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Kami Carp

The Kami Carp is a descendant of the carp brought by the original colonists that settled upon Planet Yamatai. The original carp that were introduced to Yamatai were intended as a staple food source. As the population of Yamatai grew, so did food demands. The solution to the problem was the Kami Carp.

The Kami Carp is a genetically superior breed of carp, able to grow to gigantic sizes while maintaining a low food intake. Kami Carp first came into existence when selective breeding techniques were used to produce a superior breed of natural carp. When a genetically superior carp was produced, it was then subjected to gene altering that caused the carp to have a very slow metabolic rate, while at the same time optimal muscle mass allowing the carp to grow to huge sizes.

Kami Carp often grow to weigh 22 - 90 KG. In some cases of over feeding, the Kami Carp can grow to weigh 130 KG. The appearance of the Kami Carp is that of a normal carp. But with scales found on females that shimmer in various shades of light blue and silver. While on male Kami Carp, the scales are often a golden color, with various shades of red upon the edges of each scale.

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