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Lily Type Artificial Nepleslian

Lily Type Artificial Nepleslians are a collaboration between the Ryu Keiretsu and Nepleslian Research and Manufacturing to develop advanced Nepleslian clones suitable for life within Yamatai Star Empire. Introduced in YE 44, they began test trials later in the year.

Brief Overview

Lily Type Artificial Nepleslians offer the following as non-player and player characters:

  • Augmented to function perfectly in a digital telepathy environment.
  • Mothers are designed to pass on key augmentations to indirectly enhance humanity.
  • Heavier eaters compared to their fellow Nepleslians but able to eat a wider selection of sources safely.
  • Upbringing is usually designed to develop personalities wanting to help.


In YE 43, the Ryu Keiretsu quickly realized they had an issue with their resurgence: the available manpower in Yamatai Star Empire was going to be insufficient for their ambitions within and outside of the Empire. While the Empire's population was measured in the billions, the available social programs that cover all basic needs of its citizens gave many few reasons to work beyond personal interests. Let alone be willing to leave Imperial space, away from their creature comforts. As the Ryu Keiretsu would never have permission to gain an understanding of Hemosynthetics to then ask for permission to manufacture Minkan, they looked for solutions to address the issue before it hampered them.

Many suggested drones and volitional AIs in humanoid bodies are the solutions to this future manpower issue. Others disagreed and suggested a more Nepleslian solution with the production of tried and tested Nepleslian clones. A third group within the Keiretsu suggested something in the middle with cyberized bodies for volitional AIs and organic-based personas could be placed. Instead of deciding on the direction of the project, President Ryu-Mizumitsu Masashi instead allocated funds for ideas and any derivatives that might come of it as he appreciated healthy amounts of competition to keep his employees engaged. Project Lily was developed by a group of scientists advocating for clones.

Since Advancer Enterprises lacked expertise in cloning, they looked for cloning specialists within the Red to collaborate with. Horatio Sanders, a disgruntled scientist at Nepleslian Research and Manufacturing, answered the call. The corporation persuaded to loan them (with pay) their cloning specialists, Dr. Sanders, and a sizable team of assistants who worked with Xavier Armstrong to develop Project Lily. The main objective was aimed at creating Nepleslian clones suited to be productive citizens within the Yamatai Star Empire and develop slowly to counter the immaturity often encountered by clones in the past.

Project Lily worked with Project Orchid (AI project) to develop a fully immersive deep learning to teach young clones (and potentially others) basic life skills. While they grow, the clones will experience life (going to school, being forced to overcome problems, and developing mentally) in an accelerated manner (from the outside perspective) to seamlessly integrate into society.

Dr. Sanders and his team were not pleased with the current state of the Reds and especially its leadership. Seeing Project Lily as an opportunity to develop more well-adjusted individuals to lead a new destiny of the Reds, he made sure a number of his assistants were assigned to the deep learning development portion of the project.

After successful trials of the Lily Artificial Nepleslians “Yinzi” (阴子, female) and “Yangzi” (阳子, male) from an unknown Human genotype after countless failures (no different than normal Nepleslians, stillborn, or unforeseen mutations), trials into the other progenitor lines begun in YE 44.


While not quite a different species from baseline Nepleslians, there are enough changes that make them unique among their peers (both natural and synthetic). Information regarding Lily physiology can be found here in detail.


Being designed to fulfill labor requirements for the Ryu Keiretsu's labor and frontier development needs, a wide selection of Human genotypes are sought after to ensure healthy development. As such their appearances are no different than Nepleslians.

