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NH-33 Series Nekovalkyrja

First manufactured and available in late YE 33, The NH-33 Nekovalkyrja is the latest in the line of Nekovalkyrja, it is an upgrade for both the civilian and military citizens of the yamatai_star_empire. The NH-33 was developed by Ketsurui Zaibatsu to further integrate the races; by creating a new species with a civilian form that could be weaponized easily. It also offers a soldier form that could be integrated into normal life after service.

Please note Nekovalkyrja are restricted military technology and thus are only allowed to live within the Yamatai Star Empire.

Tetsuya Eiko

Pictured: Chibi-style artwork of an NH-33.

Standard NH-33 Types

The Tennyo “Celestial Maiden” is the replacement for the nh-29 used by the star_army_of_yamatai.

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