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The “Drake” is a synthetic species of household pet designed by Jackson Winston-Allibaster Howard and developed by Havok Customs in YE 40. The idea came about when Howard met Kara "Gravity" Sifsdottir during the Havok Festival, and was inspired by Kara's tales of travelling to the Ayenee universe and meeting actual dragons. As dragons do not exist in this universe, Jackson turned to technology, infatuated with the idea of bringing an “exotic” pet to the people of the galaxy.

More about the Drake

The drake is heavily inspired by the EM-J5 Flying Assistant Robot Series (FARS). However, Jax never liked the impersonal, robotic design of the previously standard Star Army drone. A holographic personality is less engaging than an actual creature.


The drake resembles a western-style dragon in appearance, with four legs, leathery skin, and a pair of bat-like wings protruding from its back. It sports a long tail and a head attached to an equally-long neck. The head is shaped like a velociraptor's, with a narrow snout. They sport two pointed ears which resemble horns

Its front hands are five-fingered and reptilian in appearance, able to grab and manipulate objects. Its hind feet have five toes and flexible enough to grip narrow perches.

All drakes are made with a singular skin and eye color. Numerous skin/eye color combinations are available to the buyer's wishes.

As of YE 43, a new variant of the drake resembling an eastern-style dragon entered production. This version has a furry ridge running down the length of its body, and is more serpentine. It has rounded ears and two deer-like antlers sticking out of the back of its head. Its wings are feathered, rather than batlike.


The drake is similar in size to a large house cat.

  • Height: 16 in.
  • Mass: 20 lbs.
  • Length: 62 in. (tip of nose to end of tail)
  • Wingspan: 60 in. (fully expanded)


A drake, at its core, is a Durandium Alloy skeleton surrounded by synthetic muscle and wrapped in a durable, flexible, and fire-resistant polymer skin. Small servos and motors are attached to a small, efficient battery with a life of close to 20 years.

Drakes are outfitted with small, rudimentary anti-gravity units to assist with flight in both low-gravity and normal-gravity environments. In normal-gravity environments, the system merely aids in rapid take-offs and quick direction-change. The wings do most of the work.

A drake has many useful functions built in for utility. It can see in very dark conditions, and has LEDs built in to the eyes which can be used as a flashlight. It is capable of lifting and pulling objects up to 30 lbs in weight, and it sports a sense of smell and hearing that matches a dog's, which could be useful for tracking and recognizing danger. It can use its sensitive taste buds on its long, forked tongue to identify poisonous substances.

Havok Edition

More expensive and more dangerous than the standard version, the “Havok Edition” of the drake sports more “true to life” dragon characteristics for those that want more than a simple show pet.

For defense, this drake sports razor-sharp durandium claws and teeth, and its bite-force is strong enough to snap bones and tear through some weaker metals. Furthermore, a reservoir of flammable fuel within its abdominal cavity can be used to fire a stream of flame up to four feet. For safety, this feature can be switched on and off at the owner's discretion and comes turned off by default.

As a further utility, the drake's flame can be focused into a blowtorch, useful for cutting and welding.

Damage Ratings

Both editions of the drake are highly durable. Stepping into a puddle won't fry your winged friend! DRv3 Quick Reference

  • Body (Both): Tier 2 (Medium Anti-Personnel)
  • Claws/Teeth (Havok): Tier 1 (Light Anti-Personnel)
  • Flamethrower/Cutting Torch (Havok): Tier 2 (Medium Anti-Personnel)

Note to Drake Owners: You drake is a fast little bugger. Make sure to keep an eye on it!

  • Max Running Speed: 20 mph
  • Max Horizontal Flight Speeds: 55 mph (Normal grav) 80 mph (Zero grav)


The basic AI that comprises a drake's “personality” begins life like a newborn puppy- curious and naive. It can understand the basics of human language, although it cannot speak said language due to biological restrictions. It is up to the owner to train their drake as desired. Several complex commands can be taught to a drake, making them excellent companions for day-to-day life. Their mannerisms and movements are very life-like, giving almost no indication that they are robotic in nature.

Eventually, after a month, the drake begins to show characteristics similar to both a dog and a cat. It is affectionate, sociable, and fiercely loyal to its owner and their family. At the same time, it's very prideful and aloof, not taking kindly to insults. A little nip on the heel or smack with a wing/tail will let one know just how their drake is feeling. It's vocalizations include growls, roars, and groaning noises that can convey a variety of emotions. As well as vocal cues, a drake uses body language to communicate through its eyes, tail, and wings.


A drake needs no food or water for sustenance. It can stay awake indefinitely, though sometimes it may choose to sleep to preserve battery life.

At the end of the battery's life, which could be up to twenty years depending on the drake's activity level, one need only remove the memory chip from the base of its skull and insert it into a new body. Your drake will power on no different than before.

Only the Havok Edition requires any “food”- the fuel for its flamethrower/cutting torch. It can store enough fuel for one minute of continuous use. While this fuel isn't necessary for survival, a well-prepared drake owner would do well to keep a supply on hand.

Pricing & Overview

The drake comes in two versions: Standard and Havok. Their prices, features, and a brief description of each are listed below.

Standard Edition

This version of the drake comes with no claws, teeth, or flamethrowers. Available to all citizens of the galaxy regardless of citizenship.

  • Price: 700 KS
  • Features: Standard utilities
  • Skin/Eye Colors: Any

Havok Edition

Claws, teeth, flamethrowers, the works! The closest thing to a real dragon in existence! Technically considered a weapon, so availability may be subject to buyer's local laws.*

  • Price: 750 KS
  • Features: Standard utilites, durandium claws/teeth, extra-powerful bite force, flamethrower/cutting torch
  • Skin/Eye Colors: Any

(*Havok and its subsidiaries claim no responsibility for injury, death, or legal trouble that may result from misuse or mistreatment of drake, or transport of drake into unauthorized areas.)

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