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The Kodians are a peaceful species of Ursoids who relatively keep to themselves and are known for their highly advanced medical cybernetics and unbiased diplomats. Having lived this way for countless millenia, the Kodians had never been involved in any sort of galactic war until they joined Yamatai Star Empire in YE 27, although they had previously put down rebellions started by others who have visited their planet.

General Information

  • Homeworld: Gashmere
  • Population: 2.3 billion
  • Government: The General Assembly of Gashmere.
  • First contract by YSS Nozomi in YE 27


Hulking, bear-like creatures that vary in height from seven to twelve feet (2.1 to 3.6 meters) tall and weigh around eight hundred pounds (363 kilograms) to one (short) ton (907 kg). They have long claws which have developed to be able to manipulate items much like fingers. Their fur varies from the color of brown, black, gray, white and some odd shades such as blue, green or even the odd blood red. Eyes are typically black or brown.

Kodian in Star Army uniform


The average Kodian will spend his childhood learning the basics of morals, philosophy and self-defense. When they reach their pre-teen years, they are given a choice in which wish to study for their profession. From then on, schooling lasts until the age of 25 in which they are allowed to continue their education or search for a job. A great love for the arts has encouraged them to create one of the galaxy's largest school for the arts.

  • Clothing: The main form of clothing on Gashmere is a pair of thick pants and long-sleeved T-Shirt-shirt due to Gashmere being an icy planet.
  • Music: A mixture of folk and classical style music are the main genres of music listened to and produced on Gashmere.
  • Cuisine: Kodians prefer a mixture of plants, berries, insects and fish. Spices are often used in any course of the meal, including dessert. The common drink with any meal is either water or a strong beer or mead like substance. A rare treat for any Kodian would be the large mantis-like predator know as the Rulian, a common threat to villages and unprotected citizens on the streets of Gashmere.


The Gashmere Planetary Guard is a rather large military force, employing roughly 9% of the total population. The forces are divided between an Army and space-faring Navy. Due to the recklessness of outsiders, all non-Kodians must pass a rigid psychic and moral test before being allowed to travel on the planet. Strong bonds of brotherhood are encouraged among military units to increase morale during long expeditionary missions along with each member of the military taking a vow to willingly sacrifice their life in order to defend their home world are mandatory.

The main goal of the Planetary Guard is for protection of Gashmere and to be deployed to war torn areas to provide aid to the victims of war.


The General Assembly of Gashmere is a democratic state that encompasses the entire planet. It is one large body of representatives voted in every five years via popular vote of the people. Overseeing the General Assembly of Gashmere is a Chairperson who is elected every six years by the Assembly. The Chairpersons main responsibilities including putting out a set plan for everything the people and Assembly wish to accomplish during his/her term, greeting and determining the worth of alliances with alien governments, keeping the public informed on current events in the General Assembly and to act as a central figurehead in times of crisis.

The Kodian Civil War is a planet-wide armed conflict that broke out in YE 38 on planet Gashmere over integration in the Yamatai Star Empire. It began when, due an aggressive assassination campaign, the Anti-Xenoist League temporarily gained a majority in the General Assembly of Gashmere, and then attempted to order the Gashmere Planetary Guard to forcibly remove the Yamatai Star Empire's presence from the planet. The planet's military became divided over the issue, and war broke out between the pro-alien and isolationist factions. Each side claims to be the legitimate government.

The Star Army of Yamatai, based out of Fort Nozomi, has begun a (thus far unsuccessful) attempt to keep the peace.


The Kodians have taken steps in biomedical sciences which include high-quality prosthetic cybernetics and genetic engineering. Along with being highly advanced in the fields of personal defense, fine arts and social sciences. Since their introduction to the Yamatai Star Empire the Kodians have also begun to release some of the schematics for their planetary bombardment weaponry, including the brutally effective Ryurzian Acceleration Platform.

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