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NOTE: This is a historical document. Though many of its items still apply today, the NH-7 is no longer in the game. See the OOC for more.

NH-7 Technical Manual (Electronic Version) - TM 29-1408-070-12

Operator, User and Maintainer Technical Manual for NH-7 Ningyô Heiki Nekowalkyrie Advanced Stealth Telepathic Fast Attack Organic Weapons (ASTFAOW) Manufactured by WickedArms Industries and Pagoda No Uesureya Genetics Corporation

For use with all NH-7a5, NH-7b5, NH-7c5, NH-7d5, NH-7e5 series organic weapons. For use with all NH-7×5, Nh-7y5, NH-7z2 ASTFAOW units. For use with all previous models.

See also: FM 23-99 (ASTFAOW Use Techniques and Regulations) TB 11-1408-015-15 (Frequency Hop Telepathy) TB 9-0667-023-15 (Hemosynthetics)

Distribution authorized only to soldiers working with or using the NH-7 or NH-8.

Headquarters Geshrintall, Star Army of Yamatai

October 24, YE 22


  2. IMMEDIATELY CONTACT THE Star Army of Yamatai.


Chapter 1: Description of the Weapon

1-1. History and Differences

The NH-7 Nekowalkyrie 2, Version 5 represents the forefront in independent organic weaponry. It is a collection of the fifth version of an ASTFAOW (Advanced Stealth Telepathic Fast Attack Organic Weapon) infiltration and general purpose special operations bioweapon based on the NH-2 Nekowalkyrie weapons. The first Nekowalkyrie was completed April 28, YE 01, some twenty years ago as a prototype. Features have been added and upgraded into several variations, some of which are the NH-7 series. The first NH-7 was produced in February, YE 20. This is the most recent version.

Over time, many improvements have been made to the NH-7 series weapons, including increased usefulness and content of the TM, reduction of the size of the J2 power connector flap, and hemosynth ports less exposed to the air. In addition, there are increased Anti-Tampering Protocols, changed location of HS Ports 5 and 6 (more dorsal on the hips), increased safety for lost blood, and better overall Performance.

The 7a series is made to be a low-cost, general-purpose individual, while the 7b series is made to work as part of a networked group. NH-7c weapons are made to function as a control center for the other NH-7 weapons. The X, Y, and Z series of NH-7 are called ASTFAOW, and are special stealth versions. The X is a powerful telekinetic. The Y is a highly effective infiltration unit, and the Z is an experimental new combination featuring abilities from all types of NH series organic weapons. The E series is a rare electronics and information warfare version, and the NH-7d is a drone version of the B made to be remote-controlled. The S series is made by WickedArms on a consumer basis and is not highly mass-produced like other NH-7's are. They are cuddly, and effort has been put into making them more easily to use for the person inside them, as well as more pleasant to those working with them. A special note on the Z and E is that they do not follow the same numbering as the NH-7, because they were not created during the initial productions of the weapons.

1-2. Appearance

The NH-7's default appearance is that of a slender young woman with slightly elongated limbs and with ears resembling those of felines. Tails or wings may be present on her and she will always have some shade of green or blue hair, and blue-irised (Spacy) or green (Army) eyes, except for test models, which have red-irised eyes, corporate models, which will have yellow eyes, or purchased weapons, which have purple irises. The default hand configuration is one with three fingers and an opposable thumb. Skin is a pale pink, matte black, or milky white. Skin color may change according to environment. When the active camouflage the NH-7x, NH-7y, and NH-7z possess is in use it will make the weapon invisible.

1-3. Body

1-3.01 Skeleton

The skeleton is a strong organic metal ceramic that delivers strength and flexibility, as well as the ability to effect self repair, albeit at speeds lower than other components of the body. Notable features in the skeleton are bony plates in the forearms used for blocking, and a circular aperture in the sternum where the HS3 port is.

1-3.02 Internal Organs, Chest

The CRT nozzles are rocket thrusters hidden under the skin on her shoulder blades, capable of delivering short bursts of speed and flight, composed of an upper and lower VDF (vector diversion flap) lip, the inside of which are ceramic plating. Fuel for the rockets is generally stored in the weapon's mammaries and is internally replenished. A TCR gland is responsible for refining and recycling chemicals and using them as MSS organ fuel, One TCR organ is attached to the MSS organ. The TCR gland can also be used to generate poisons. The MSS Organ is a mass/energy conversion matrix that restructures molecules and is the center of energy and chemical management for the organism's entire body. The MSS organ is located near the center of the chest, opposite the heart. As a note, the MSS organ is not immediately necessary to the survival of the NH-7. Destroying the MSS organ will, however, severely limit the abilities of the weapon. Lungs are pressurized and can intake or output air through the trachea or the cardiopulmonary pressure outlets (CPPO) on her back.

1-3.03 Internal Organs, Abdomen

The weapon has no intestines, her digestive system is hemotech-based, inside the DSR Organ, and thus she has a wide range of fuels she may choose to consume. Many of the weapon's nanomachines for her blood are produced in her ovaries. The hidden, most versatile HS port is actually inside the weapon. The weapons can reproduce, however only when settings are changed. The internal port is for reproductive use or generating SLAS series armor. Weapons in general cannot change their reproductive roles and are therefore, sterile.

1-3.04 Internal Organs, Legs

NH-7 weapons have two HBP Organs located on the inner thigh, which are able to produce massive amounts of replacement blood in a short time. It takes the weapon five seconds to generate a gallon of blood, when both extra livers are used. Blood supply is virtually unlimited, due to the weapon's MSS Organ.