Currently, Lily Type Artificial Nepleslians have the following genotype subtypes:

Progenitor Name Notes Female Example Male Example
Taizu (太祖) Derived from a salvaged foreign human female acquired by Advancer.
Yuanzu (元祖) Derived from Core Lianjia volunteers.
Qiangzu (强祖) Derived from Mutari Lianjia volunteers.
Yuzu (裕祖) Derived from Sardinian Lianjia volunteers.
Suzu (肅祖) Derived from Abd Bahadi Lianjia volunteers.
Baizu (白祖) Derived from Nordic Yamataian volunteers.
Hongzu (红祖) Derived from Japanese Yamataian volunteers.
Guāngzǔ (光祖) Light Skinned Red Engineered Phenotype. Often a mix of Yamatains (Japanese and Nordic) and Lianjia (Core and Sardinians).
Xuanzu (宣祖) Dark Skinned Red Engineered Phenotype. Often a mix of various ethnicities like Hanyadi and Mutari Lianjia.
Shenzu (神祖) Experimental Zhenren relying more on biological augmentation. any any


More progenitor (meaning of zu) lines will be developed by Advancer Enterprises as additional genetic populations of humans are discovered in the greater galaxy and population volunteers in the Kikyo Sector contribute.

Guangzu Genotype Attributes

  • Hair: Silver or Red
  • Iris Color: Light Pink, Hazel, Grey, Blue, and Orange-Red

The light pink often gives an appearance the person has hazel eyes if not looking directly at the individual. Uncommon with males.

Xuanzu Genotype Attributes

  • Hair: Black, Brown, Silver
  • Iris Color: Orange-Red, Brown Red, Brown

Technical Data

In order to create and develop the Lily Type Artificial Nepleslian, a number of technologies and techniques were developed. Lily Artificial Nepleslians are the following:

Deep Learning Adapted

To address the immaturity issue encountered with previous Nepleslian clones fresh out of the growth tanks, Project Lily developed a system of deep learning for the clones to experience 21 years of life and lessen disorientation from their short (compared to naturals) development time. This is accomplished with a combination of virtual simulations and cognitive/memory-enhancing drugs to compensate for the speed they are learning basic life skills and living their lives.

Virtual Simulation System

Influenced by the successful Virtual Collective Experience, the RyuK's Virtual Simulation System (VSS) is a time-compressed VR reality that is made possible with a combination of drugs, the nanomachine-enhanced liquid they reside in, and later their digital minds implants (reducing the need for drugs).

During the “21” years of their lives, they are assigned to a cohort consisting of other Lilies of their batch and facsimiles of classmates based on stored persona matrices. Each batch is placed into a random simulation currently running, each based on known planets and local cultures. When they are 18, they are given access to approved VCE simulations that are synced with their time compression rate to increase the chance of them encountering foreign volitional AI.

For example, an Artificial Nepleslian named Mary Li is “born” on Yamatai. She went to the private Ryu Keiretsu Virtual Institute (a real place) for 18 years before she got her 3-year degree in Chemistry at the University of Kyoto (using their curriculum). She often travels to the accelerated RyuK VCE landscape of Tatiana, Inuyama City to visit friends when she wants to vacation.

The system is monitored by the facility's AI and any intelligences working for or slaved to it. Subordinates often are used as the instructors in the simulation, while the main AI will often split a portion of themselves to act as the full-time principal.

There is follow on research to determine if the time compression is adaptable to others with digital minds (or another means to enter the virtual environment). If possible without the need for recreating the environment of the individuals, this will allow them to participate virtually with other children such as those found at Neko Gakuen (ねこ がくえん) Neko Academy. Such an event would greatly increase their exposure to others.

Memory/Cognitive Nanomachines

Due to the brains of Artificial Nepleslians developing in size at a young age, cybernetics that boosts cognitive and memory consolidation cannot be installed until the age of 7. To bridge the gap, Project Lily adopted a set of “Brain Booster” nanomachines developed by Advancer Enterprises.

The nanomachines in the synapses help the brain accommodate the huge influx of sensory data from the accelerated simulations. The nanomachines elsewhere help improve memory consolidation, working memory, and episodic memory encoding by acting like RAM and speed writing to the brain. The nanites' original purpose (and still current) purpose was to combat neural degradation causing diseases many humans still undergo with age.

As they are temporary, replacement machines are manufactured by the growth tank as part of the recycling of its fluid. The nanites are then transferred into the body via the umbilical cord or the tank's fluid when the cord is cut at “birth”.

