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This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

The Angorren are an uncommon race of vicious fish-like aliens. The majority of Angorrens live their lives out in the deep recesses of space where they slowly grow their population. At the time there are very few of these ugly creatures, and they rarely come into contact with other beings outside their own kind, which is most assuredly a good thing.

Angorrens are, by nature, cruel. They seem to only exist to procreate and destroy whatever outsiders may drift into their abandoned section of space.


It is unknown when the Angorren race first appeared, or where their homeplanet is located. If they have one, it most likely cannot sustain them any longer, seeing as they are only found in the dark pockets between civilized space.

The records of first contact between the Angorren and any other civilized race has been lost, but they have now been accepted as a common nuisance across the galaxy to ALL races.


The Angorren appear as a bizarre cross between deep-sea fish and humans. They all possess a think layer of translucent skin of greatly varying colors. They have two slightly elongated arms and two bent legs. Both limbs have webbing between their fingers and toes.

Most Angorren have the head of a fish, complete with bulging eyes and a gaping mouth, although exceptions are plentiful. Some Angorren have the heads of Angler fish, sometimes even with a bio-luminescent orb at the end of a fleshy rod. Others have the heads of multicolored squids, and a select few have heads like glowing jellyfish. Some heads have two eyes, some have four, some have none. The differences between separate members of the Angorren are astounding, leading some to believe that they are, in fact, several different species originating from a common ancestor.

The average Angorren is around five feet or 1.5 meters tall. They usually weigh around 120 lbs.


Angorren are omnivores. Despite the wicked fangs seen on certain individuals, Angorren will primarily eat the algae-like substance that grows on the inside of their water-filled ships. However, the Angorren will gladly devour any crew foolish enough to get close to them. Angorren are constantly hungry, and will eat nearly anything edible that they can get their webbed hands on.


Angorren live in water as much as they can. Their gills allow them to breathe oxygen while underwater, and any Angorren can survive above water for only five minutes or so. The Angorren are so dependent on water that they utilize special water-filled spaceships for travel, and have even devised a kind of reverse diving-suit that allows them to breathe through water while in space, or while boarding other ships.

Angorren are definitely cold-blooded. They become more sluggish in cold environments, and will use odd generator-like devices to heat the water in their ships and suits.

Life cycle

Angorren will typically live up to twenty years, if they make it that long. These relatively short lifespans indicate that the reason why so few Angorren are left is because they cannot mate fast enough to replace the dying Angorren. Angorren have two sexes, similar to humans. However, Angorren switch their sex at age twelve. All Angorren are born males, and then become females when they reach twelve.

Unfortunately, the Angorren are so war-crazed that most of their kind die off well before their twelfth birthday, leading to the dramatic population reduction they currently suffer from.

A female Angorren will lay a clutch of twenty jelly-like eggs, which they stick to the interior of their few peaceful ships. The female can only do this a handful of times, and after a while will not be able to lay eggs at all. Later, when the water is at the perfect temperature, a male will fertilize the eggs and guard them with six or seven other males. You think one bloodthirsty Angorren is scary, imagine the utter wrath of a group of fathers protecting their young!

The eggs will grow for a month, and then will burst to allow the tiny minnow-like hatchlings to escape their jelly-like prisons. The hatchlings will stay close to their fathers in the deepest hold of the ship for an entire year, after which they will have completed maturing and will become a fully-grown Angorren male.


Angorren have a tight-knit clan like mentality, with different groups of Angorren fighting one another for dominance of the ship-graveyards they inhabit.

The Angorrens have near-human intelligence, but they seem to lack common sense. Any decently bright sentient race would put aside its differences for the great good of the species, but the Angorren are too vicious to care about long-time survival. The only reason they procreate at all is to make their individual group stronger, not to help their species as a whole.


The Angorrens do not speak a language with words like you or me, rather they communicate via bio-luminescence. Their pale, almost translucent skin can light up in a variety of exotically-beautiful patterns to communicate basic ideas. Further study if required to crack the code, but all previous attempts have failed due to the sheer scope of their pigmentation. It has been suggested that each “clan” of Angorren communicate with different colors and different patterns, like regional dialects of a sort, which would make the process of deciphering the meanings almost impossible. The only common rule observed is that the brighter the light, the more intense the idea or emotion.


Most Angorren swim around in the nude, which is less frightening then it sounds since their sexual organs are visible only during mating. The only time Angorrens will wear clothing is when their strange water-filled suits are required to bring them into hostile territory. Occasionally an Angorren may pilfer an enemy captain's coat or hat and wear it as a sort of trophy, but the idea of nakedness if almost certainly foreign to them.


Angorren have no broad, overarching government. Instead, each small group rules itself and makes decisions as a whole. Imagine a ton of fish people swimming around the same room putting on a kind of “Democracy and a Light Show” exhibition. This is how the Angorren make complex choices.

Although all Angorren may speak at these meetings, the older the Agorren, the greater it's opinion will be valued. Female Angorren in particular hold considerable weight in these conferences.

Although these small Angorren tribes have no real leader, if a group is made up of multiple ships, then the ship with the most Angorren females will make the judgement call.


The Angorren are excellent ship builders, if nothing else. Their bizarre anchor-shaped ships are filled with heated water that provides them easy access throughout the entirety of the craft. Most of these ships also have hollow batterings rams that can bash into an enemy ship and release a vast quantity of water from one of the spare water tanks. These ships and tanks can be gigantic, so the Angorren can occasionally flood an entire ship and swim inside through the battering ram and take the crew by force. Their ships are usually equipped with minor plasma weaponry, or anything else they can find.

Angorren troops will use any weapon they can find that works underwater. Most prefer melee weapons such as bidents or swords, but the odd Angorren sharpshooter can wreak serious havoc in an underwater battlefield.

It is unknown where the Angorren build their ships, or who supplies them with all that water, but mysteries aside even a ragtag team of Angorren Attack Ships can cause serious damage on any fleet foolish enough to enter their space.

OOC Notes

Teldoro created this article on 2015/06/13 16:29. Purpose: A truly nasty race of minor aliens that can be killed without moral dilemma. Also a note on the Alien Concepts page said something about deep-sea aliens, and I LOVED the idea.

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