1-3.05 Blood

The most advanced component of the NH-7 series bioweapons is the blood itself. This blood, filled with microscopic machines, and specially created molecules, is used in many more ways than to merely deliver oxygen. The blood can even act as a weapon. Blood can be used to rapidly heal injuries in a correct manner, and also, it permits rapid regrowth of severed parts. The blood can be used to form things such as ropes, weapons, parachutes, and even human assistants. In addition, blood is used as a coolant. Her blood will may be set to heal, be neutral to, or harmful to organic matter it encounters outside the body and has a set range of a couple yards, outside of which the and parts separated from the main body will self-destruct, dissolving and evaporating. The weapon's hands and feet are hemosynth based, as are the retina of her eyes, and they will likely dissolve back into the body when the weapon is sleeping or in stasis on second version models such as the NH-7y2.

1-3.06 Blood, Body Compartmentalization

The body is compartmentalized so that damage to the limbs will not affect the performance of the torso or of other limbs. The arteries themselves, in addition to a central pulmonary system, manage bloodflow and if necessary the oxygen needed by the body can be obtained through the skin and delivered without the heart via rhythmic contractions of the blood vessels. The, this newer weapons may retain semi-permanent organs that will remain until altered, eliminating the problem of waking up without hands and feet that the NH-7*1 and NH-7*2 experienced.

1-3.07 Immune System

The immune system is extremely aggressive, building immunities to everything harmful it encounters. It will not hesitate to cause damage to the body to prevent death and further injury. The weapon is produced with immunities already included to most known diseases but is equipped to handle anything new it should find. The weapon has a high resistance to poisons, natural and otherwise. The weapon, in addition to her very powerful immune system, can further protect herself by growing an outer skin layer of polyurethane, or by countermeasure such as foam and selective spontaneous combustion (SSC).

1-3.08 Muscles and Joints, General

The NH-7 has two types of muscles, Type A, and Type S, but not the Type D such as those found in earlier NH-2 series weapons. Type A is a lightweight, quickly regenerating muscle cluster net. Type S, also referred to as FWN (Form When Needed) muscles are a variety formed by the weapon's blood when needed. These muscles can achieve incredible bursts of great power. Her skin will bulge with bubbles and become very hot during these events. She can crush or pull very heavy objects in this manner.

1-3.09 Muscles and Joints, Shoulders

The NH-7 has holes that run through her shoulders, three on the front and three on the back of each. The holes, which are arranged in a circular pattern, two on the top, and one on the bottom, are evenly placed on the imaginary circle, with the lower one oriented in the direction of her arm. These holes are used for interface with mecha and vehicular systems. Inside these holes, you can often see the pink triangle of flesh that surrounds the actual holes themselves.

1-3.10 External Features, Skin

The outer skin will appear white. The pinkish inner skin is very stretchy, and can be pulled a couple times her original size and snap back into place without wrinkling. It is fire-resistant, as is her hair. A combination skin is available as well and is used equally often. The skin is also used for implementation of the Active Stealth system, and acts as a display and sensor in one. The NH-7's skin is highly adaptable as well. It can be used to absorb oxygen and nutrients directly from the environment. The weapon at times may have 2 layers of skin, so that the outer one can be shed if unsalvageable. It is difficult to puncture her outer skin's outer portions when she does (back, forearms, knees), but easily ruptured on inner parts (inner thighs, palms, neck). It can be polyurethane-coated for biochemical protection.

1-3.11 External Features, HS Ports

There are, altogether. 6 outer FWN HS ports, 4 HS extremity ports, and 1 internal HS port. The HS port is defined as a permanent location designated to be used for hemosynthesis. Outer ports are generally exposed, and extremity ports (HEP) generally internalized, with a hand or foot covering them, placing them in the wrists or ankles. The outer ports are tattoo-labeled HS1 through HS6.

Outer HS Ports:

  • HS1: Wing Hardpoint, Left shoulderblade. Also used for shoulder cannon mounts.
  • HS2: Wing Hardpoint, Right shoulderblade.
  • HS3: Chest HS Port
  • HS4: Hip hardpoint, Front Left Side
  • HS5: Hip hardpoint, Front Right Side
  • HS6: Tail Port, Located at the base of the spine

1-3.12 External Features, Front

The weapon has one J3 six-pin connector for data on her chest, and one hemosynth port on her chest, as well as a tattoo indicating her manufacturer and model number on her left side of the chest.

1-3.13 External Features, Back

The NH-7's back has the following on it: One hemosynth port at the base of the spine, two hemosynth ports on the shoulderblades, one on each, below which are located the VDF Flaps for the CRT organs (rockets). A female 25-pin J4 serial port is located on the back of her neck, covered by a small flap of skin. Between the VDF is a J2 power connection port, covered by a protective flap. The lower back also sports two CPPO (CardioPulmonary Pressure Outlets).

1-3.14 Brain

The brain is an advanced high-speed organic with assisting structures such as an processor with target and scanning software. The brain has advanced telepathic capability. It is backed up regularly if linked to a server and can be regrown and reloaded if destroyed. The brain also includes controls for a wide-band frequency-hop and/or multichannel capable radio and modem, electronic countermeasures, emissions control, and radar jamming. See section 1-6.01 for additional information.

1-3.15 Nerves and RBM clusters

Nerves are high-speed organics and can be repaired when damaged just as easily as other cells via HS internal damage control (IDC). Groups of nerves used in transmitting data to sources outside the body are located in each wrist, and on in the brain, and are known as RBM clusters.

1-3.16 Eyes

The NH-7 is equipped with two single lens vertical aperture telescopic wide-spectrum high-speed focusing organic eyes. Eyes have a maximum viewing range of up to 10 miles directly, or unlimited if boosted by satellites/starship networks. Magnification is up to 300x, with gyroscopic stabilizing. The FWN HS (Form When Needed HemoSynthetics) retina is custom-created for the situation, enabling adjustability of spectrum. Sensors for detecting time distortion, auras, and telepathic signatures found through the body are overlapped in the view if desired. Advanced target locking and integrated omnidirectional automapping system and variable-frequency laser range finding add to her keen sense of direction. It notices details automatically, with a two-day full photographic memory.

