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NH-17 Nekovalkyrja

The NH-17 “Nekovalkyrja 5” gynoid was produced en masse by Yamataian Corporations WickedArms Industries and PNUgen Corporation from early YE 23 to YE 27. In this four-year period, a total of over four and a half trillion Nekovalkyrja of this type were created and distributed throughout the known universe on Star Army of Yamatai starships manufactured by Ketsurui Fleet Yards.

Although the NH-17 is human-like in appearance (except for the familiar cat-like ears), she is not human-derived. Just like her predecessor, the NH-7 Nekovalkyrja, the NH-17 features DNA patterned along 52 chromosomes. Features of the NH-17 include skin-based and holographic optic camouflage, an internal Hemosynthesis system, the ability to use encryption in telepathy and the ability to manipulate gravitational, electrostatic and magnetic forces around her body.

The NH-17 is no longer in production (it was replaced by the NH-22, and later, the NH-27) but because there were so many of these artificial life-forms produced, they remained quite common and were found anywhere the Yamatai Star Empire has touched until YE 29, when they were almost universally upgraded to NH-29 bodies.

As of YE 34, any remaining NH-17 bodies are denied access to PANTHEON.

OOC note from Faction Manager Wes: Please do not create new characters using this body type. Character moderators: Please do not approve characters using this body type.

Playing the NH-17 Nekovalkyrja

Thanks for choosing a Ketsurui Zaibatsu product for your character! As mass-produced warriors, Nekovalkyrja are often somewhat aggressive in their pursuits, as a result of their common mental fill they each receive before “birth”. They usually observe a set of manners that is different than those of humans (such as eating as quietly as possible, never putting anything in their mouth just to chew on, treating guests very honorably, always accepting gifts, enduring rather than complaining) and can become offended by those who disrespect them. They form very close social relationships and friendships.

As an artificially-created form of life, and with their earlier stage being more of an “automaton” than their adult form, a Nekovalkyrja tends to grow up with a self image somewhat above “tool” but below “person.” This is primarily a culturally-induced personality trait; those around the growing Nekovalkyrja are first made to interact with something nigh-robotic, and when that Nekovalkyrja grows into her adult form, memories of that treatment, and subsequent treatment often reinforces that self-perception. Despite their artificial conception, Nekovalkyrja, like other organics, eat food.

Nekovalkyrja like a wide variety of foods (they're usually much less picky than humans), but their staple food is good old rice. Nekovalkyrja tend to eat about twice as much as their human counterparts on average, so the Star Army Ration kits that are found on Star Army starships and shuttles have about twice as many calories as a human would need (big main courses). Nekovalkyrja also tend to eat more raw meats than humans, since they don't have to worry about getting ill from potential micro-organisms. In a survival situation, a Neko can live off of things like wood chips, garbage, or salt water.

The main source of entertainment for the Nekovalkyrja is learning, creating, and inventing. The Nekovalkyrja are artistic, philosophical, and generally talented people. A minimized amount of actual labor done by the population means a large amount of free time, which the Nekovalkyrja use to draw, write, debate, and explore. Due to the programming the vast majority of the have, they see matters with a logical and tactical point of view; however, they are capable of emotion and the promotion of happiness and a sense of purpose is encouraged and fostered in the military, corporate, and civilian sects of the neko population. Music, writing, and visual arts are the dominant forms of expression, with a smaller culture of acting and dancing.

The Nekovalkyrja are fond of books and information, so it may come and no surprise they especially prize libraries as social places, and civic centers. Books range from deep philosophical dialogues and amazing histories, to advanced quantum physics. In addition, many nekos keep personal logs and diaries and contribute them to libraries over time. Although computers and graphical display devices such as holograms are widely available, the book holds a special mystique and will never be totally replaced by them. Nekovalkyrja learn in a variety of ways, though use of their multiple information storage methods. The main source of initial learned material is pre-programmed secondary memory banks, which include general knowledge and military training information.

During the lifetime of the NH-17, she will absorb information into both her primary memory and secondary memory. While the primary memory will carry such data as emotional experiences and important events, the secondary memory makes an unbiased recording of images, video, and sometimes documentation of thoughts and data, stored in a more computer-like fashion. The content of the either memory can later be uploaded to a server or stored on electronic media. Nekovalkyrja also have access to knowledge of those they are mentally linked to; In the event an NH-17 needs specific knowledge, she can download that information into the secondary memory from a starship or from another Nekovalkyrja.

As a means of communication, telepathy is used as easily as vocal speech. The NH-17 has a telepathic range of roughly 50 kilometers (31.1 miles) and is naturally equipped with advanced psionic abilities. Though basic telepathy can be used, advanced telepathy is often used for encrypted data transmission (pictures, networking). By custom, speech is used for most day-to-day functions, and telepathy during combat situations; unnecessary or excessive use of telepathy is generally considered to be rude. Nekovalkyrja are known for their cunning, and often use their vast mental capacity to perform actions other people are unaware of, such as recording their field of vision or transmitting a copy of what a person says to someone else.

