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Shukaren (Species)

Shukaren are a nocturnal race known for being honour bound and chivalrous, but are also experienced warriors and avid hunters for knowledge. They are part of the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Species Summary

The Shukaren are a dual race, in that they have both a Purebred and an altered species.

Shukaren Laibes

Laibe Shukaren are a sub-species of the Shukaren who believe themselves to be superior and the only 'true' Shukaren, unlike their Daur-counterparts whom were created via an enviromental disaster, the Laibe are genetically pure Foites - or Foxes in Tinacen.

They evolved from the Foites on their world, but there is no writen record of how long they've truly been bipedal. Laibe have no real need for clothing and are bigger than their Daur counterparts.

Laibe means Purebred in Tinacen.

For more information, check the Laibes (Species) page

Shukaren Daur

Shukaren Daur were the result of an environmental disaster not caused by the Shukaren themselves, but rather, by the general environment itself that resulted in the alteration of DNA in the Laibe Shukaren Embryo, when this kit was born it was different from normal Laibes but this kind of evolution continued on for nearly a decade, with Shukaren-daur being born from Laibes. It took nearly a hundred years for this genetic mutation to clear itself up in the Laibe DNA. There is no record due to this event happening before recorded history, occurring in the early days of the Shukaren.

Shukaren Daur only have the tail and ears of a Foite, they are also smaller than Laibes.

Daur means altered in Tinacen.

For more information, please check the Daur (Species) page

Blood Color

Originally Daur and Laibe had white blood when they bled, however, that has begun to change. Now when a Daur bleeds, their blood comes out as being more pinkish, with it favoring the more reddish side of the spectrum. Laibe, on the other hand, still have more whiteness to their blood but this is expected to change.


The Shukaren go by eras for their calendar, each Era lasts until a new Era begins, usually sparked by a major event. These eras are decided upon by the government, and when a new one starts, all calendars are replaced. Era of Beginning lasted only eight hundred years. The Era of Tension lasted only two centuries, while the Era of War lasted nearly five hundred years. The Era of Restart lasted seven hundred years, with the Era of Exploration being the present. Each Era restarts the calendar at zero and counts from there.

Era of Beginning

The Shukaren originated from a distant star system on a planet called Keritone. They evolved naturally from foxes, to soon become bipedal in only a few hundred years. Originally from the start, the Shukaren traveled as groups of nomads for many years until a few started to settle down to form small communities. In the span of only four hundred years, these small communities grew to small countries.

During the feudal era of their race, a Shukaren warship was exploring a series of islands that they hadn't been able to reach before due to the lack of armored hulls that could withstand the heavy tides that were present in the area. On this island, they discovered the only other sentient species on their world: The My'leke. This discovery initially brought suspicion, people assumed it was impossible for animals to speak or even grow the same kind of intelligence they possessed. This was quickly disproved, when the My'leke revealed that they were not only intelligent, but also quick learners.

Racial Wars

During the highest of the Era of Beginning, the Shukaren Laibes, feeling they were superior and more intelligent than their diminutive Hybrids, choose to try and gain the seat of power from the Hybrids. This resulted in several wars, some lasting only a few years, others decades, the longest lasting racial war as of this Era lasted nearly a full century and was stopped due to a Laibe who felt that the constant racial fighting wasn't going to help their culture any.

By Year EB (Era Beginning) 0835, the longest Racial War had ended.

Era of Tension

Since the discovery of the My'leke, there had been Shukaren who were often suspicious of them and wondering just what their goal was. As the Shukaren entered into the modern era, with their technology progressing as a fast rate, years of suspicion and paranoia finally erupted into a ful blown global war. Shukaren fought Shukaren, Shukaren fought My'leke, and My'leke fought Shukaren. Out of the many nations on the planet, only one - known as the Neshaten and made up primarily of Hybrid Shukaren - treated the My'leke as a sentient race should be treated: with respect.