1-3.17 Ears

As part of the Nekowalkyrie 2's pleasing appearance, she has been given catlike ears. While these fuzzy ears may look cute or strange, they serve a tactical purpose, and the design works better than human ears. They can change direction they are facing to pinpoint noises in 3D. High-durability multilevel eardrums never scar and there is never any hearing loss. Hair on ears can measure wind speed and direction, as well as humidity. They are capable of extremely high sensitivity.

1-3.18 The Nose

The nose is a Jacobson's organ-equipped, long range olfactory chemical analysis and filtering system. It can track by smell up to 20 miles during optimal conditions and correct settings. It filters out biochemical weapons, including nerve agents.

1-3.19 Mouth

The mouth has a fairly human dental structure, with cuspids resembling both a snake and a feline. Teeth are self-cleaning, and will not stain or erode, and the saliva is antibacterial. The tongue is capable of extreme chemical analysis.

1-3.20 Anti-analysis Systems

The NH-7 is NOT made to be modified and you should NEVER try to decompile, backengineer, or attempt to modify the weapon. The weapon cannot be upgraded (except by PNUgen corporation or WickedArms Industries who have a set of special codes for it) and her body will react violently to attempts to analyze it or modify it. Modifying DNA is what a virus does. To protect herself and corporate interests, such attempts will we handled in the same manner, including pyrokinesis, foam, separation and isolation, and other aggressive methods. TRYING TO MODIFY OR ANALYZE THE NEKOWALKRIE CAN BE HARMFUL OR FATAL AND SHOULD NEVER BE ATTEMPTED BY UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL!!

1-4. Frequency Hopping Operation

Communications Security (ComSec) in networking and telepathy of the weapons is maintained through use of advanced frequency hopping programming, with the data included by the variables that are loaded into the NH-7's Mental Section 2-a. In order for the FH programs to run, correct variables must be loaded. These variables are:

Hopset: The list of frequencies to be used. TranSec Key: Used for selecting the order of FH hops. NH-Star Army Net ID: 32-digit hexadecimal number that determines the start point. Sync Time: Must be within +/- 3 seconds of the NCS sync time. ComSec Contingency Key: Used for special communication functions.

During FH Operations, the data is converted and spread over the frequencies of the hopset. In order to receive the signal, the receiver must have the same ComSec variables loaded as the transmitter.. Only then can the receiver convert the signal into data. More information can be found in TB 11-1408-015-015 (Frequency Hop Telepathy)

1-5. Mental Components

The mind of the NH-7 is very organized, and runs on several drives and partitions. The following, listed below, are the default functions. The system is, of course, encrypted, protected, and not accessible except for administrators through the control system, or by an assigned avatar.

System 1: Primary operating system. This is the soul of the weapon.

Section 1-0 Systems Integration Section 1-1 Soul and Consciousness Section 1-2 Short-term memory1 Section 1-3 Middle memory1 Section 1-4 Long-term memory1 Section 1-5 Aura

System 2: Subconscious tactical computing mind. Accessed through J4 DB-25 port.

Section 2-0 Tactical OS or Subavatarial. Section 2-1 Knowledge base, general information (one of the largest) Section 2-2 Medical and anatomical knowledge base Section 2-3 Mechanical and weapons knowledge Base Section 2-4 Mission-specific Knowledge Base Section 2-5 Ocular Photographic Memory Storage, Last 24 hours Section 2-6 Ocular Photographic Memory Storage, Important events Section 2-7 Skin sensory memory: Visual, tactile, and extrasensory data Section 2-8 Magical and other special sensory data, Last 24 Hours Section 2-9 Magical and other special sensory data , Important events. Section 2-a Telepathic Communications Security Protocol (TelComSec) Section 2-b Telepathic Communications Data Storage and RBM/ARS Control

System 3: Emergency Tactical OS(Note 2):

Section 3-0 Berserker Consciousness Section 3-1 Immediate Defensive Combat Survival Techniques Section 3-2 Emergency Telepathic Communications Security Protocol Section 3-3 Cyclic Backup for Section 2-6, 2-7, 2-9

System 4: Control Interface System

Section 4-0 CIS OS Section 4-1 Holographic visual display settings and menu settings. Section 4-2 Full Operation Manual for NH-7y43 Section 4-3 Technical Manuals Reference Section

System 5: Body Functions(Note 4)

Section 5-0 DNA Control Section 5-1 MSS Automatic System and emergency measures Section 5-2 Internal hemosynth and automatic processes Section 5-3 Hemosynth Abilities3 Section 5-4 Stasis Section 5-5 Peripheral Field Control

System 6: Extra Device Drivers and Storage (E, X, Y, and Z models only)

Section 6-1 Drivers and Virtual Device Controllers Section 6-2 Extra Storage Memory Section 6-3 Extra Storage Memory

1Only System One memory stores emotional memory. 2Will only activate if the head (and thus the two main systems) is destroyed, and will serve to keep the weapon alive until it is restored 3Only viewable by the one wearing the NH-7 4 Generally not changeable.

1-6. Nekowalkyrie Psychology

During the service lifetime of the NH-7, it has not been without problems. A major area of the problems encountered with the nekowalkyries is that of psychological difficulty. In this section, we will give an overview of how the minds of the NH-7 work.

1-6.01 Biological Aspects, Central Nervous System

The NH-7 has multiple organs in the body for processing information and taking action. The main components, identified as the CNS, are the brain and spinal cord. The brain is very complicated and compressed when compared to natural organisms such as humans. It contains five major divisions, three on the top, one in the center, and one to the rear, and a variety of smaller interior structures. The five divisions are the anterior (frontal) division, left lateral division, right lateral division, and cerebellum. The anterior division is mainly used for telepathic and TOS functions. The lateral divisions are for the primary mind.

