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NH-33 (Tennyo)

The Tennyo is the Nekovalkyrja, Type 33, an upgrade to the NH-29 used by the Star Army of Yamatai. It became available in YE 33. The Tennyo is only available for manufacturing new soldiers or as an upgrade to an active duty NH-29.

Typical Appearance

The average NH-33 is a slender, well-formed piece of artwork made much like an attractive human female, with shoulders slightly more narrow than hips, usually small breasts. Because their body mass and composition are carefully controlled by internal metabolism and conversion methods, she cannot be obese and should have her body proportions be constant for most of her adult life. An average NH-33 is 160cm (5' 3”) tall and weighs around 45kg (99lbs). Bust averages around a B cup. The standard NH-33 come with the classic Neko-style ears, and almond-shaped eyes. Most β€˜created’ (first-generation) NH-33 have a genetic tattoo imprinted on their left lower back imprinted with their manufacturer information and serial number. Their SPINE interface can be seen as a series of pink dots on the back.


The NH-33 differs from the NH-29 in the following ways.


During the design process it was determined to go with a traditional four finger and thumb configuration. This would make the NH-33 consistent with the civilian model. The main reason was having a single hand design would make logistics simpler. Equipment for the hands, gloves, power armor gauntlets etc, would only have to be manufactured in a single configuration.

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