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-====== NH-31 History ====== 
-This page contains the history of the [[species:minkan]]. 
-The design process began towards the end of [[timeline:ye_31]]. Initially the intent was to create a simple system upgrade to the [[species:nh-22c|NH-22C Yamataian]]. As a result of several events; the goals and scope of the project expanded. 
-With the ongoing [[timeline:events:second_mishhuvurthyar_war]] there were several concerns to be addressed. The [[stararmy:start]] had security converns when it was discovered that the [[faction:mishhuvurthyar:nmx]] was producing [[species:nekovalkyrja:nh-29]] as soldiers and infiltration personnel. That work took priority and the NH-31 project slowed down.  
-[[corp:ketsurui_zaibatsu]] worked on this and consulted with [[stararmy:sara]] regarding security upgrades they were planning to implement within the NH-31 projects. The security upgrades were not originally intended for the NH-31. Then in [[timeline:ye_33]] the terrorist group calling themselves the [[faction:iwl:iwl]] declared war on the Empire. 
-[[corp:ketsurui_zaibatsu]] scientists and engineers wanted to be sure that any citizen who chose to enlist would not be subject to another racially motivated order like the [[timeline:events:species_restriction_order]]. For this reason the NH-31 project became a new complete body type that featured an upgrade to a military version that would be compatible with any equipment used by the [[stararmy:start]].  
-The model was given the name Minkan, which means folk. It was the the original concept of the upgrade. The design went into prototype status and upgrade protocols tested. It went into production in [[timeline:ye_33]].