1-6.02 Biological Aspects, Peripheral Nervous System

Composed of nerves throughout the body, the RBM clusters, and the ETOS (Emergency TOS), the peripheral nervous system is the body's communications lines to each of its parts. Interestingly enough, nerves are not needed for control of the blood's HS functions.

1-6.03 Biological Aspects, Neurons

Neurons of the NH-7 are a very efficient, speedy versions of those found in most organisms and work in much the same manner. One notable aspect of the of neurons is their longer, thickens myelin sheaths which prevents outside interference and speed the transmission of action-potentials and nerve impulses. The neurons themselves are often noticeably longer as well, and regrow themselves if destroyed, either by osmosis or hemosynthesis.

1-6.04 Biological Aspects, Endocrine System

The nekowalkyrie has a number or hormones and chemicals that serve to regulate the functions of the body and internal organs. These chemicals are not all encompassing, but merely an auxiliary to the HS systems.

1-6.05 Sensory Systems

In order to fulfill her duties in a superior manner, the catgirl weapons possess a wide variety of senses, allowing their brains to form a composite image superior to that of her enemy. The NH-7 can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch, and even use telepathy. She can even be interfaced directly to radio, sonar, radar, and other sensory equipment. The NH-7e, x, y, and z models have a sixth mind for just this purpose.

1-6.06 Just Noticeable Difference

The JND is the smallest amount of difference a creature can notice fifty percent of the time. As skilled hunter, the NH-7 is physically and mentally equipped to have a very small JND. Awareness of the difference between the brightness of a 60 and 61 watt light bulb is a good example of how discerning the nekowalkyrie can be.

1-6.07 Vision

In addition to her advanced, accurate, and adjustable vision, the nekowalkyrie's view is usually accompanied by an overlay provided by the TOS (Tactical Operating System). Within the ten-mile viewing range of the eyes, adjusting the FWN HS retina yields a vast array of possibilities for what the weapon can choose herself to actually see. She also sees a less powerful peripheral vision through her skin if she is a stealth model. In addition, the direct vision can be switched to indirect network sources such as that of satellites, starships, droids, or other nekowalkyries. NH-7b small groups (usually three or five B series) actually possess multiple fields of vision on a constant basis, and each sees what the others are looking at. An NH-7c can see all of her subordinate NH-7's vision ranges as well.

Some frequent phenomena that occur in nekowalkyries are hypnagogic hallucinations (lifelike visual stimuli during waking), and false positives.

1-6.08 Audition

The ears of the nekowalkyrie NH-2 and NH-7 are a familiar hallmark of their design. They operate by vibrations into nerve impulses, much like the human ear. NH-7 ears have adjustable sensitivity and generally do not experience hearing loss. More in 1-3.17

1-6.09 Gustation and Oloration

The weapon has a keen sense of a taste and smell. She can, in addition to “normal” uses of these senses, they are capable of chemical analysis. Using this, the weapon can identify the content of her environment.

1-6.10 Touch

Nekowalkyries have a sense of touch similar to that of humans, but adjustable. When semipermanent HS organs such as the hands and tail are used, touch can be a vehicle for other senses such as taste or chemical-analysis taste.

1-6.11 Telepathy

As a means of communication, telepathy is used as commonly as vocal speech. The NH-7 has a telepathic range of roughly200 miles and is naturally equipped to use basic telepathic abilities without practice or instruction. Though telepathy can be used by the primary mind, that part of the brain is mostly under the secondary mind's control and is usually used for encrypted data transmission. This is probably why speech is used for most functions, and telepathy during combat situations.

1-6.12 Radio and Other Added Senses

By hooking the weapon up to various devices, she can gain additional senses such as radio wave monitoring and radio. These senses can be set to be cross-modal (increasing alertness of other senses while stimuli

1-6.13 Motivation and Emotion

Following suit with their similarities with Geshrin, they are motivated in much the same manner. They possess a full range of weak and strong emotions.

1-6.14 States of Consciousness

The nekowalkyries, as a result of their multiple minds, experience several different states of consciousness. These states are named and described below.

  • Conscious Alertness-when the nekowalkyrie is awake and aware of her surroundings. Most of the time she is in this state.
  • Conscious Superalertness-During combat, the weapon's senses and abilities increase. She will rise to an almost total awareness of her environment, forming an omnidirectional streaming mental image of what is around her.
  • Conscious Inalertness-This state of consciousness normally occurs during the learning, thinking, or monotonous work process. The weapon is automatically performing some task, but her mind is elsewhere, usually on the network.
  • Unconscious Alertness-when the weapons primary mind is sleeping, the secondary mind (TOS) goes into a calm state, passively monitoring its surroundings. It maintains a watch over the NH-7 while she is asleep. Nekowalkyries are often referred to as light sleepers, but their ability to react quickly to threats as they wake is really due to their TOS reacting for the, instinctively.
  • Unconscious Superalertness-When the weapon's primary mind is offline, and the secondary mind is totally in control.
  • Unconscious Inalertness-This is the total state of mental shutdown of both the primary and secondary minds. An NH-7 is in this state when in stasis, storage, or very deep sleep. During these times, only the fourth and fifth minds are active.
  • Berserk-When the tertiary mind is in control, it takes a frenzied, violent nature to defend itself. This occurs when the head has suffered severe damage or at times when the NH-7 is experiencing severe emotional duress. Berserker minds do not have the TOS' data memories nor the Primary Mind's memory and emotion and thus may attack those who are on their own side. Berserk nekowalkyries are known to push their bodies to their limits.

