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Male Minkan

The Minkan is the Minkan updated form of the NH-22C Yamataian. The NH-31M is the traditional male form.

Typical Appearance

The average NH-31M is a well-formed human male, with shoulders slightly broader than the waist. Because their body mass and composition are carefully controlled by internal metabolism and conversion methods, he cannot be obese and should have his body proportions be constant for most of his adult life. An average NH-31M is 163cm (5' 4โ€) tall and weighs around 69kg (152lbs). The standard NH-31M come with the classic human-style ears, and almond-shaped eyes. Facial hair is a matter of personal preference.

Upgraded Appearance

The upgraded NH-31M has the same overall physical appearance as the NH-31M. Some will have more apparent muscle definition. Their SPINE interface can be seen as a series of pink dots on the back.


Minkan come from a number of personal backgrounds, some including having been a Nepleslian at one point in their lives. Since the actual Minkan body is a relatively new option, it is common for older characters transferred into a Minkan body. We advise that all new players refrain from creating an extensive military career background for newly created characters, if the character is older they might have been training or working as a civilian but try to keep from affecting the course of any nation's history unless you actually played that scene. If the character has grown up on Geshrintall/Yamatai chances are that they have never known true poverty or hunger.

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