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Humans (Homo sapiens) are the originating species for many species in the SARPiverse. In most cases, humans are synonymous with Nepleslians. To create a human character, please use a faction-appropriate creation guide.

Human female in Star Army of Yamatai uniform

Baseline Humans

Baseline humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) are very rare but can be found in the Yamatai Star Empire as citizens who survived (or are children of survivors) of the Great Plague of YE 08 and in the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia in cases where genetic lineage is “unmixed” in contrast to the general population mixing with various genetically altered lineages (e.g. mutants and ID-SOL) that has occurred over hundreds of years since the human diaspora. Baseline humans also have built other colonies (such as Khorsovarolor) that continue to be discovered.

For real-world information about humans, see Human.

Human Subspecies

There are several major subspecies of humans in the SARPiverse.


The NH-1 Geshrin were a genetically modified version of the Nepleslian/Human species. They lived on Yamatai from approximately YE 01 to YE 29 and were almost totally replaced by the NH-22C Yamataian and later the Minkan race.

Shortly after the old Uesureyan colonization of planet Yamatai (Planet) (Geshrintall), the colonists working for Uesu Heavy Industries (part of which later became PNUgen Corporation) began work on creating two new races in what later became known as the “Perfect Evolution” project. The intent of the project was simple: to replace humanity with a pair of new, superior species. The first would be a warrior, and the second, a civilian. The result was the NH-1 Warmaiden (produced in cooperation with the now-defunct Geshrinari Armaments), followed by the first NH-1 Geshrins, who were mainly mirrored after the Japanese and Nordic humans that manned the original colony ships. Soon, with Soul-Transfer (ST) technology made readily accessible by the government, nearly the entire population was 'upgraded' to the new species.

Geshrin as a species have mostly been replaced (via mental transfers) by their improved version, the Yamataian, and are considered obsolete.

In YE 29, they were barred from joining the Star Army of Yamatai because of their inherent weaknesses compared to Yamataians and Nekovalkyrja, but this order was rescinded the following year. See: Species Restriction Order of YE 29

Geshrin are largely immune to disease, and are of superior intellect and body than their regular human counterparts. Their lifespan can last well over 150 years, with “old age” kicking in only in the last 50 or so. Geshrin reproduce sexually like earlier humans do (there are roughly equal numbers of males and females). The gestation period for babies, however, is only 3 months. Once born a Geshrin matures at a rate consistent with humans.

Geshrins look like your typical human and can look like any ethnicity and can have just about any hair or eye color. They typically have average builds but it is unheard of to see a Geshrin that is overweight or obese. The average height of a male is 6' 1“ while women tend to be around 5'6”. Their average weight tend to be around 165lbs or 130lbs (respectively). And women tend to average as a C cup in regards to their bust size. Their skin tones run the full range of their human counterparts, although due to the ancestry, there is a majority of white and Asian-derived skin tones.


See: Nepleslian

These are species that are related to humans in biology or appearance, listed alphabetically.

  1. Abwehrans are suspected to be genetically modified humans due to their appearance but the connection is unclear.
  2. Elves are a type of human.
  3. Elysian Patricians are a form of human with wings. Their origin is unclear, but they are close enough genetically that they can interbreed with humans to create Plebeians. Caelisolans are genetically engineered combinations of Patricians and Plebeians.
  4. Freespacers: Type One are humans and Type Two are human-derived clones.
  5. Helashio appear to be basically human, except derived by route of different primate origin on a different planet1).
  6. The ID-SOL are a genetically-enhanced subspecies of supersoldiers.
  7. The Iromakuanhe race is descended from human space travelers.
  8. Kudhacari have human faces (relationship unclear).
  9. Lorath Matriarchy look like humans with wings. The connection is still unclear.
  10. Early Nekovalkyrja models (NH-2, NH-7, NH-10) included some human DNA. They were also mostly human in appearance except they had catlike ears, a tail, more colorful hair and skin. Later model Nekovalkyrja retained this appearance.
  11. The Nekovalkyrja-derived Nightmare Type Mishhuvurthyar has a human face and body shape.
  12. The Saal and Sahaad are descendants of humans.
  13. Separa'Shan have human-like upper bodies.
  14. Yamataians (NH-22C/Jiyuuian and NH-31 Minkan) generally look human but are not humans; they are a completely synthetic Nekovalkyrja species. By design, Humans and Yamataians are able to have Yamataian children. Minkan have a wider range of skin and hair colors than baseline humans.