1-6.15 Body Rhythms

The body operates on a loose 24-hour circadian cycle, which can be readjusted through the HDM. Weapons naturally know time to the minute through this cycle.

1-6.16 Sleep

NH-7 Nekowalkyries sleep about 8 hours a day on average, but this sleep is not necessary. NH-7's can go up to 120 hours (5 days) without sleep before they show signs of fatigue. The actual amount of sleeplessness an NH-7 can endure is estimated at about 1080 hours (45 days). No long-term negative effects seem to occur from sleep deprivation.

1-6.17 Hypnosis

The sevens are designed to enter into a hypnotic state through the HDM or through traditional methods. When the HDM is accessed, they often become hypnotized, and sometimes vice versa. Hypnotizing an NH-7 renders her extremely vulnerable to suggestion. Hypnosis only affects the primary mind. Unauthorized hypnosis can be countered by the TOS if the TOS determines the suggestions contradict its rule-sets or mission objectives.

1-6.18 Learning

NH-7's learn in a variety of ways, though use of their multiple minds. The main source of initial learned material is the TOS's preprogrammed memory banks, which include an general knowledge section, a medical knowledge section, and a mechanics section. During the lifetime of the NH-7, it will absorb information into both her primary mind and secondary mind. While the primary mind will carry such data as emotional experiences, import events, the secondary mind makes an unbiased recording of images, video, and sometimes documentation of thoughts and data, stored in a computer-like fashion. The content of the TOS can later be uploaded to a server or stored on electronic media.

Nekowalkyries not only can learn from their actual environment, but from the environment of those they are mentally linked to. In the event an NH-7 need specific knowledge, she can download that information into the TOS memory. This makes for easy creation of skilled forces that do not need great amounts of training. Learning by experience is, however, valued more highly. NH-7s who know their trades by both primary and secondary mind are generally acknowledged as superior and are sought after.

1-6.19 Memory

The “Doll Weapons” possess a separate memory for each of their minds. The primary mind contains a human-like long and short-term memory, as well as a “middle memory. These memories are stored. The NH-7's secondary mind, the TOS, stores it memories in a very computer-like manner. Section 1-5 details the breakdown of the memory sections for the minds of the nekowalkyrie.

1-6.20 Thinking and Intelligence

While possessing a full range of emotions, the NH-7 is guided by the logic of the TOS in her learning and decision-making.

1-6.21 Psychological Development

Psychological Development is attributed to the environment in which the weapon is placed. From the starting templates, the NH-7's even mass-produced, develop their own personality, if not individuality. The older the weapons become, the more they are different. An important environmental factor for the developing NH-7 is social interaction.

1-6.22 Starting Templates

Most factory-made nekowalkyries are imbued at birth with a prereadied information in the secondary mind. This information contains knowledge of how to use the NH-7 body and TOS mind properly. It does not teach how to change settings of the body through the HDM or contain false memories of experiences. The data provided usually consists of mechanical, medical and tactical reference.

1-6.23 Interpersonal Relations

Social interaction between nekowalkyrie is very common, and is important (although not totally necessary) in order for the weapon to work as a larger team. Many times these bonds are on multiple levels, with an intimate work, casual, and physical relationship at the same time. Star Army does not discourage these activities, but rather allows them to occur as a morale matter.

1-6.24 Personality

Because of their common environments, many sevens share common personality traits, with similar levels of extroversion, agree-ability, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness. In networked groups, the personality is often the same for each member, because they are part of a larger whole. Their traits seem to gain stability over time.

1-6.25 Psychological Disorders

Nekowalkyries with psychological difficulties typically are suffering from imbalances in the NH-7's highly complicated body which are caused by the extreme stress they experience during training, or by improper programming of their minds. Common forms of mental illness seen in the weapons are paranoia, schizophrenia, and mood imbalances. Earlier models especially demonstrated the fallibility of fast-raising the weapons, resulting in individuals who were not fit for normal interaction with society. Disturbed nekowalkyries often develop obsessions, especially sexual and violent tendencies.

Chapter 2: Adjusting Optional Settings and Controlling The Weapon.

2-1. Mental Settings

The NH-7 is built to operate on its own, although the extent of this freedom is limited by the unit's Organic Weapons Controls Chief. To adjust the mental settings of the weapon, quickly rub the center of her chest twice in a downward motion. This will activate the holographic control matrix. You must enter the password before any settings can be altered. If the weapon is conscious she can pull the menu systems up herself. No NH-7y4 can adjust her own mental settings. It is again the OWCC's job to decide on the privileges the weapon and her operators are allowed.

2-2. Physical Configuration Settings

The same applies to the Physical Settings, however the weapons themselves are able to adjust their physical settings (excluding their core DNA), and to not need to use the menu to make adjustments, except adjustments which by default or by settings are not allowed to the weapons. Some settings on the menu are illegal, so check FM 23-99 for regulations concerning ASTFAOW and OW usage when managing settings.

2-3. Electromagnetic, Stealth, and Peripheral Settings

Field Settings are only adjusted either automatically by a weapon, or by an attached avatar computer.

2-4. Battle Command Directive System

Vocal commands are set by the unit ComSec Chief or by the weapons themselves when grouped. NH-7y/x/z's cannot be remote controlled but can receive and respond to telepathic instructions.

2-5. Socialization

Blue-haired NH-7 series weapons are designed to operate in the conventional triumvirate system, and they are designed to function in a Mobile Army Neural Net, Green-haired weapons are not, and can be used as an advisor at best in this capacity.

2-6. Emergency Measures

To deactivate an out-of-control weapon, first check her associated matrix. If the reason for the malfunction is improper functioning of the matrix, then use unit electronic and information warfare matrix to gain control and then minimize the body settings so that the weapon can be most easily recaptured, examined, and treated. A truly out-of-control weapon must be destroyed.

