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NH-22C Yamataian

Yamataians are humanoid life-forms that are native to the Yamatai Star Empire. The NH-22C series were a newly-written version of the older Human, who were genetically enhanced humans.

The NH-22C body was made obsolete by the Minkan.

About Yamataians

Yamataians, originally developed as the NH-22C, are a combination of human and Nekovalkyrja qualities; they replaced the Geshrin and NH-17 Nekovalkyrja species through the Nekovalkyrja Reintegration Plan. This was intended to reduce the percentage of Nekovalkyrja in the Yamatai Star Empire's population. The large-scale wars fought by the Star Army resulted in a massive increase of the population, almost exclusively in the Nekovalkyrja species. Nekovalkyrja were designed for war, not for civilian life, and their superiority caused much discomfort for non-Nekovalkyrja people.

Ketsurui Zaibatsu sought to revisit the Geshrin species and create a new “Yamataian” species that would become the new standard race of the Empire, incorporating enough elements of the Nekovalkyrja that NH-22C and NH-17R nekos would not be significantly “downgraded” but doing away with features not needed in everyday life like stealth, and anti-gravity control. Yamataians are designed to be able to reproduce successfully with humans and even NH-29s. Yamataians reproduce sexually like earlier humans do (there are roughly equal numbers of males and females). The gestation period for babies, however, is only 3 months. Once born a Yamataian matures at a rate consistent with humans.

Yamataians are effectively Geshrins 2.0. They were included in the setting around 2 years back and are very available to Yamataian citizens. Children today are vaccinated against diseases and when adults travel abroad in other countries, they typically get vaccinated against some diseases where they are going as well. From a medical point of view, the Yamataian is pretty much an equivalent to that since it also has disease resistance. That's just one of the things the Yamataian body has along with some other special features like telepathy/digital minds which can handle data, light hemosynthetic self-healing, slightly enhanced strength, poison/toxin resistance and anti-gravity capabilities.

One of the most important things we've learned over the last few years is that as cool as we try to make a species, none of them have ever been able to match the wonder, beauty, and complexity of the human race itself. That's why Yamataians exist; Nekovalkyrja were once the dominant race of the RP, outnumbering human-types by more than nine to one. This caused complaints, for reasons like the Nekovalkyrja being too powerful, to not being able to make babies with humans, and of course the Nekovalkyrja lack of males.

So, being a Yamataian is a lot like being a human. They're strong, intelligent, and adaptive creatures like we are, but they've also got a lot of our weaknesses. They age, they can get sick (they have a very effective immune system, like the Geshrin did).

In the Star Army RP, the Yamataian species is a fairly new one YE 28; it's likely that your character may have had another body prior to the Yamataian one she is currently using. If this is the case, you should probably use that species' guide to get a better idea of your character's cultural attitudes and such.

Note: Due to their regenerative abilities, Yamataians can not use cybernetic implants.

Starting in YE 35, any remaining NH-22C bodies will be denied access to PANTHEON.

Yamataian Appearance

Yamataians have the option of appearing in any manner that a human or Nekovalkyrja is capable of, but most Yamataians generally look pretty human. They're usually slender or average build; to find an overweight Yamataian or a one with well-defined muscles is pretty rare. This is due to the complex metabolism that keeps the Yamataians in good health and physical condition without them having to exercise any more than their normal daily activity.

Hair and eye colors: The range of colors found in the Yamataian species' eyes and hair ranges over the entire spectrum. It is not uncommon for babies to be born with blue hair or gray eyes. Often, the person will have chosen his or her own appearance just before the Yamataian body was created. The Yamataian species did not exist until late YE 27, so pretty much all Yamataians are going to be former Nekovalkyrja or Human-types, and many will have kept whatever appearance they originally had.

The most common Yamataian appearance is, basically, Japanese; it's a heritage thing.


Yamataians can self-customize naturally. Want cat ears? Rabbit ears? A tail? Claws? You can select options or use genetic DLC and your body will alter itself. The Yamataian body was made so that it could be used by any species in the Yamataian empire without them having to look different. It takes a few days for the change to take effect.


Character Creation Guide

Interested in creating a Yamataian character? See Creating a Yamataian.

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