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Anthro is the common term for anthropomorphous animals (animals with human characteristics) and for humanoids with extensive animal features. In Star Army, anthros are usually bipedal and capable of human speech and have roughly the same mental capacity as human beings. Unless they're part of an existing species, Anthros are generally described as the animal they are based on or most closely resemble; for example: Anthro Wolf.

Creating Your Anthro

Most types of anthro characters, within reason, will also be accepted. Since there's no anthro faction, we want these characters to be already assimilated into some existing faction. We'd also like to avoid inventing a new species just to make an anthro character.

Some encouraged explanations for the origins of anthro characters are:

  1. They transferred their mind into an anthro body for reasons of personal expression
  2. They are the creation of an eccentric geneticist
  3. They are a traveler from unknown space (see also Random Alien)
  4. They are a random mutant from Planet Nepleslia
  5. They were an existing animal that was uplifted into sapience

Anthros By Faction

Anthros typically share common cultures with the humanoid groups around them. This section breaks down attitudes and ideas for anthros by faction.


The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia has a significant subsection of its population that consists of random mutants and aliens, and Anthros blend in with them but may face some racism.


Anthros are generally well-accepted in the Yamatai Star Empire.

Most anthros are probably eligible to serve in the Star Army of Yamatai. See Star Army Recruiting for details.

The Minkan body also supports anthro features as customization options.

Anthro-like Species

In addition, there are several species in Star Army that could be classified as anthro, at least in appearance:

  1. Kodians (bears)
  2. Kohanians (various animals)


Note the above are technically not anthros, they're aliens.

Anthro Characters

Here's a list of all characters whose species is set to Anthro.

#PageOccupationFactionCurrent Location
1Anya KastanavaDemocratic Imperium of Nepleslia
2Bronagh BunnyYamatai Star Empire
3Claire MorrisYamatai Star Empire
4Ghi ToYamatai Star Empire
5Rosie BobcatYamatai Star Empire
6Mileena Belmont2nd Gunner, Engineer, Small vehicle pilotIndependentISS Sobek
7Rising Echo New WindsAlchemistIndependent
8NeeraArchduchessNew Dusk ConclaveSirris VI
9Whispering Trees “Panther”AssassinIndependent
10Cully CoffeyBaristaYamatai Star EmpireYamatai (Planet)
11Gabriela Livelybridge bunnyYamatai Star EmpireYSS Resurgence
12BennaCaptain of the YSS RenaissanceYamatai Star EmpireHanako's World
13Trash PandaCartographer
14Kate FoxxercivilianYamatai Star Empire
15Laina DoggocivilianYamatai Star Empire
16Jezzabel LaurenstClerkYamatai Star EmpireKetsurui Star Fortress
17Aera MarenCommunications SecretaryYamatai Star EmpireTaurus Star Fortress
18Ellie VixxCommunications SecretaryYamatai Star EmpireGemini Star Fortress
19OrianaCommunications SecretaryYamatai Star Empire
20Savannah LandryCommunications SecretaryYamatai Star EmpireFort Nozomi
21Hailey NeopolitanoConservation AssistantYamatai Star Empire
22Kali FirewalkerContingent LeaderNew Dusk ConclaveHabitat Station "Decacron"
23Azonius FirewalkerDepartment HeadNew Dusk ConclaveSirris VI
24Inna CreamerExotic dancerYamatai Star Empire
25Fiamma PouncerFirst Mate of a starshipNew Dusk Conclave
26Tavigo Ymy (White Fang)GroundskeeperYamatai Star Empire
27“Swift River”Huntsmaster/Summoner in trainingIndependent
28Vinni FirebrandLeaderIndependent
30Yago ShenoyMercenaryIndependent
31Kwabba-an Ternifac-xuralkhiMusicianYamatai Star EmpireYCS Bastion of Winter
32Caroline PineNoneNew Dusk Conclave
33Karly PeachesPizza DeliveryYamatai Star Empire
34DiamondSex workerYamatai Star EmpireThe Pulsing Pearl
35CassiesoldierYamatai Star EmpireYSS Resurgence
36Giada NuñezsoldierYamatai Star EmpirePisces Station
37Julia MeadowsStar Army CaretakerYamatai Star EmpireYSS Resurgence
38Nikicon SwiftfootTactical/Engineering OfficerIndependentISS Sobek
39Swiftpaw SheelaTechncianYamatai Star Empire
40Rachel WooferUnit Supply SpecialistYamatai Star EmpireYSS Kōun

OOC Notes

Exercise uniform anthro art by plex-sixsmith-adopts on DA using the base from Waitress on FA. Paid adoptable owned by Wes. Edits and clothes by Wes. Duty Uniform anthro art is by Kynli on FA using the base from Waitress on FA. Paid adoptable owned by Wes.

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