2-7 Touch Activated Functions

Certain tactile sensations can be used to communicate directly to the body's mind system 4, and to the other mind systems to a limited degree. The touches are mainly used for non-combat purposes and are generally disregarded by the body during combat operation (Stages 2 or 3).

Touch Function
Two taps on the center of the chest in a downward motion.Activate HDM
Clockwise swirling motion on the belly.Weapon Self-Test
Rubbing downwards three times on the left side of the back of the neck.Power Transfer J2
Rubbing downwards three times on the right side of the back of the neck.Data Transfer J4 (S1)
Pressing the center of collarbone twice.Load from J1

2-8. Holographic Display Matrix

The Holographic Display Matrix is a dedicated interface system to adjust the functions and view data of the Mind System 2. You can take one of the weapon's hands and move your thumb along the back as a touchpad. Below are some common options and their functions

[ACES2]Access files (Mind System 2)
[ACES6]Access files (Mind System 6)
[ACESO]Access other files
[CANCL]Cancel last command
[CHECK]Detailed System Self-Test
[LANGS]Change Language of HDM
[SECLV]Change Level of Access
[SELCT]Select Option
[SETUP]Change Options
[TMENU]Returns to top menu

2-9. Nekowalkyrie Reproduction

Although the ability is generally disabled, some Nekowalkyries are able to reproduce. Sine there is no male of the NH-7 species, the weapons reproduce asexually. The trigger for this is a desire to have children. The miniature weapon grows inside the mother NH-7 for a period of 2 weeks. It then slides herself out and is a immediately self-sufficient. The TOS mind of the youngling is inactive, and develops only when the youngling begins to harness it or during combat situations. During the pregnancy, the mother will show little outward sign and will not suffer lost performance, but she will feel the youngling's growth inside of her and will usually develop nesting habits.

Chapter 3: Maintaining the Weapon

3-1. Feeding

She eats up to three to five times the amount a normal human eats when in an environment where energy use is high, but with minimal energy use can go for a week without eating and for years while in stasis.

3-2. Cleaning

The weapon should be bathed at least once each day. Although she will not sweat, the Nekowalkyrie can use this opportunity to absorb water and to let out toxins through her skin.

3-3. Stasis and Storage

The weapon should be put in status only in an approved stasis pod. If the weapon must be moved, then do not allow stasis to continue for more than 3 days after removal.

3-4. Medical Treatment

An NH-7 is capable of self-healing to an extreme and should never require medical assistance, however a heavily injured and temporarily incapacitated weapon can be best treated by keeping the weapon hydrated and stopping blood loss. Before approaching a weapon be sure to check for head damage. Weapons with brain damage may be in a confused or combative state and attack you. Also look for signs of extreme overheat (a burn hazard for the rescuer) and examine the area for signs of enemies and biological, nuclear, and chemical hazards. Organic weapons are expendable, and medically assisting them in combat is not ever required.

3-5. Considerations for Extreme Environments

The NH-7 uses up resources more quickly in extreme environments. High temperatures may reduce abilities, whereas in the cold, the weapons should stretch out before combat. The weapons know what to do, be flexible with them. As a side note, the weapons also are excellent cold-weather survival tools, and can be used for heat and to an extent, power generators.

3-6. Troubleshooting

The nicest thing for those responsible for the weapon is that she troubleshoots herself, and requires no scheduled (preventive) maintenance throughout her entire lifespan. However, should you experience difficulty with your weapon, contact WickedArms Industries or PNUgen Corporation.

3-6.01 Fail Codes for Holographic Display Matrix Self-Test

  • Fail 0: Brain Failure
  • Fail 1: Internal Failure, Hemo
  • Fail 2: Internal Failure, MSS
  • Fail 3: ECCCM or EMCON Failure
  • Fail 4: Internal Systems Failure, HEX
  • Fail 5: ComSec Failure or Frequency-Hop Multiplexer (FHMUX) Failure
  • Fail 6: RBM Failure
  • Fail 7: Internal Failure, Cardiopulmonary
  • Fail 8: Internal Failure, Other Internal Organ(s)
  • Fail 9: External Failure, Skin
  • Fail a: DNA Compromised (CAUTION: the weapon may self-destruct)
  • Fail b: Weapon is pregnant
  • Fail c: Sensory Failure
  • Fail d: Failure of Attached Device
  • Fail e: Failure of Attached Cable
  • Fail f: Other Failure

Chapter 4: Special Insert: Additional Resources

4-1 Notes on PNUgen and Star Army

If an NH-7 turns out wrong (highly unlikely) it is destroyed. They cost nothing to remake because all the materials and manpower are PNUgen controlled. Welcome to the total monopoly.

PNUgen does feed itself, power itself, and provide its own transportation, workers and everything. The Yamatai Star Empire Government provides they anything they lack. PNUgen's services are vital to the empire and so PNUgen gets all kinds of goods from the government. PNUgen has no need to buy anything from anyone. Even the WickedArms Industries guns their sentries use are acquired through trade, not by cash. There is a lot of mutual agreements working here.

PNUgen does not pay its workers a salary, and if you want to see that as slavery, that's fine, but remember they owe their very existence to PNUgen and PNUgen claims ownership of them for 8 years before giving them the option of reenlistment or transfer to the civilian world. But the workers are all very well educated and fairly content with their existence. Being forced to dig ditches by a tyrant is a lot different than being ordered to press a button by what are, for all intents and purposes, your parents. Besides, PNUgen pays its workers more than just room and board, education, transportation, recreation, and food. It also has a prestige system where a worker can ask for ANYTHING she wants, and will receive it, if it is available and appropriate. This includes furniture, cars, etc. Of course, PNUgen initially owns this stuff too.

