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The L'Kor are a space faring, oligarchical society of winged creatures that have evolved to be intelligent, adept, and capable creatures. They do not feel pain but cannot take hard blows outside of L'Kor Power Armor. They have their own weapons and ships. They are currently looking to take over other cultures with the help of Kuvexian and Rixxikor.



The L'Kor calendar is broken up into segments that roughly translate to half of one YE on the Yamataian Calendar that are called IL, standing for Incident Loop. This means that for every YE, there are two IL.

Their weeks are measured in ten day periods and their weeks are measured in increments of five to create a whole month. There are just over three L'Kor months in an IL.


The L'Kor are semi-impervious to pain due to a natural ineptitude of their central nervous system. Their bones are hollow, leading them to not be able to take heavy blows outside of power armor. They bleed very little. Their digestive tract is underdeveloped at a young and extremely old age and dietary restrictions apply. Their body is coated in feathers everywhere except the genitalia, which are extremely large in contrast to other species. Their feathers are coated in a natural oil so that they may fly in the rain or swim in water without their feathers getting overly damp. They have beaks with which to eat different food stuffs, mainly as insectoids.


The L'Kor live on a planet that is made up of several spread out land masses that they, at one point, had to get to by self-propelled flight. Because of this, they are to this day adept fliers. They live in treetop homes that those of the lower classes build for the upper classes. The lower classes live on the ground in homes each individual family must make for themselves, often of the lowest grade building supplies that wear down in the heavy rainfall seasons.

There are two seasons per IL, which are the rainy season and dry season. The dry season is when building and home repairs, food is harvested, and other dry season tasks are looked after and get don. The rainy is when most L'Kor outdoor manufacturing, building, and food harvesting takes a backseat to indoor activities.

Life Cycle

A L'Kor is a child for ten IL and then are able to fly, digest food on their own, and live out a life independent of their parents or caretakers. They then live for another thirty IL and die soon thereafter. At around the age of twenty-five IL they go into an old age in which they cannot easily fly and often must have their food digested for them and spitted into their mouths via regurgitation.


The L'Kor are run by an oligarchy of several leaders that make life what it is for the L'kor. They are run by these leaders, called Pi'Nor that run each land mass on Naiva, the L'Kor home world in the system Drib Star System and is the only habitable planet in the system. It has a population of just over 4 billion L'Kor, with 4 billion on the planet and tens of thousands living off planet.

The L'Kor Pi'Nor are selected once every twenty IL and when one dies, the current Pi'Nor choose a new replacement for the deceased. The system in which they are elected equates to a republic.



The L'Kor wear simple clothing, but many layers. A tunic may be over an undershirt and both may be covered by a vest or jacket. They prefer mild, sage grays and greens to more daring colors and are often seen wearing something with hand embroidery done to it.


The L'Kor eat a variety of insectoid creatures much smaller than themselves and flora that thrive on Naiva and that they grow on their ships. They eat by ingesting the creatures or plants live and raw, foregoing cooking or plating their dishes in any manner. Rather, they eat when they can and where they can. A young L'Kor under ten IL will eat from their parents undigested vomit.


The L'Kor speak the languages of the Kuvexians, Rixxikor, and numerous other species in the space around Drib Star System. Their own language is highly nuanced and indecipherable to anyone that hasn't studied it thoroughly.

They speak K'Lor.


L'Kor have both surnames and given names. The surname always comes before the given name, such as P'Lor Aunulee. It is to be noted that a surname always includes an apostrophe after the first letter and may be four letters long, in total. The given name is up to one's imagination, though basing the given name off of pre-existing names is discouraged.


The L'Kor have had a good amount of time to build up their military to levels that are comparable to other space faring species. They have levels of command that go from the highest, being A'Bor, then C'Dor, E'For, G'Hor, then I'Jor, and, finally, the lowest, which is M'Nor. The M'Nor are those that just finished basic training, which last one IL and brings them through the basics of working with their power armor, hand to hand combat, piloting ships, survival, medical aid, and other basic military training. The military was built after space exploration began and is in place to take over other civilizations. It is aided by the Kuvexians and the Rixxikor are allies. Oftentimes, the Kuvexians will lend supplies to the L'Kor or train with them, such as power armor simulations.


The L'Kor have gone through several periods of great discovery and unearthing of potentials and possibilities. They have intuitive minds made for critical thinking and problem solving and have put them to work creating differing technologies that range from L'Kor Power Armor, handheld weapons, starships, and Rooks, the equivalent to a EM-G8 Type 33 Datapad.


The L'Kor economy used to be a thriving one that they themselves sustained, but once coming into contact with the Kuvexians, their own economy soon became the Kuvexians' economy. Their money is distributed by the Kuvexians' banking systems. There are no hand-outs and once a L'Kor reaches a level of bankruptcy, they are entered into military service for three IL before they may try their hand at a self-sustaining lifestyle, again. The L'Kor money is named KN, which stands for K'Naut, and roughly equates to .5 KS, meaning for every 1 KS, there is .5 KN.

CurrencyKikyo Satsu (KS)K'Naut (KN)
Kikyo Satsu (KS)1.5
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