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⚠ WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

General Information

Language: Psychic link to the pilot, only the pilot hear the Behimoni but everyone can talk to the Behimoni

Total Population: 5.7 Million

Culture: culture

General Information

The Behimoni are creatures that the Suu tamed as they appeared around the planet, the only ones that are seen are the ones that are used and breed by the Suu. They are mysterious as they only communication with one person which is the pilot of the Behimoni, but even then there isn't anything known with how they breed or how they were created.

The others of the Suu empire are known as the Suu and the Wruuph.


The Behimoni are amazing and wonderful creatures, in that they are bio-mechanoid ships that could move freely among the stars. They shared much of the same attributes as artificially constructed starships, including internal atmospheres, command centres, living quarters, workshops, and hangar decks. However, no two Behimoni were completely the same. As they grew, their internal facilities developed to suit the needs of their crew.

Behimonis were incredibly large creatures. A fully matured Behimoni could grow 10 times the size of an infant. The average Behimoni lived for three hundred years.

The interior of a Behimoni is not all blood and vital organs. Chambers and corridors which can be made habitable for other organisms filled the inside. There are also various shafts for air flow, and flow of the Behimoni's bodily fluids, as well as chambers made purely for filtering air.

Pilot Bonding

It is natural for a Suu to bond with a Behimoni and become the Pilot.

The Behimoni - Pilot bond takes approximately one cycle to complete naturally, and the Pilot's control and influence are minimal during this period.

Artificial bonding is possible, but causes permanent pain for both participants.

FTL Travel

Behimonis also utilized a Biological version of FTL Travel that uses energy, so after a 'jump' they need to rest. This is a defensive manoeuvre that came naturally to them, and is a method of extremely fast travel where the Behimoni rode an energy stream until they were pushed out at random. This consumed a lot of energy which the Behimoni had to replenish before using the burst again. Behimonis must be healthy before they can use this ability.

Transport Pods

Transport pods are small, unarmed crafts that are the standard issue Behimoni cargo and personnel transports. They are capable of atmospheric flight, and fast enough to allow interplanetary travel. While idle, they are stored in transport hangars.

Behimoni transport pods are bio ships. A Behimoni can grow new transport pods as needed, and as such they are somewhat expendable. Unlike the Behimonis themselves, the transport pods are not intelligent, or even sapient enough to fly on their own. They required at least one crew member to pilot them.

Behimoni Reproduction

Behimoni reproduction or mating rituals are done by the male releasing a cloud into space that the female flies into and lets the cloud cling to her. Behimoni females can become pregnant, gestate a foetus, and give birth. The pregnancy was usually a long and complicated process. The child was conceived via the cloud the male releases and the embryo nested in one of the innermost chambers. The embryo is tended to and defended by small service robots. This is an instinctive behaviour that can override the usual control channels of the robots. The robots can attack crew members who got too close to the developing child if they are perceived as a threat.

Side effects of pregnancy included involuntary FTL Travel, malfunctioning of life support and various other internal systems, as well as erratic service robots behaviour. Crews of pregnant Behimonis have to be prepared for many discomforts and are often advised to abandon the ship for the remainder of her pregnancy.


Behimonis normally lived for over 300 cycles. When old age approached, they tried to travel to the sacred Behimoni burial space to rest among the remains of other members of their species. Bonded Pilots say farewell to their host.

The sacred Leviathan burial ground is in a remote area of the Uncharted Territories, and the exact location is a secret.

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