Volitional AI Ready

With the Zhenren I1N Digital Mind serving as a bridge, Lily Type Artificial Nepleslians can be used in place of a traditional drone body for volitional AIs. While the centers of the brain responsible for the personality of an individual are replaced with artificial synapses early in gestation, the base biological factors that can develop a personality remain. The AI will inherit these, potentially tweaking its existing personality.

Most advanced AIs will likely overwrite this, but lesser AIs will think just like biological individuals. JANEs, due to being biological, will exactly as if they were cloned individuals.

Psychological Traits

All Lily Types have a base mental template learned during deep learning that conditioned them to have a strong urge to improve both themselves and society as a whole whenever they are capable of doing so. They also have a sense of individualism that is tempered by their ability to compromise and be team players. doctor kids

Rebel Conditioning

Instead of the base template used for deep learning, 5-10% of Artificial Nepleslians in a batch secretly have their base template tweaked. Where all Lilies have a sense of individualism, the Rebel template cranks it to full power to encourage Lilies to have the same strong sense of individualism seen in Reds. But they do not have any sense of loyalty to them and often have a strong sense of pity as they can recall perfectly their past failures and why they occurred.

Rebels have a strong sense of individualism and materialism, with a strong sense to not accept their fate without “fighting”. The drive for war is replaced with a strong sense of justice to defend others or to right wrongs if a legal system is failing. They often accomplish this by gathering like-minded individuals into organizations and compromising where they need to further their goals.

Archetype Matrix

While the Ryu Keiretsu prefers to keep the personalities of Lily Type Artificial Nepleslians natural, scientists have devised several “Archetype Matrices”. With a combination of genetic conditioning and manipulation of events within their shared deep learning environments, Lilies can be steered in the direction to possess personality traits clients desire.

But it is warned that they are merely guides on their mental development. A naturally strong-willed individual can still choose their path in life and a naturally lazy one might ignore all the guides.

Below are the currently available archetypes.

Enforcer Template

Artificial Nepleslians with the Enforcer template are hormonally induced to be more aggressive and focused on finishing their tasks as efficiently as possible. They are honorable professionals to the core and do not appreciate those that cut corners or resort to trickery.

Compared to other Lilies, Enforcers limit the scope of their in-group to only other Enforcers and others with similar professional warrior mindsets. They will work with others and compromise a bit, but they are standoffish and always looking for the first opportunity to return to something worth doing. Like working out at the gym or practicing their marksmanship.

They are primarily for internal use with the Mizumitsu Samurai to feed into their Black Crane Securities as journeymen and women. Though they are available to privileged clients such as the Yamataian Government on demand.

Mentor Template

Artificial Nepleslians with the Mentor Template are conditioned to seek new experiences in their lives and then disseminate them to others. They are often paired with parent facsimiles that are modeled off of inspirational military and philosophical (warrior-philosophers preferred) leaders and struggling cohort-mates that need encouragement to continue their studies.

Though occasionally some individuals realize the power that they have and can become manipulative individuals that need to be placed into positions to mitigate this trait. But despite this, they are well suited to child care, teaching, and coaching roles.

Empiricist Template

The Empiricist template is an intensive package of psychological and physical conditioning. To gain the desired effect in females, there is a reduction of a hormone that promotes “fitting in and the desire to understand and build relationships” with others.

In addition, both females and males are strongly encouraged to seek out a greater understanding of all things using the scientific method during their education. The result is an individual focused on getting to the facts and making connections based on them.

Empiricists can be found in anything that can make use of their mastery of deductive reasoning. They are often found to be scientists, engineers, strategists, and investigators.

Future Templates

Advancer is currently researching additional templates for the Lily:

  • Commander: Combination of Enforcer and Mentor (Current subjects have exhibited uncanny leadership
  • Explorer: Combination of Empiricist and Enforcer (Current subjects have displayed excellent piloting skills and restrained curiosity)
  • Professor: Combination of Empiricist and Mentor (Current subjects have not shown any uncharacteristic traits, though supplies often seem to be reported to unbalanced when they are around)

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