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Nekovalkyrja (pronounced “Nay-ko-wul-ku-ree”) are the cat-eared clone soldiers of the Yamatai Star Empire. It is common for them to be be referred to as “nekos.”

Core Concepts

  1. Nekos are always female.
  2. Nekos are primarily soldiers of the Star Army of Yamatai. They're made to be warriors (hence the “valkyrie” name).
  3. Nekos usually have catlike ears, which may or may not be covered in fur (“Neko” means “cat” in Japanese).
  4. Nekos brains have computer-like capabilities such as wireless communication and software downloads.
  5. Nekos can fly and hover around, so they are not impeded by terrain.
  6. Because Nekovalkyrja are typically created via artificial means, this means they usually do not have a childhood. Sometimes the resulting lack of life experience can make them seem naive.

Using a Nekovalkyrja body is like wearing the uniform of the Star Army of Yamatai.

If you're interested in playing a Nekovalkyrja character, see Creating a Nekovalkyrja Character.

Generations of Nekovalkryja

The idea of a generation is human concept that doesn't apply neatly to Nekovalkyrja because they can produce at a young age, and (as you noted) they are a very young race in general, with Nekovalkyrja not even being heavily mass-produced until somewhere around YE 20, meaning most Nekovalkyrja are younger than 15. If I had to break down Nekovalkyrja into generations, it would be by model numbers or by the wars they were produced for.

  1. Original prototype weapons (Yui, Yuumi)
  2. Early NH-2 models for sale (Eve, Meni, Mani, etc)
  3. Initial mass production - NH-7 (Elysian wars Chaos Hive War, etc)
  4. Second Draconian War (Jaaq'tah) - trillions of NH-12 and NH-17 produced
  5. First Mishhuvurthyar War - trillions more NH-17
  6. Second Mishhuvurthyar War - NH-29
  7. Present generation - NH-33

Models of Nekovalkyrja

The nh-33 model is the most common, followed by the nh-29 and the nh-27. The nh-28_niws is uncommon but still in limited service. All other nekos are either extremely rare or obsolete and replaced.

  • NH-1 PNUgen “geshrin” or “Warmaiden”
  • NH-2 PNUgen “Nekovalkyrja”
  • nh-3 Mage
  • NH-4 PNUgen Controller
  • NH-6 PNUgen “Bubblegunner” (smaller ID-SOL-type with personal forcefield)
  • nh-7 PNUgen/WickedArms “Nekovalkyrja II”
  • NH-8 PNUgen Shadowshifter
  • NH-9 PNUgen Weapon
  • NH-10 NH-X Twin Nekovalkyrja
  • NH-11 PNUgen Shadowshifter II
  • nh-12 “Mini-Nekovalkyrja”
  • NH-13 Shadowshifter II
  • NH-16 WickedArms “Bubblegunner II”
  • nh-17 “Nekovalkyrja V”
  • nh-18 Adaptive Weapon
  • NH-19 Experimental Nekovalkyrja used for hybridization
  • NH-20 Experimental Nekovalkryja
  • NH-22 Experimental remake of NH-17
  • nh-23 Ketsurui Empress' Nodal Nekovalkyrja
  • NH-25 Advanced version of NH-17 Nekovalkyrja (Mishhu hybrid) eg: Pumpkin
  • nh-27 (Samurai Type)
  • nh-31 (most common male/civilian type)
  • nh-32 (Prototypes only)
  • nh-33 (most common female/military type)

Originally, the Nekovalkyrja series was developed by pnugen_corporation for the Uesureyan Empire. Later, Nekovalkyrja production was assumed by the ketsurui_zaibatsu.

Obtaining or Keeping a Nekovalkyrja Body

The requirements for obtaining a Nekovalkyrja body, according to Yamataian law, are:

1. Being a citizen of the Yamatai Star Empire is a prerequisite to use of a Nekovalkyrja body. Any Nekovalkyrja who changes allegiance to another nation must return the Nekovalkyrja body. Failure to do so is a capital offense.

2. A Nekovalkyrja body may obtained by an employee of the Star Army of Yamatai or other government services with approval of the director or manager of such service when use of Nekovalkyrja bodies are justified (e.g. National Police may use Nekovalkyrja bodies because of the chance of combat).

3. Certain models of Nekovalkyrja bodies (such as stealth models), designated by the Star Army of Yamatai, must be relinquished prior to separation from the military.

4. For the purposes of this bill, Nekovalkyrja refers to:

  • NH-2 series
  • NH-7 series
  • NH-17 series
  • NH-18
  • NH-22M
  • NH-27 series
  • NH-28 series
  • NH-29 series
  • NH-33 series, and
  • Future Nekovalkyrja

On keeping a Nekovalkyrja after Star Army service:

NH-29s (excluding the S [stealth] models) will be allowed to keep their body on retirement, although it is strongly encouraged to switch to Yamataian so you can have babies instead of just youngling clones. The NH-29 reproductive functions are are for raising troops, not for raising a family. Former soldiers that keep their neko bodies may be recalled to the military in times of national crisis.

NH-29s naturally born as younglings to NH-29 mothers are allowed to keep their bodies but if they keep them they are eligible to be subject to a military draft in wartime.

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