificial Intelligence Systems Soul Savior/Memory Backup Devices

You don't HAVE to report these devices…but you may get in big trouble if you do not.

4. Some areas, such as purely military areas, are restricted, and may not be salvaged in. Examples are:

Nataria Anisa Hoshi no Iori Taiie Veritas

5. A special license is needed to hold restricted goods and salvage in restricted space, and must be earned overtime by earning the trust and goodwill of the Yamatai Star Empire.

6: In most instances, one item (or a pair/pack of items) takes up a single item’s space on your vessel.

The amount of items your vessel carries is limited by a mod before the first use of the program.

Exceptions are:

Items listed in a People/Month format, such as Food, Water, sometimes Air, and Toilet paper. Unless excess is to be sold, gaining these will simply return your ship’s status to “supplied”. You can try to sell them, but then every 2 People/Months of items will take one item space in the ship’s inventory.

KS Cards, which ALWAYS take up one slot, regardless of how many are found.

7: Since you have limited space on your ship, it is often necessary to sell goods, throw them out, or store them elsewhere before going back out. It is possible to arrange, with a GM, for your character to rent space at a planet or station, usually with a down payment and monthly rent, to store items they wish to keep. Prices for such storage space can vary from location to location, and one must be prepared to give a down payment, the first, and last month’s rent.

1000 KS down, 100KS monthly is likely a general fee for Taiie, for example. Yamatai may cost a fair deal more, but is closer to many locations within the Empire.

Yggdrasill-specific Salvaging Rules

1. No crewman will dump salvage illegally.

2. No crewman will knowingly withhold potentially restricted technology.

3. No crewman will knowingly salvage in restricted space.

4. No crewman will hide from the Captain or Exec/First Mate a device which may either better the lives of the whole crew significantly, or place the crew, or any specific crewman, in danger.

5. Pay is generally 75 KS a week to start, plus two items per run for a civilian or low-ranked veteran.

Star Army of Yamatai vets:

If Nito Heisho or higher, they get 100 KS a week plus two items per run. If Santo Juni or higher, they get 150 KS a week plus two items per run. If Taii or higher, they get 300 KS a week plus three items per run.

Star Army of Nepleslia vets:

If Sub Sergeant or higher, they get 100 KS a week plus two items per run. If Sub Lieutenant or higher, they get 150 KS a week plus two items per run. If Commander or higher, they get 300 KS a week plus three items per run.

6. Items found by crewmen may be traded for items or purchased by other crewmen. Trade and barter is highly encouraged!

7. Items to be sold ICly to the general market will need a price affixed to them by a mod, Wes, or myself.

8. Major non-restricted items of large consequence found by a crewman, such as a starship or a large weapon system, must be presented to the captain if they will assist in the salvage operation or the well being of the crew as a whole. The player will be eligible for a KS bonus, free rolls in the program, or a combination of both. If the item winds up being sold, 20% of the crewman's profit is split evenly between the rest of the crew.

(I feel somewhat bad making this rule, as someone who takes a ship in a roll may lose it to the Captain, but not everyone who finds a ship should be given the privilege to command one. This was a difficult decision, and any decisions I make where this rule is taken into effect will be on a case-by-case basis. If it is a stellar character, though, they may just find themselves in command of the vessel once they prove themselves capable, helping this one-ship RP become a small fleet.)

9. The Yggdrasill's current maximum item count is 30, boosted upwards from 20 in the beta testing system. The Alucard is 60 items. The Leviathan is 150 items.

10. If a reward is given to a crewman for an item, 20% must be dontated evenly between the Captain and the rest of the crew, 80% to the original finder of the item. The Captain is not obligated to follow this rule himself, but may if he sees fit.

Star Army Item Generator Program Versions

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