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Abwehran Mutations And Defects

With the high levels of radiation on Abwehr, mutations in Abwehrans are much more common than they are in Nepleslians.

General (all Abwehran races)

Limb Deformation

A rather common defect found in Abwehran Males (thought possible in females as well), there are times where an Abwehran's secondary set of arms do not form completely. This can also occur with the primary set of arms and even with an Abwehran's legs. While treatable with corrective gene therapy as a fetus, there is still a 10% chance of deformation occuring even with the appropriate treatments.

Culturally, this can leave a male feeling emasculated.

Male Limb Set (Female mutation)

Prehistoric Abwehran females had six limbs much like the males do today. However, due to some evolutionary chain of events that have only been theorized, Abwehran women today do not have the secondary set of arms. The gene for it is still there however and there have been cases of Abwehran females being born with four limbs. While treatable with corrective gene therapy as a fetus, there is still a 30% chance of the extra set of limbs being developed even with appropriate treatments.

Culturally, this may leave an Abwehran female feeling less feminine and possibly considered less of a woman by other females.

Prehensile Tails

A rather strange mutation that is theoretically linked to genetics markers from prehistoric Abwehrans (primates), some Abwehrans have been found born with prehensile tails. Geneticists have been researching the cause of this genes activation with little results, thus genetic therapy rarely works when performed on a fetus. The usefulness of an extra limb cannot be denied however, so Abwehrans rarely go through surgical procedures to remove them.

Hybrid Specific


Because of the blend between two sub-species, there is an increased chance of sterility in Surfacer/Nightwalker Hybrids. In fact, 1-in-1000 Hybrids are found to be sterile. This, combined with the relative rarity of Surfacer-Nightwalker relationships, keeps the Hybrid population extremely low.

Nightwalker Specific

Cave Blindness

Generations of Abwehrans in cave-cities with only luminescent lichen for light can do a lot to a species. Cave Blindness is a very common defect in Nightwalkers where they are born without the luminescent bacteria in their eyes, in the defects minor variation. A major form of Cave Blindness is when an Nightwalker is born with milky-white eyes and have no ability to see at all. The major form of this defect is uncommon, but not completely rare.

It is easy for a Nightwalker with Minor Cave Blindness to play themselves off as a Surfacer, but Major Cave Blindess is considered a serious disability.

Photosensitive Skin

Another common defect in the Nightwalker gene pool is Photosensitive skin. Because generations of Nightwalkers lived in an environment that lacks the constant barrage of UV radiation, some Nightwalkers can be born with an allergy/sensitivity to UV radiation. While not immediate, a Nightwalker with this affliction can receive rather painful burns on their skin by just being under UV light for approximately two to ten minutes.

A Nightwalker with this defect will often be seen on the surface with clothing that can cover their entire body, which can include cloaks and coats.

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