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The Gunhund is a Nepleslian dog, through and through. Just take a look at it! It is DIoN green! Like, how can it not be the Nepper doggo?

More about Gunhund

A Gunhund is a Nepleslian species of four-legged mammalian canines that have been created through genetic experimentation and were introduced in late YE 39. The DIoN then began issuing these Gunhund to its retiring military personnel.

They have a mainly black top of the head, ears, sides of the face and back, shoulders, haunches, and top of the tail. The chest, nethers, lower legs, paws, and face are all white. In some areas of the shoulders, haunches, and cheeks where the border between white and black is, there is verdant green fur. The Gunhund has striking grass-green eyes and always tends to smell like a freshly mowed lawn or motor oil. There is no in-between for this dog and it all depends on a healthy diet.

Gunhunds typically have worse bites than their barks, which are also pretty harsh. It is ferocious in the right situations and a pleasure to be around when appropriate. This is the kind of barker that you want to strap a ballistics vest on with some Aethersperm patches and kick doors down with. If there was ever a creature capable of parachuting from a drop ship or diving out of third story windows, it's this breed. These animals are extremely capable of utilizing Cybernetics. They have extraordinary smell and are capable of learning to use their noses in a variety of ways, such as sniffing out explosives, drugs, cadavers, and tracking scent. Gunhund are designed to not be able to fight other dogs unless those dogs are attacking a sentient being. Because of the nature of genetic engineering, the receptors for this sort of aggressive behavior were able to be eliminated.

This animal is large but leightweight -good for picking up during times of war and chaos if they're wearing a solid vest. They retain dense muscle mass and hardened bone structure because of long trials of genetically manipulating the cells of previously known species of the Kikyo Sector. They have enhanced lung capacity than most mammals and can run longer and faster than any baseline Human. Their paws have extra durable padding and their skin has intrinsic settling epidermal protection layered to protect it from many sharp objects and some ballistic weapons depending on range and caliber.

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Art by ltgraphix

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