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Niko Yârme (Free Neko)

The Niko Yârme are the smallest population in the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. They currently number less than 300 members.


The Niko Yârme are the surviving members of NMX Nekovalkyrja on Aetheric Haven.. After the bombardment they rebelled from their NMX masters, and spent their time trying to survive on a devastated world. They were discovered by members of the WAP Yome Ismâopate (Searching Hawk) Plot on a training mission. They were given a choice they could return to the Yamatai Star Empire or remain with the clan as Râyjo Vonai (Bound People) until they could gain citizen status. More than half of the survivors chose to go to Yamatai. The rest some 250 opted to remain with the clan.


Niko Yârme which literally translates to Neko that are freed, or Free Neko for simplicity.


All Niko Yârme have NH-29 bodies. They possess all of the standard abilities.


The Niko Yarme chose to not return to Yamatai. The main cause was they genuinely fears for their lives if they returned. They did not want to be forced to serve in another military. Their ordeal of surviving after the bombing of Âmuar (Dream) made them fairly independent and resourceful. They have a strong sense of community.

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