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NH-28 Nodal Integrated Weapon System

Created by the Star Army Research Administration, the Nodal Integrated Weapon System was an advanced android life form based on femto-scale Hemosynthetics. Using a combination of mechanical and organic interior components, and based partially on the NH-27 Nekovalkyrja series of androids, the NIWS maintained a humanoid form based around its larger internal components. Its external appearance ould be varied and added to with synthetic additional components. Common examples of optional parts included cannons, rifles, pistols, sabers, armor, and helmets.

Drawing effectively unlimited power from the Aether, the NIWS contained a small computer system that oversaw its functions. This computer could act as the android’s mind; alternatively, the android could optionally be managed remotely by a Nekovalkyrja-type mind if desired. The NIWS was an Anti-Mishhuvurthyar weapons system, and could detect Mishhuvurthyar life-forms from long distances away, including detecting stealth Mishhuvurthyar and Mishhuvurthyar ships and pods. The NIWS also carried phase weaponry specifically designed to target Mishhuvurthyar DNA.

Unlike the NH-27 series of military androids, the NIWS was designed purely as a weapon. While it maintained the pleasing appearance all NH series weapons are endowed with, the NIWS could not experience pain or pleasure and was limited in its emotion. It could not reproduce. It was not designed for day-to-day life; each came with a stasis pod for storage when combat was not imminent. Designed to be its own complete weapons system, the NIWS did not carry weapons and was incapable of wearing power armor. The NH-28 did not have FTL capabilities.

The NH-28 was phased out of Star Army service in YE 35.

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