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NH-33Y (Youngling)

The NH-33Y is the offspring of a NH-33 (Tennyo). A youngling is 20cm tall and weighs 6.4kg (14lbs) at birth. Nekovalkyrja younglings are precocial, and can speak Yamataian at birth. During conception the mother determines the level of education of the youngling.


The mother can impart to the youngling the equivalent of basic military training. This is done by imparting her memories of the period from activation to completing training. The Youngling will have the same skill set as the mother had upon graduation. Personality will also be similar to how they were at that age.


The mother can impart just the initial memories that she had upon activation. This allows the youngling to be able to move, speak but leaves the personality more childlike as Nekovalkjyra typically have upon creation. The youngling is physically identical to its mother, but will develop its own personality.


The average NH-33Y appears to be a slender, miniature well-formed piece of artwork made much like an attractive human female, with shoulders slightly more narrow than hips. They have standard Neko-Style ears, almond-shaped eyes and the standard four finger hand.


The youngling body matures at an accelerated rate compared to Minkan children. This rapid maturing gives them a radically different perspective even if they grew up with Minkan children.


A youngling enters puberty at two months of age, which unlocks a number of their abilities. At this point their bodies are 66% of their adult size. The suppressed facets of their body begin to become active.


  • Mass: 6.4kg (14lbs)
  • Height: 20 cm (7.9 Inches)
  • Strength: Younglings have an impressive strength for their size. It is possible (not very difficult) for a Nekovalkryja NH-33VY to carry up to 21 kilograms of weight in 1G (42 lbs). Upon the onset of puberty strength increases rapidly.
  • Flight: Limited Inertia Controlling Ability, until after the onset of puberty. They can hover around up to speeds of about 15 kilometers per hour (10 mph) in any direction.
  • NH-33Y does not possess SPINE until after the onset of puberty.
  • NH-33Y cannot reproduce until mature.
  • NH-33Y does not have SACN Encryption Nodule until after the onset of puberty. Remains inactive unless enlists.
  • NH-33Y skeleton nano-tubes do not develop until maturity.
  • Skin-based Holographic Projection available

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