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The Separan, or Essians, are a Lamia race, one that is half human and half snake. It was discovered by the Yamatai Star Empire in YE 29 and have since fallen under their care. Their home planet, Essia, is divided into a group of city-states which are each represented on an oligarchy that addresses global issues. The politicking city-states are kept in check by the priests and their subordinate warrior-monks, the Templar.

The race is divided into two sub-species, the poisonous Venis and the constricting Pythus.

General Information

Homeworld: Essia System

Home Nation: N/A

Total Population: 2.34 million

Separa'Shan Technician


Appearance and Physiology

Half human, half snake, the Separa'shan can sometimes resemble Nepleslians with snake tail in replacement to the lower torso and some abilities of a snake.

Appearance and Physiology Details


The planet Essia has been governed by the Conclave of Essia. It is a representative body of city-states and presided over by the Temple. It was formed when the Separans realized that a fractured planet could not make any sort of unified front to an empire. Each city-state sends a single representative and suitable entourage while the Temple's priests ensure that the planet's religious laws are observed during the proceedings. Planetary law is founded in the religious doctrines of the Separans, making it a nominally democratic theocracy. Secularism is a concept laughed at by the Separans. Religion is life and politics determine the prosperity of that life.



The Separa'shan are commonly polite people that are always looking for a better deal, wither it is bartering for an item or for a better position to attack one's enemy. Much of the culture is tied to economics and the gods, but are not afraid to throw a party for celebrations

Culture Details


Religion is a big part of life, as the gods are indeed real, despite having no influence on the race other than their word. Despite this, the gods have a large impact on their culture defining how their lives should be spent, and festivals for certain events. A religious sect carry out the will of the gods and participate in rituals and ceremonies.

Religion Details


The Separa history is not a remarkable one in the eyes of the race, rather individual histories of each individual makes on the world around them. What has passed was the will of the gods, what is now is under their guidence, and the future is what they make of it.

Separa'shan History Details

Racial Divide

The Separa'shan are made up of two races, both belonged to their own clan before Nagashun. While it has been years since the divide has been washed away, it's history still exists within the culture itself.

Racial Division Details

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