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Kawaii Accessories

Emrys Industries

Life Key

Because no one likes putting down the adorable Kawaii after its owner has passed away, the long life version of the standard Kawaii model can now be further modified to include an additional feature, the Life Key. This useful device will, once the owner has injected a small sub-dermal monitoring device, gently put it to sleep if its owner's vital signs are terminated within range of its sensors.

This feature can be slaved to all manner of communication devices for extended range, and is capable of being transmitted over even encrypted channels without consuming noticeable bandwidth. The owner can also disable the device by tapping a code into the sub-dermal chip, should they have to go out of range for an extended period of time, or for some reason need to maintain radio silence. In the unlikely event that the owner's chip is destroyed, the Kawaii's life key will automatically query local news outlets' obituary sections. For the military member, the chip can be linked to any KIA database in case the Kawaii must be left at home during deployment.

Of course, the Kawaii Life Key comes equipped with multiple fail safes to prevent a false β€œdeceased” reading, and has yet to record one even in most rigorous lab trials. Emrys Industries does not recommend the Life Key if the owner has dependents or surviving family who would want to keep the Kawaii as a memento after his or her death.

EternaKawaii (TM) Personality Backup

Much like the military technology that preserves a mental imprint of a marine who is killed in action, the EternaKawaii implant allows for a perfect clone of your favorite Kawaii to be made in the event of its death. This handy accessory preserves your Kawaii's memory, personality and training and allows for downloading it into a clone of your original Kawaii to flawlessly re-create it. (Clone and downloading procedure not included.)

Portable Happy Kawaii (TM) Kawaii Care Kit

Because Kawaii need love too. This care kit stores a KawaiiComb, YumYum Treat Pouch (treats sold separately), water dispenser (requires water source, or can draw from included water bladder for up to two months) and a Kawaii Kibble dispenser that can be equipped to supply your Kawaii with small but extremely nutritious Kawaii Kibbles for up to two months. In addition, the Portable Happy Kawaii (TM) Kawaii Care Kit doubles as a toy and climbing structure when fully deployed, and includes the new KawaiiReality VR interface that will keep your Kawaii endlessly entertained in the event of your prolonged absence. If you have a net connection, the KawaiiReality will even allow your Kawaii to interact with other Kawaii over the link. Click record to watch your Kawaii gallivant around with countless others in a virtual setting. It's practically a Cutepocalypse!

Kawaii-In-A-Box (TM) Kawaii Carriers

The ultimate in comfort and safety for Kawaii transport and storage. These Kawaii carriers are comfortable and ergonomically designed to keep your Kawaii happy and healthy in low, no, or heavy gravity (warning- do not subject your Kawaii to more than twelve gravities or risk damaging your pet!) Because the universe is a scary place, in addition to the standard model, the Kawaii-In-A-Box comes in Standard With Air Filter, Armored, Armored With Air Filter, Armored With Life Support Module (perfect for spaceflight, can withstand explosive decompression and allows for forty eight hours of survivability in hard vacuum), and the CryoKawaii. The CryoKawaii features Durandium armor, mini fusion power plant and emergency cryogenic capability that will practically guarantee your Kawaii will outlive you, your family, and all your friends in the event of a disaster.


Life Key: 150 KS

EternaKawaii (TM) Personality Backup: 375 KS

Portable Happy Kawaii (TM) Kawaii Care Kit: 95 KS

  • Kawaii Kibble: 15 KS
  • Kawaii YumYums: 5 KS

Kawaii-In-A-Box (TM) Kawaii Carriers

  • Standard: 25 KS
    • With Air Filter 65 KS
  • Armored: 235 KS
    • With Air Filter 275 KS
    • With Life Support Module 650 KS
  • CryoKawaii: 1,750 KS

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