Within a few decades, a war, one that was bloody and brutal, was started that lasted for a hundred years. Countries were wiped off the surface of their planet, whole communities devastated, it was eventually learned that the war was started by paranoia and suspicions propagated by some groups who didn't like the My'leke. These misunderstandings were eventually dealt with and peace came to the Shukaren. Eventually, however, another war would erupt only a few years later - one that was between the Laibe and Hybrid Shukaren, this war only lasted eight years before a peace agreement was reached.

Era of War

The peace that the end of the war brought was long lasting, almost five hundred years, which had allowed the Shukaren to expand throughout their star system, colonizing several planets and even the nearby asteroid. However, once again, peace would be tested and the desire for more would eventually lead to The Great War. The Great War lead to the near annihilation of the Neshaten civilization, but was spared this due the Neshaten government gathering several million people onto evacuation transports to be sent into deep space

Era of Restart

When the Great War ended, the Shukaren were a broken people, their hard work, their technological progress, all ruined and destroyed. The Shukaren, however, would learn from their mistakes. Deciding to educate the next generation on the previous generations mistakes, putting an emphasis on history and learning from the past in hopes of not repeating it.

Era of Exploration

With the many years having passed, and the newest generation having been taught about the pasts mistakes, the Shukaren, being ever fearful of the possibilities of other races in the universe going after them due to the dangers of their star system - have constructed ships to protect their home world and the distant planets they've colonized.

Cultural Tension between Laibes and Hybrids

During the Era of Beginning, one of the main problems the Shukaren had was tension between Laibes and Hybrids Shukaren, this tension was largely reduced when the My'leke were discovered and further declined as decades past. However, the tension is still ever present in their society, and this has lead to some problems involving Laibes whom believe they are better than Hybrids; this is especially true with the Rite of Honor, which Laibes are incompatible with. This incompatibility comes from their blood and the immune system, which attacks the micro-organisms that they get from the My'leke. This has a high chance of resulting in death for the Laibe, so for safety reasons, Laibes aren't permitted to take part. Despite this, Laibes still feel left out when a ceremony happens and some believe that their inability to take part or their blood and immune system problems are the result of Hybrid Shukaren scientists altering their species, even though there is no evidence of this.

Although it's not widely known due to the loss of historical records, The Great War was started by the Laibes in an effort to exterminate both the Hybrid Shukaren and the My'leke.

As of YE 33, tensions are at a low point. But anything could potentially upset the balanace.

Rite of Honour

The Rite of Honour is a passage for a Shukaren and My'leke that is so important, it garners its own ceremony that is very important to both species. A Shukaren who forms a symbiotic relationship with a My'leke takes on the regenerative abilities of the My'leke.

When a Shukaren completes the Rite of Honour, the micro-organisms that inhabit the My'leke body are transferred into the body of a Shukaren, granting them an improved healing ability along with the experiences and memories of the My'leke. In return, the My'leke gets longevity along with the memories and experiences that the Shukaren possessed.

However, this also comes with the sharing of pain and the risk that if one dies so does the other.


Shukaren customs are loosely based around those of the My'leke.

  • Do not drink in the presence of a My'leke
  • Respect the environment
  • Do not enter a Shukaren's residence without invite
  • When carrying a sword, never brandish it in public
  • Treat others as you would be treated
  • In order to curb racial prejudice, Shukaren Kits are not permitted to meet a My'leke Kit until they go through a full year of school learning about the My'leke.

My'leke Relationship

The Shukaren bare a close relationship with the My'leke, both sides benefit the other with technology that is developed, in short, they possess a technology pact even though it's not really referred to as such. The Shukaren are loyal to the My'leke, and in turn, the My'leke are loyal to the Shukaren.

Reference Artwork

V'kaste, creator of the Youth Corps, who died just a few short months after it was formed. She was a Shukaren-Daur Child.

OOC Notes

Vkaste Artwork is commissioned work, done by Sinziar. Being used with her permission.

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