Romance and physical pleasure is a very open thing for most Nekos. Nekovalkyrja, especially in the military, live, sleep, and fight communally with each other anyway, and pleasuring each other is a logical next step. Since Nekos do not have diseases, nor can sex cause pregnancy, there is no push to lower its frequency, and no scientific reason to promote monogamy. In addition, since all Nekos are female, they generally have reduced inhibitions guarding the sex of their partner. This has led to the (somewhat true) stereotype that most Nekos are relatively “easy.” The Star Army of Yamatai usually allows for relationships aboard starships for morale reasons. Speaking of which, given the proper stimulus, Nekovalkyrja can purr, however this is on a strictly case-by-case basis; for example, where one may purr at being rewarded for a job well done, but not during a sexual encounter, another may not purr at all.

NH-17 Appearance

The vast majority of NH-17 Nekovalkyrja share the following characteristics:

A Nekovalkyrja looks female. While male-type variants are possible, they are extremely rare and considered strange by the general Nekovalkyrja population. An NH-17 will almost invariably have body much like that of an attractive human female, with shoulders slightly more narrow than her hips, breasts (generally on the small side although not always the case), and all the usual orifices.

A Nekovalkyrja is attractive. The average Nekovalkyrja is a slender, well-built piece of artwork. Because her body mass and composition are carefully controlled by internal metabolism and conversion methods, she cannot become obese; In fact, her physical appearance will stay constant over the years, unless the Nekovalkyrja is a youngling that is still growing into a woman. Even then, change is optional.

They have cat-like ears. While these fuzzy ears may look cute or strange, they do serve a tactical purpose; she can change direction they are facing to pinpoint noises in three dimensions. The small hairs on her ears can measure wind speed and direction, as well as humidity. They are capable of extremely high sensitivity.

Nekovalkyrja generally fall within a prescribed size limit. Unless they're undeveloped (younglings), NH-17 Nekovalkyrja will always be between the heights of 145cm (4' 9“) to 170cm (5' 6”) tall. An average NH-17 Nekovalkyrja is 160cm (5' 3“) tall and weighs around 45kg (99lbs). This puts them all in the clear for piloting the Mindy M2 Power Armor.

The chart below can help you choose the colors of your Nekovalkyrja. Remember, in Nekovalkyrja culture, normal is a good thing. We strongly encourage you to stick to the more common traits; everyone wants to be special, we know; but please exercise some restraint, for the sake of keeping what is supposed be normal as the norm in the RP itself, too.

Eye ColorHair ColorSkin Color
WhiteRareOccasionalVery Common
BlackVery CommonExtremely CommonOccasional
BrownVery CommonVery CommonOccasional
RedRare (Test Weapons)OccasionalRare
GreenVery CommonVery CommonRare
BlueVery CommonVery CommonRare
VioletVery CommonCommonRare

A Nekovalkyrja's clothing choices range from the traditional Japanese Kimono to spandex-like bodysuits, miniskirts, or other outfits (typically found in anime). Clothing choices are dependant upon personality, therefore the more outgoing a Nekovalkyrja, the more willing to wear something revealing and/or fancy.

Old Project Info

The following was recovered from the ancient archives:

STAR ARMY RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION Ningyô Heiki 17 Special Project Nekovalkyrja 5 ASTFAOW

The NH-17 is the newest, most improved design of the Nekovalkyrja series of organic weapons. Many of the old features of the nekos have been integrated, replaced, or improved in order to create a much more efficient and stable weapon than ever before. Among these upgrades are:

  • Replacement of the CRT Rockets and VDF Flaps
  • Replacement of MSS Organ
  • Removal of all J ports
  • Full-Body Semi-Permanent HS Capability
  • No necessary internal organs
  • Anti-Gravity Field

The NH-17, like its predecessors, will not have a default “male” form, although the new full-body HS functions can be used to create a male version. Because a male form is easy to create, there is no need for a separate male version, and so none will be produced.

There are three types of NH-17:

  • NH-17R Regular
  • NH-17S Stealth
  • NH-17T Telepathic Warfare

The models are indicated by the physical characteristics of the default body. 17R nekos have hair color ranging from blond through brown to black. Their skin color ranges from flesh to brown. 17S nekos have hair from green through blue to purple and pale purple, white, or gray skin. 17T models have red or orange hair, pink, yellowish or black skin, and have a single horn protruding from their foreheads. If the type is unknown, you may check the genetic tattoo on the weapon’s left breast. All 17-model nekos have the familiar cat-like ears. When the active camouflage of the 17S and 17R is in use, it will render the weapon invisible.

The 17R will be made by Kitsurugi Heavy Industries, the 17S by WickedArms, and the 17T by PNUgen once mass production begins.

The NH-17 can become an NH-12. It works the other way around, too.

When an NH-17 is pregnant, the youngling in her is actually an NH-12. When the youngling “grows up,” it is really transforming into an NH-17. The NH-17 has more capabilities than the NH-12, but sometimes small size is needed. With that in mind, any NH-17 neko can shrink themselves into an NH-12, with the use of te HSCS system. Returning to NH-17 requires no assistance.

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