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The Kudah are humanoid sized moth-humanoid that are primarily in charge of the Valsh'Nar Empire. The Kudah also possesses the best psychic ability in the empire and havethe power to transmogrify themselves via genetic tissue.


A Kudah is a large bipedal Moth like creature with two sets of arms both ending in sets of hands. Also a Kudah sports a set of wings on its back and is capable of flight. The Kudah's outer exoskeleton and carapace is covered with a light layer of dark grey dust like scales.

Head: A Kudah's head is much like that of a moth, sporting two large compound eyes on either side of the head with large comb-like or feathery antennae on the top. The Antennae allow the individual to communicate telepathically as well as 'sense' the area around it. Also located on the head is the mouth which is composed of two small mandibles that allow it to manipulate items with its mouth. The mandibles are small, roughly two inches in length and act as small vices to hold and crush food.

Body: A Kudah's carapace is normally black in color, though on occasion they can be brown in tone. Over this carapace is a fine layer of dusty grey scales. The scales give the Kudah a fluffy look, in particular around the neck area giving them a 'mane' of sorts. Their bodies have a slim, hourglass figure that is vaguely feminine in appearance despite a lack of mammary glands. Height wise a standard Kudah stands between 5'5 (165cm) and 7' (213cm), not including the wings (or antennae) which add another foot (30cm) to their height.

Wings: The wingspan of most Kudah's is between 18.2 feet and 14.3 feet increasing with size. The wings in question vary in appearance, Some consist of elaborate mirrored patterns while others are very plain and may only have one or two distinguishing mirrored designs on them.

Limbs: Kudah have two sets of arms set ends with 4 digit hand with 3 fingers one thumb. A Kudah is a Digitigrade with its legs ending in a somewhat large hoof, which can be cleft or solid. A Kudah's legs at resting are bent slightly forward, much like the rear legs of a canine.


A Kudah's body is relatively fragile, its carapace/exoskeleton being about as tough as boiled leather, though around the vital organs (brains, hearts, etc, there is a tough dermal bone structure to protect them and give shape. Because of this Kudah cannot take that much physical punishment, (a little more than a regular human) but are more resistant to cuts, abrasions and other minor dermal damage. However, the species does have some other advantages the most primary example is there ability to transform their appearance to look like other species and gain some physical abilities. The Transmogrification ability and Psyonic ability are derived from specialty brain structures. The Psyonic structure being a large part of the forebrain, and the Transmogrification a small structure at the base as well as 'blank' modifiable cells throughout the body. Internally they do posses the two hearts, but lack any other fail-safe organs. Aside from the two hearts they have a two part stomach, first part to digest the second to absorb the nutrients and genetic material. Further more is a small and large intestine. A Kudah's blood is a florescent green in color due to sulfates in it. They also are Omnivores though they do prefer meat.

Kudah are Asexual they reproduce by injecting a (preferably dead) host with an egg. Once that egg hatches the small larva begins to eat the internals of the host, slowly morphing into a small Kudah. Once it has reached the final stage of morphing it emerges from the the host and grows much like a human for three weeks in which it reaches its full adult size.

Psionic Abilities

Kudah's possess a very strong psychic ability and use it to primarily communicate with others of its own kind over great distances. They are also very adept at telepathy, able to telepathically communicate with other beings and influence their thoughts as well. When a Kudah uses its telepathy this way, it alters a target's perceptions or to plant a suggestion in their mind. The less psychic ability that the victim the more apt they are to be manipulated. However, with a powerful Kudah or with the target being injected with a Valsh'Nar mind-control worm the victim can be commanded against their will.


Ingesting DNA of different species helps them to take on aspects and appearance of that species. Originally the changing helped them confuse predators or confuse rival species to let them get close and attack. Now however the Transmogrification is used to give the kudah a much more appealing appearance to other species they normally negotiate with, as well as obtain some of some other species physical advantages. The final product of the Transmogrification can make the Kudah look very much like what species it wanted to change into though usually details are left out. For example, if a Kudah changed itself as much as a human it could it would look remarkably like a human with wings and antenna (they tend to not to leave without physically removing them) though upon closer look there would be no colored iris (just pupils) , fingernails, toes, lip color or reproductive genitalia, etc.

The changing process takes several days as well as a fairly decent amount of genetic material. In general the more complicated a transformation the longer it takes and more material is required. The general 'rule' for transforming is two times the part. For example, if a Kudah wanted to change its form as much as it could into a human, it would need to consume the genetic material of roughly two full humans. The DNA of the species is manipulated on an atomic level by the Kudah's biological structure until it is able to be fused with the Kudah's base DNA. The process takes time and also because of the manipulation of the foreign DNA there is a lot of DNA that becomes unstable and unusable , hence why so much material is needed. The overall process is painful for the Kudah, and most will seclude themselves while the transformation process is happening.

A Kudah in question can change into a different 'breed' as many times as it wants, the only hindrance is time and material, though most hybrids tend to stick to a certain species for either comfortably or practical reasons. Not all Kudah's change from there original state, which is a large humanoid moth.

If a Kudah wishes to change back to its normal state, the transformation process is the same, however it takes less material, usually a 1:1 ratio as opposed to the normal 2:1.

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