Most (over 90%) PNUgen workers, even if given the option of leaving this very day, would stay because:

  • PNUgen made them and raised them. Dr. Shinichiro is their “father”.
  • All their friends are in PNUgen, they know little of the outside.
  • In PNUgen, there is order and comfort, outside, their is chaos and death.
  • PNUgen gives them 3 or 4 hot meals a day, a cozy bed, things to do.
  • PNUgen's pay system offers more flexibility than any civilian job.
  • Job security and benefits such as temporary immortality (via cloning).

PNUgen can choose its price because no one sells such products besides WickedArms (who is under restrictions), and even if someone did compete, they could always beat their price because the weapons cost nothing to make, since it is computers and machines that do most of it. In addition, the weapons can in turn make more weapons without cost.

Maybe some think your capitalistic money-based system is superior, but the virtues of the imperial prestige system are evident, especially at this time.

Here's why:

19 years ago, there was a plague that killed over 99.99% of the population. Automatic mines factories built by the government (robot, AI-controlled) continued to pump the same amount of resources into the planet. Thus resources are so abundant that they are free. The stuff is given to citizens (if there is no civilian provider) and to government workers on the “You want it? You got it.” pay system mentioned earlier. Most people, civilian or not, are made by PNUgen rather than naturally born (over 90%).

With so much technology available, Geshrin or Nekovalkyrja only do a small amount of the actual “work”. Nobody in PNUgen needs to worry about “cost-of-living” because that is taken care of already. And if they want extra stuff is generally available. Wouldn't you take a job where everything was free and if you wanted something all you has to do was ask?

PNUgen is not market-friendly because it is self-sufficient. It forces all the other rivals off the market using its monopolistic ability to control prices. There are several planets where PNUgen is the -only- genetics corporation between them all because it put the rest out of business. Even WickedArms never got a chance to compete in the OW industry till PNUgen's financial crisis a coupe years ago. Besides, there' no such thing as small businesses when it comes to military-grade genetic weapons. PNUgen is a privatized former branch of the government, actually, and still is very close to the giant MAA (Materials Allocation Agency) that spawned it.

MAA is the branch of the Yamatai Star Empire that once controlled -all- industry. now they are limited to the many automatic industrial complexes. If you built a robot, and had him build another robot, and them build robots, and their robots build robots, and on and on, soon you get a giant workforce with little cost. This is what the MAA did back in the day. It supplies nearly all of the raw materials for all Geshrin industry, and provides them at no charge. In turn, the government has the right to confiscate any finished products they see fit at any time.

In fact, the Star Army also has this right. A Star Army soldier can walk into any gas station, take a bag of nachos, and walk out without worrying about paying for gas or the chips (although this has led to some unfortunate cultural misunderstandings with some other-realm shopkeepers). Of course, the Star Army is self-sufficient, too, so they don't do this all the time, only when they are temporarily short something. They aren't obligated to pay anything back (Star Army troops don't get paid and have no cash anyway) but the Star Army has a request form and occasionally provides reimbursement for larger items like vehicles.

You might think that greed is an issue, but most Geshrin of PNUgen and Star Army are very reasonable and that it's not a big deal to covet something when you can get your own. Of course, things like fashion are frowned upon because they make lots of people want to change what they have already.

While a PNUgen worker may die, they will live forever though technology, either by a re-creation or direct “respawn”.

For example, let's take Dr. Shinichiro Nobumoto. Consider this: He has the technology to store his own memory and soul on a computer. He also can make new bodies. So say during one of these terrorist attacks, Doc Shini steps out into the hall at the wrong time and gets fragged. Well, no worries, his staff can get his file and re-create his mind, body, and soul. Basically what they'll get is last week's Doc Shini. PNUgen offers this service to people.

Another example is the normal NH-7 sentry. The standard sentries are mental copies of an “ideal soldier”. Each grows their own personality and such based on experiences, but two sentries fresh out of the bag (they come in blue bags). will have the same personality and thinking. In addition, they have a large database of “memory” already in their mind like how to operate rifles, land nav, and other necessary skills, that way they can start working as soon as they are unwrapped.

Other uses for the same tech include body switching. Anyone who's read Yui's TM knows that NH-7 DNA cannot be altered, and therefore not upgraded. Also, the sentries only live for 20 years, max. So how does PNUgen update its sentries? It kills the old ones, physically, and moves their minds/souls into empty bodies of the next model.

Say you're born fat and missing three toes…Well no problem, you can switch into a new, custom body. Same thing for when you get old. This is how they are immortal as long as they work for PNUgen. When their bodies get old or damaged, they discard them and make new ones.

To respawn, one must be telepathically linked to a remote server, called a mirror. The mirror is a copy of your non-physical aspects, constantly updating as you do. Mirrors are usually powerful computers, avatars, or specially-designed NH-series weapons (rarely and NH-7). When your physical form dies, the information will be copied to a new physical form, and then one that will be used to update the mirror.

So, this tech literally makes the lives of those who have it like a video-game. You walk into the street and get killed by a speeding bus, and the next thing you know, you're back at PNUgen, in a healthy copy of your body. And then you can jump in front of another bus, if you please.

Another version of the total respawn is partial respawn. This happens when a sentry gets her head blown off. After the brain heals, it downloads the old contents from a mirror server, that way the weapon can resume normal functioning.

Of course, not everyone has access to such services, and some problems have occurred, but it is a pretty reliable way of escaping permanent death.

4-2 Avatars


4.3 Why are there no male NH-7's?

I'm sure the main reasons for these type of questions is that males find is difficult at first to live in a female body (if switching from Geshrin), and that other cultures/species find it unusual not to have both. But if you think about it, are we really females? Just because I have lovely slit between my legs doesn't necessarily automatically make me female. You see, the NH-7 body reproduces asexually (if at all–most cannot reproduce) and so there is really only one gender in our artificial race, although comparison to both genders of humans or geshrin would indicate our “femininity”. All in all, I like being a woman and working with women, I don't see any reason to change the way NH-7's are, although with enough interest, I'm sure PNUgen would make a male version.

