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Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species)

Physical Characteristics
Average Height: 4'5β€œ
Skin Color: Varies
Fur Color: Varies
Average Lifespan: Between 120-190 Years
Origin Homeworld: lakashe
Language: Tinacen
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A sub-species of the Shukaren, they are different from the Shukaren-Laibe in that they are more human-like, they also lack the superior attitude. They are part of the Kingdom of Neshaten. Like the other members of their Kingdom, they are nocturnal.


The Daur are more known in their culture due to their large craving for knowledge and their constant search for ruins and the unknown. They are also known for never judging others harshly and were the first ones to meet the My'leke and befriend them into their culture and later into their nation.


Historical records, being rather sacred to the Daur due to their love of history and knowledge, points to their existence coming from what many consider an environmental mistake; but a mistake that many do not scoff at but instead welcome. Coming into existence on the world known as Lak'ashe, the Daur appeared when a natural environmental disaster infected a number of Laibe with a strange mutation that caused a number of fetuses to develop in an almost radically different direction from how a normal Laibe fetus develops; this lead to the birth of the Shukaren Daur.

Because of their galaxy of origin, and the lack of any other sentient species, the Daur often thought themselves and those on their worlds as perhaps being the only sentient in their corner of the galaxy. During the early years of their existence, the Daur lived a rather peaceful existence alongside the Laibe despite the perceived suspicion inherent with their birth. However, even with the Daurs natural affinities, scientists and archeologists still had issues trying to find what many consider the 'true origins' of the Daur, as many ruins from that time period were either destroyed or lost in the years predating the formation of the actual society.

However, this wasn't always the case; an archeologist by the name of K'has Sui once found the ruins of what appeared to be a vast city located beneath the deserts of Lak'ashe which seemed to suggest that the Daur might've not been amongst the Laibe for as long as many thought, these ruins were investigated for many hundreds of years but due to shifting earth and extremist views, many scientists found it difficult to really investigate the ruins without fear of death either by extremists or by earthquakes. The ruins were subsequently destroyed in the Great War when the planet was enveloped in the systems exploding star.

During the Great War, however, other evidence did appear but on Lak'ashe but rather on neighboring planetoids and in other systems suggests that some of the Daur had been forcibly removed from Lak'ashe many years before space travel had even been thought up, giving rise to questions that another sentient species might've once existed and many abducted Daur either to experiment or investigate, however - although historical records pertaining to this discovery are fragmented.

Seekers of Knowledge

The Daur are best known in the early days of society as being the ones who helped establish the basics of building a nation, with their affinity toward knowledge and education it was easy for them to create the tools and items needed to educate the Laibe, and the later the My'leke, into what many considered to be a cohesive and working society which would later lead to the first nation to ever appear on Lak'ashe. Although not well known due to it being a blemish on their peoples, there had been a serious conflict perpetrated by several extremist Daur known as the 'War of Knowledge', a war that was largely considered a mistake and even foolish by others as it was the result of extremists wanting to keep and maintain information only for themselves and a select few and to isolate that information from others. This is what eventually lead to the Daur embracing the idea of Universal Knowledge, a belief that everyone has a right to know things and that no one has a right to restrict knowledge to another, even if that knowledge could potentially lead to heartbreak or ruin.

Formation of the Neshaten

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the formation of the Neshaten Federation was largely a result of the Daur themselves and their desire to explore space and investigate the origins of the universe, however unlikely and far-fetched it might've been to really discover such evidence. With this Federation, the Daur were able to expand beyond the confines of their local star and explore deeper into space, but this was meet with some resistance as the Daur had lacked the ability to travel faster than light; this problem was remedied not by the Daur but rather by the My'leke who developed the first faster than light drive, which - while relatively slow compared to current drives - sufficed for what explorers had in mind.

With this new technology, many Daur were able to explore distant worlds, discovering evidence of other species that had once existed in their galaxy… although the most profound discovery was one that suggested that a very large galactic war had once taken place in their galaxy which had ravaged thousands of worlds and left many uninhabited or in a state of being only partially habitable. Although this evidence only existed on a few of the worlds explorers found, it was a generally accepted theory that something had indeed happened and whatever it was left themselves with only pieces to pick up and few worlds that could be lived upon without the use of respirators or creating enclosed environments.