List of Humans

1Abdullah bin "Ben" Al-husseinHuman
2Aka AkiHuman
3Albert SteinerHuman
4Alex PattonHuman
5Alexander MathewsHuman
6Alfonzo DiligenzaHuman
7Alice CasdanHuman
9Althea DornseifHuman
11April JacksonHuman
12Araena PineHuman
13Aries JaegerHuman
14Asami SakuraiHuman
15Milo BraudvilleHuman
16Calvin "Cal" KaneHuman
17Camellia SarriHuman
18Carter Ytaru DynamisHuman
19Cassandra DemascusHuman
20Ceilia Dee-Cerulius (Ryzka)Human
21Chance TierneyHuman
22Claire AlbrightHuman
23Damien WestHuman
24Dean "Machine" SandersonHuman
25Donvan BlackHuman
26Duncan FletcherHuman
27Exia Tessa PineHuman
28Fuji, LennaHuman
29Go EunbyulHuman
30Gwendolyn KossuthHuman
31Iskandar 29-1 AndellionHuman
32Jack PineHuman
33Jane F-35(Armora)Human
34Jennifer ZeromusHuman
35Jericho PineHuman
36Kaeya HarrisHuman
37Kaine TazarHuman
38Kayla Renae ShioriHuman
39Kessler RyzkaHuman
40Hamitsu KitsuHuman
41Kyah CostiganHuman
42Kyle DeeHuman
44Leshi MaevoHuman
45Lolion RegloHuman
46Mark OaklenHuman
47Mark TazarHuman
48Marlene RoseHuman
49Masatane SaigaHuman
50Mave O'ReillyHuman
51Minamoto YorimitsuHuman
52Miranda BanningsHuman
53Nam SohyunHuman
54Nicholas SaigaHuman
55Nora YamazakiHuman
56Alara BotkidHuman
57Clyde McBruntelHuman
58Davonte LyonsHuman
59Elijah Alec PhaserfaceHuman
60Han Eun-hwaHuman
61Jamie AlgatineHuman
62Kinoshita FusakoHuman
63Leighton KesswickHuman
64Perry FossmanHuman
65Takeya WilliamsHuman
66Toy Yun-liuHuman
67Orlan SnellHuman
68Park HanaHuman
70Rascoe VoeHuman
71Remy BelmontHuman
72Roland WinchesterHuman
73Rorik NeserwinHuman
74Roy S. (Samson) RotundoHuman
75Ryu Waa-wanHuman
76Samael DarkfireHuman
77Sarah PineHuman
78Seara ArgentumHuman
79Shiori OzawaHuman
80Sonia ArgentumHuman
82Jane F-26 "Spark"Human
83Sylvia IstavanHuman
84Takenaka ShizukaHuman
85Takeshi KentaHuman
87Yarani TasukuHuman
88Thomas (Jack) DyerHuman
90Waylan VulcaHuman
91Will CasonHuman
92William Fletcher IIHuman
93Wulf SobanHuman
94Yi Hye-SeongHuman
95Zeke RykielHuman
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OOC Notes

Article by Wes.

Setting Restrictions on Humans

  1. The location of Earth remains unknown and it should not be discovered in the roleplay without a community consensus.
  2. The creation of more human-looking species that are not human is currently restricted for the sake of encouraging more diverse species in the setting. As you can see, we have way too many human-looking species already!
  3. Creation of new factions that use actual humans as their main species is fine.
That, and tails, lemur-style ears, high-end agility, low-end intellectual capacity, and an alien internal anatomy

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