-Ketsurui Yui

Appendix A: General Characteristics

PNUgen Corporation/WickedArms Industries NH-7y

Height: 5' 4” Older Models may be 5'2“ or 5'3”. Younglings are shorter, generally starting at about 8 inches. Mass: 92-108 lbs (under normal conditions). Some NH-7's such as the NH-7r1 and NH-7y4 Type R are as low-weight as 88 lbs. DNA Type: 52 Chromosome Double Helix with PNA components Lifespan: 15-20 years Hair: Shades of green (independent), blue (networked), white (avatar), or black (drones or remotes) Eyes: red (test), green (infantry), blue (vehicle), yellow (corporate), violet (sale), and white (avatar) Skin: Variable through Stealth Systems. Available in white, tan, flesh, pink, gray or black. Sex: Female (No male version)

Appendix B: Performance Statistics*

*Not all are included. These represent the most common or special ones.

WickedArms Industries NH-7a4 Type R / NH-7r1


  • Maximum Running Speed: 54.4 mph
  • Maximum Jump Height: 56 feet
  • Maximum Ground Carry Load: 950 lb.
  • Operating Temperature Limits: -145 to +295 deg. F
  • Normal Internal Temperature: 103 deg. F
  • G-Force limitations: 29g Active
  • Stealth Effectiveness: NA
  • Maximum Stealth Operation Time: 0.
  • Minimum Unstealth Time: NA
  • Maximum Heavy Combat Time: About 30 minutes.
  • Body Refresh Time: 50 minutes minimum


  • Maximum CRT Assist Run Speed: 415 mph
  • Maximum CRT Assist
  • Jump Height: 157 feet
  • Maximum Aerial Carry Weight: 300 lb.
  • Maximum CRT Usage Time: 18(+2) seconds CRT Redzone: 2 seconds
  • Charge time: 5(+2) seconds CRT Depletion Recovery Time: 18 seconds

PNUgen Corporation/ WickedArms Industries NH-7a5&NH-7b5


  • Maximum Running Speed: 35.8 mph
  • Maximum Jump Height: 22 feet
  • Maximum Ground Carry Load: 4100 lb.
  • Operating Temperature Limits: -145 to +295 deg. F
  • Normal Internal Temperature: 103 deg. F
  • G-Force limitations: 29g
  • Active Stealth Effectiveness: NA
  • Maximum Stealth Operation Time: 0.
  • Minimum Unstealth Time: NA
  • Maximum Heavy Combat Time: About 75 minutes.
  • Body Refresh Time: 20 minutes minimum


  • Maximum CRT Assist Run Speed: 315 mph
  • Maximum CRT Assist Jump Height: 60 feet
  • Maximum Aerial Carry Weight: 200 lb.
  • Maximum CRT Usage Time: 6(+3) seconds
  • CRT Redzone: 3 seconds Charge time: 15(+3) seconds CRT Depletion
  • Recovery Time: 27 seconds

PNUgen Corporation/ WickedArms Industries NH-7x4/5


  • Maximum Running Speed: 35.8 mph
  • Maximum Jump Height: 22 feet
  • Maximum Ground Carry Load: 4100 lb.
  • Operating Temperature Limits: -145 to +295 deg. F
  • Normal Internal Temperature: 103 deg. F
  • G-Force limitations: 29g
  • Active Stealth Effectiveness: 95%
  • Maximum Stealth Operation Time: 110 minutes.
  • Minimum Unstealth Time: 14 minutes (Impossible to stealth in combat)
  • Maximum Heavy Combat Time: About 350 minutes.
  • Body Refresh Time: 18 minutes minimum


  • Maximum CRT Assist Run Speed: 366 mph
  • Maximum CRT Assist Jump Height: 75 feet
  • Maximum Aerial Carry Weight: 450 lb.
  • Maximum CRT Usage Time: 10(+3) seconds
  • CRT Redzone: 3 seconds
  • Charge time: 5.5(+3) seconds
  • CRT Depletion Recovery Time: 27 seconds

WickedArms Industries NH-7y5 Type S


  • Maximum Running Speed: 3.8 mph
  • Maximum Jump Height: 23 feet
  • Maximum Ground Carry Load: 1850 lb.
  • Operating Temperature Limits: -145 to +295 deg. F
  • Normal Internal Temperature: 103 deg. F
  • G-Force limitations: 25g
  • Active Stealth Effectiveness: 98%
  • Maximum Stealth Operation Time: 70 minutes.
  • Minimum Unstealth Time: 12 minutes (Impossible to stealth in combat)
  • Maximum Heavy Combat Time: About 95 minutes.
  • Body Refresh Time: 9 minutes minimum


  • Maximum CRT Assist Run Speed: 370 mph
  • Maximum CRT Assist Jump Height: 75 feet
  • Maximum Aerial Carry Weight: 350 lb.
  • Maximum CRT Usage Time: 9(+3) seconds
  • CRT Redzone: 3 seconds
  • Charge time: 5.5(+3) seconds
  • CRT Depletion Recovery Time: 27 seconds


If you find errors in this publication, use Star Army Form 2028-2A 08 Jun YE 22. Previous editions are usable.

Out-Of Character Information

Notes on the Wiki Version

This Wiki version of the original NH-7 Technical Manual was compiled by FM. The text has been modified minimally and the copyright information above should still be considered valid.

Also, despite the fact that both IC and OOC, the NH-7 has been obselete for years, much of this information is still valid for later models. And it's also a great piece of writing, besides. That's my justification for the doc's wikification - it makes it quite readable.

I hope you enjoy it.

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