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Random Alien

The SARPiverse is populated with thousands of various alien species. The commonly-known alien species are listed on the species list. But there are also members of many unlisted species who roam the planets of the Kikyo Sector. Members of these unlisted species are simply referred to as “random aliens” as a category.

For aliens or mutants with a mix of human and animal characteristics, see: Anthro.

For Players

Players are generally advised to create new characters using one of the pre-existing species. However, there are some cases where you can import a species from another universe or you just want to create something unique or new.

Making an article for an entire species just to justify one or two characters is unnecessary work and slows down character approval because character articles cannot be approved until the species is approved. So, if you're submitting a character that's not categorized into a known species, you can avoid hassle by simply listing your character's species as a “random alien” and linking to this article. Instead of referring to a species page, you can simply describe your character's physical description on your character's article. As long as the alien is reasonable for the SARP setting, it can be approved.

Origins of random aliens are intentionally left vague. Naming the species, or their home planets and things like that can cause complications, so try to avoid getting too much into where they came from.

You should probably consult with your plot GM before making a random alien character, as some organizations and groups might not accept aliens of unfamiliar species. For example, the Star Army of Yamatai accepts random aliens only on a case-by-case basis (see Star Army Recruiting).

Note: You can always make a species article later if desired.

Characters of Disused Species

There are some species which are no longer used on Star Army for various reasons, such as author requests and simple lack of use. If a species is removed from the wiki, and there are still characters left behind who belonged to that species, those characters will be considered “random aliens” and can still be played.


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