Daur Adult Female Daur Adolescent Male Daur Adolescent Female

The Shukaran Daur are a sub-species of the Shukaren Laibe, but they don't look anything them. Instead, the Daur bare a more closer resemblance to a cross between a human and a foite. They are a sentient species that belongs to the sub-group known as Simians. They are a bipedal species with a bilateral symmetry; they posses a head, neck, torso, and four limbs although their limbs bare differences between those of a normal human. Instead of a regular ear like those of a human, they possess ones more closely related to the foite, along with the tail of one as well. Their hands have five fingers, and their feet also possess five digits as well. Their tail is capable of being rather long or even quite short, depending upon the genetic makeup of the individual and is usually half the length of their body. Unlike regular humans, the Daur's 'skin' is actually their fur which grows between one or two inches long across their entire body and gives off the appearance of their skin.

Daur are endotherms, or warm-blooded beings; what this means is that they maintain a constant body temperature that is independent of their environment using energy gained from the food they eat. They are primarily omnivores and each both animal meat and plant foods, because of their short stature Daur don't eat anywhere near as much as a Laibe or even a My'leke would, this makes them a rather efficient being because they don't have to spend so much time eating, drinking, or even making their food. However it can be said that like all sentient species, even the Daur have their quirks such as how they are all nocturnal species and thus can't really live in the light and have to live in the dark.

The Daurs genome is quite interesting in that it is rather flexible and can adapt to changing environments, although this adaptation can take several generations to propagate changes over to the next offspring; this is what has allowed some Daur to flourish in very hot environments where others wouldn't or why some Daur can stand being in space for extended periods of time because they may have had family who have lived in space for generations and thus their resistances have been embedded into their genome. This also makes some Daur immune to some diseases while making others more susceptible. Some genetic differences can also mean that a Daur could be born with the actual paws of a foite.

Shukara Daur only have two sexes, a male and a female, with the latter being more recognized by the appearance of breasts and a slightly smaller stature although their fur colors tend to be darker and fur tends to be longer. Daur are able to interbreed with Laibe and My'leke, although doing so will only produce offspring of that species female race.

Shukaren Daur are half foite half human, with the tail and ears that match that of a fiote while the rest of their body resembles that of a human. They have a very thin coat of fur that covers their entire body, but its thinness makes it appear to be regular skin. Though they do have hair, most of the time their hair is the same color as their fur, but sometimes it is not. Daur aren't that well endowed in their chests, mainly due to their small size, females who have kits are not that big breasted either but females who don't might have decent sized breasts, but not big ones. It is possible for a Daur to 'modify' thier chests to fix this, but that kind of modification is frowned upon.

Nocturnal Senses

The Daur are a nocturnal species, which means they are primarily active at night and not so much during the day. This makes them well at home in dark and dimly light locations, or even, locations that are entirely absent of any lighting. In order to be active during the day, a Daur has to wear specialized equipment over their eyes that polarizes the light and thus puts it down to a level to where their natural eyes can take over.

However, it isn't just their eyes that are affected by this nocturnal life-style. Daur has a heightened sense of hearing and smell, which makes up for their eye-sight being poor during the daylight hours. This does come at a cost though, while the Daur may have some good senses, all Daur suffer from a sensual disorder where at least one of their senses will be poor; most times, their hearing isn't one of them but rather the sense of touch and feel, or even smell, can be impacted. Taste as well. It is for this reason that no Daur has what many would refer to as 'perfect senses', all Daur have at least one bad sense, some might have more, but on the natural side of things this rare and usually only occurs within a families genetics or due to workplace risks.


The Shukaran Daur are the more pacifistic of the two species that make up the Kingdom of Neshaten, this is due in large part to their past and the desire and pursuit of knowledge that is more interest to them than shedding blood.

Knowledge Seekers

Daur separate themselves from the Laibe and My'leke by being the ones in the kingdom who pursue knowledge almost to a religious level, whenever they encounter a problem that can't be answered with the tools they have on hand they are always quick to go back to the drawing board or to get together in groups to isolate and figure out a solution. This has often lead to many Daur becoming scientists or doctors, or even join professions that require a lot of thinking and problem solving.

of course, with this also comes their nature of not wanting to see this knowledge lost either, as they consider knowledge more important than material wealth. This also means that they are quite frugal.

Environmentally Friendly

Because of the past, the Daur tend to be more at home with the environment and more friendly with it. They don't like wasting or polluting the areas that they inhabit and frown upon it if anyone else does so, their mindset is that if a piece of technology is capable of destroying the environment without any chance of recovery, they won't use it. Typically that is.

Sleeping Habits

Most Daur have a habit of not sleeping on the ground, but rather, above it and in high places. This is largely because of past predators who often hunted and killed Daur as they slept by taking advantage of them sleeping during the day time hours, due to them being nocturnal.

