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Enigmatic and thought to be extinct, the Sourcian race were a single super-culture thought to be larger than that of all known space. They could best be described as a near seamless symbiotic merger of a sort of naturally forming organic computer resembling a giant pearl of amber, a yellow shape-shifting living liquid able to solidify into hard fibers and bone-like structures and a programmable mineral able to form complex components and machines - all with separate evolutionary pathways.

From what is known of fossil records and remaining artefacts, Sourcians are thought to have evolved deep beneath the ocean in total darkness under crushing pressures close to volcanic activity akin to giant armored micillium or coral composed of organic crystal structures - with their softer morphic parts having evolved far closer to the surface from organisms resembling jellyfish. Their natural perception is thought to be akin to a sort of shared consciousness โ€“ with limited independence allowing for the development of random characteristics which would be pruned by evolution. Later forms have shown themselves able to adapt to survive in the crushing pressures of gas-giants, inside other organisms and even on land.

Infamously, their genetic and memetic legacies are now held under the heel of the Lazarus Consortium and the LSDF with materials, equipment and weapons being extracted not only from their genome and data-records but expanded upon to include the future developments the species were likely moving into.

If you wish to play a Sourcian or have any enquiries, contact OsakanOne via the forums.



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