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NH-29 Series Nekovalkyrja (also referred to as “Nekovalkyrja, Type 29”) were part of a long line of highly-successful artificial life-forms designed by the Star Army Research Administration for use (only) in the Star Army of Yamatai. They were first manufactured and available in YE 29 and were in widespread use until YE 34 when most Nekovalkyrja transferred to the Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 body.

Two Nekovalkyrja

Note the catlike ears, their position on the head, and that Nekovalkyrja hands have one less finger than human hands.


Body Transfer

NH-29s can only be obtained while in military service with 2 or more years remaining in enlistment contract. NH-29s (excluding the S [stealth] models) will be allowed to keep their body on retirement, although it is strongly encouraged to switch to Yamataian so you can have babies instead of just youngling clones. The NH-29 reproductive functions are are for raising troops, not for raising a family. Former soldiers that keep their neko bodies may be recalled to the military in times of national crisis.

NH-29s naturally born as younglings to NH-29 mothers are allowed to keep their bodies but if they keep them they are eligible to be subject to a military draft in wartime.

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