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NH-X Nekovalkyrja

The NH-X was a Nekovalkyrja species created by PNUgen Corporation.

The experimental NH-X body1) was the first to introduce Nekovalkyrja without any of the external HS Ports as they had on the NH-7 Nekovalkyrja body model, giving the body a visibly more human appearance without a loss of functionality. This body also notably had 5 Genetic Storage ports in order to utilize the body's capability to change it's appearance to whatever races it had in its Genetic database but, it collected the samples through physical contact with other species. It also gave users the option to NOT have the typical NH-7 Nekovalkyrja restricted hair colors but retained the purpose oriented eye colors.

As of YE 34, any remaining NH-x bodies are denied access to PANTHEON.

OOC note from Faction Manager Wes: Please do not create new characters using this body type. Character moderators: Please do not approve characters using this body type.


The standardized NH-X Twin body gave users the option to permanently link a pair of Nekovalkyrja via telepathy, making it popular with couples. It restricted the Genetic Storage ports to 3 despite its removal of the ability to shapeshift(?). It also gave its users the option to have a male body for the first time. It was unfortunately, later discovered that the 2 NH-X Twin personalities would eventually merge into 1 consciousness, thus ruining its appeal unless the users wanted to lose their sense of individuality.

Ketsurui Chiharu

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