Curious by Nature

Their curious nature ties along nicely with their desire for knowledge, Daur like to explore stuff and seek out new experiences which often means that they don't stay with a single professions for long periods of time but rather branch out to broaden those experiences, naturally this isn't present for all Daur.

Family Conscious

Most Daur are quite adamant about protecting their families, either financially, politically, or defensively from those who might want to harm them. Family is important to a Daur as it can be a great support network for when things go wrong, such as the loss of a job, or family member. Family wealth is often split amongst family members upon death, seniority isn't really followed, as it is felt that no one person is better or more important than another.

Physical Diversity

Daur, despite having an overall physiological uniformity, to have some variances in appearance and it can be said that no two Daur look alike. One of the differences here is that Daur can very in height, being anywhere from three to five feet tall and sometimes smaller or even shorter, and this was just for males; females tended to be smaller at only three to four feet. One thing that wasn't different between the males or females was strength, because Daur were originally created on a planet with heavy gravity, their muscular structure grew to accommodate that gravity, this makes them rather strong on worlds that don't possess a high gravity.

The color of their fur, which often carried from white, red, black, green, blue, orange, gold, purple, and yellow was often times determined by the location or circumstances that lead to their birth, an example was that a daur born in a colder environment often had darker colored fur while one born in a warmer environment had lighter dur. Often times interbreeds, such as a Daur female and a male My'leke, would find themselves having a Daur child who either had black or red, orange, or gold fur. The colour of their tails was also different from the base color of their fur and because of this, it was quite rare to find a red furred Daur with a red tail, often times it was more common to find a red furred Daur with a white tail. The tips of their tails almost always matched the color of their base fur and their ears were much the same way. Eyes were often quite unique amongst the Daur because their colors were naturally different, and it wasn't uncommon for Daur to be born with two different colored eyes although this was also dependent on the environment they were born in.

Appearance Chart:

Color Eyes Fur/Hair Tail Tail Tip
White Common Uncommon Common Common
Red Common Very rare Uncommon Uncommon
Black Uncommon Uncommon Very Rare Very Common
Green Very rare Rare Very rare Rare
Blue Very Common rare common Very Common
Orange Common Very common Common Very Common
Gold Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare
Purple Uncommon Not-Naturally Not-Naturally Rare
Yellow Common Common Common Common

Although lighter versions of all colors exist, they are considered very rare.

Life Cycle

Daur are sexually reproduced creatures, which requires a male and female to mate in order to produce offspring. While a baby is developing inside the mothers womb, the womb itself gives off a distinct 'bump' to the woman's body although this bump isn't that big due to how small Daur naturally are, weight gain is uncommon due to the Daurs heavy gravity existence. Daur females give birth to live younglings, either one or several at a time - with two children being born at the same time being referred to as twins and three as triplets and so on and so forth. Pregnancy lasts upwards to three seasons and is a rather painful process that can take many hours or even days, with the possibility of death occurring, Daur use some advanced technology to help reduce the chances of a mother dying during birth.

During the first season of birth, Daur kits are breast feed by their mothers although this breast feeding can often times last longer; as it deemed that milk produced by the mother is more nutritious than that produced in factories. Daur transition from babyhood into childhood at the age of three and then from childhood to adulthood depending on when they take their Coming of Age ceremony to become an adult, this means that in some cases a Daur might become an adult at the age of eleven while others would become on at the age of twenty five.

The natural life span of an average Daur is roughly one hundred and twenty years old, while very healthy daur were capable of pushing one ninety. Advanced medical technology coupled with the Daur's natural affinity to the environment meant that some could live far beyond one ninety although this has only been observed a few times in the entire history of the Daur. Daur are actually able to tell when they are approaching the last legs of their life, this comes in the form of their fur growing a lighter shade of color than what their base line naturally is along with deep lines, but the most telling is their sleep patterns. Daur have a rather specific sleep pattern that makes it so where they can rest for only a few hours a day and be regenerated and able to take on their days; however, as they get older those sleep patterns start to shift and change - once a Daur starts sleeping past a certain point in their pattern it is realized that they are getting close to death with the lose of cognitive processes being the surest sign.

Reference Artwork

V'kaste, creator of the Youth Corps, who died just a few short months after it was formed. She was a Shukaren-Daur Child.

OOC Notes

Vkaste Artwork is commissioned work, done by Sinziar. Being used with her permission.

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