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Divided into three different species within the greater “Baheel” title.

  • Aio'Baheel: Mammalian animal mixed with human, the most docile of the three, focuses on lore, stories and storytelling, and knowledge gathering and distribution. Believe in a single god, the creator and knower of all things. The Aio seek after this deity and see any new opportunity to learn as a gift from it.
  • Kenta'Baheel: Winged/Avian/flying species. The Kenta believe in many gods, much as the Greeks did in ancient history. Everything is looked on to have a god or goddess over it, and to go against these gods was very bad and would require a blood sacrifice to appease the wrath. They are very devoted to learning as well, but believe that if things do not apply to them personally, they are not worth knowing.
  • Sonten'Baheel: Lizard/Reptilian. Mostly underground dwellers/miners. They believe in a few gods, but devote themselves more to the study of the earth. Very science based. Only division to have mastered the creation of firearms, and while they are willing to distribute the knowledge, it will not come without a price. The Sonten are also the first to come across the crystals that allow the Baheel to go from their human like forms, to their secondary “Guardian forms”

The race was created by Shadow in his time before capturing Yuuko and Tyriel. It started with just two members, Yi, a female four tailed white fox, and Yun, a male black dragon like beast. Yi is currently on a project developing a planet not far from Darso, the site of Shadow's lab. Yun, for all knowledge was sealed in his black onyx coffin in the lab, as Shadow was unable to fully get a handle on the male's temper and irrational behavior. Those working on the project who know of Shadow's death have begun spreading the rumor that Yun's personality rubbed off on the good doctor.

The Baheel are very superstitious, as one would expect from a race cut off from most outside contact, other than the “losers” from the gladiator fights, up until Shadow and Yuuko destroyed the arena. The Sonten still use the ruins as their home, having used the stone to build new houses and tools from the rubble and weapons salvaged.

The Sonten and Kenta are currently locked in a large scale war, over which race should get use of the remains of the lab below the surface of Darso VII. While the fighting continues all around them, the Aio and the lab's original staff have been trying to find someone to come to the planet and do something about the warring factions, but so far their calls have gone unanswered.

The Baheel's guardian forms were created because the Baheel were originally slated to become slaves, but once Yi and Yun proved just how sentient they could be, Shadow was unable to remove it, feeling it would be killing off one of his creations. So he left their sentience and self awareness in. When threatened or overly emotional, a Baheel will call on the power of a specialized crystal found, so far, only on Darso VII, to channel their mental energy through. With enough energy, it triggers a latent programming in their genes that protects and augments the Baheel. The Sonten become more dragon like, becoming larger, more powerful, and their scales are coated with a mucous like substance that dispells great deals of heat and energy/electricity.

The Kenta's flesh becomes more like stone, which in actuality is a slight variant of Terrainium. They are not able to fly as well as before, as their wings go from feathery/avian like wings, to more like that of a bat, with membranes stretched between thick, muscle like 'fingers'.

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