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Male Surfacer in Abwehran Foreign Service Uniform

Also known in Trade as Surfacers, the surface-dwelling sub-species of the Abwehran species, Surfacers make the the majority of the Abwehran population. This is mainly due to living in a rather non-hostile environment by comparison as well as their hedonistic philosophy.

Surfacers are normally identified by their darker skin tones and lighter hair pigments.


While biologically, all Abwehrans are similar, each species has certain differences in their physiology. This can mostly be found in skin pigment, range of size, and even build. In the Surfacers case, the main difference between Nightwalkers and them is the fact that they have multiple pigments for their iris.

Eye Pigmentation

Unlike their Nacht Bewohner kin, Surfacers are able to have a wide variety of eye colors. The most common of these pigments is brown, which can be found in various shades of light, medium, dark, and nearly-black. Blue and Green are also rather common pigments, while Amber and Gray are rather uncommon. Unlike Nepleslians, Hazel pigmentation does not exist for Abwehrans. However, Violet and even Red eye pigmentation can be found on Surfacers, though these colors are rather uncommon. The only rare pigmentation for a Surfacer is no pigmentation at all. White eyes are extremely rare and often signs of potential imbalances in hormone levels or illness.

Skin Pigmentation

For Surfacers, Skin Pigmentation comes in a wide variety in comparison to their subterranean cousins. It is dependent upon latitude, UV exposure, and a variety of healthy and dietary issues. Due to most of the population being located in temperate regions of Abwehr, the most common skin tone is olive in shade. However, equatorial Surfacers can often be found in mahogany and even chocolate-brown skin tones. In latitudes closer to the poles, paler skin can be found on Surfacers. Common tones in these latitudes are Alabaster, though the occasional porcelain skin tone can be found. Chalk white and Albino skins tones are extremely rare among Surfacers.

Hair Pigmentation and Style

Surfacer hair can come in similar styles and types as the Nightwalkers, meaning straight or curly, though some Surfacers can have kinked hair as well. However, their hair trends towards lighter pigments such as blonde and the lighter shades of brown. Platinum hair is a rather uncommon pigment, but can occur in Surfacers. Darker hair pigments such as black and darker shades of brown are also uncommon with red hair being significantly rare.

Height and Build

Surfacers tend to be much taller than their Nacht Bewohner cousins, due to both diet and not being a subterranean society. In fact, male surfacers tend to range between 180 centimeters and 218 centimeters (5'11“ and 7'2”) in height with an average height of 193 centimeters (6'4“). Because of this, Surfacer men are much more lanky in comparison to Nightwalkers, but still muscular when compared to Nepleslians.

Female surfacers range between 173 centimeters and 193 centimeters in height (5'8” to 6'4“). The average height of a female surfacer is 180 centimenters (5'11”) and are much more lithe in comparison to their stocky Nightwalker sisters. Needless to say, the are still muscular when compared to Nepleslian women.


With only surface predators and some natural disaster to worry about (rather than the very ceiling caving in on you), Surfacer culture has developed in a different direction from their subterranean brethren. Every day is a miracle that must be experienced to the fullest, which has led to a more hedonistic-style of living when compared to Nightwalkers. However, Surfacers still work as hard as Nightwalkers, they just tend to enjoy the finer things of life.

SEE: Surfacer Culture for more in-depth information.

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