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⚠ The following article is currently NOT APPROVED for in-character usage.


NPC Species created by Kyle

The Sucaname are the dominate species of the Imperium, they are the intelligence behind the group. They bear a resemblance to Stonefish, however, they are much more menancing in that their skin color often shifts depending on their moods but it also serves as a way of communicating with others. And although they are the one's that make the decisions, Sucaname have been known to hunt pray in pods, but largely keep away from the front lines.

They are capable of surviving outside their fluid enviroments as long as the atmosphere has some oxygen in it and little gravity. They communicate via telepathy and using sound-waves.

Sucaname grow to be long, nearly five feet with tendrils covering most of their body. They also have five eyes which gives them great sight while moving through their ships.

The name Sucaname means 'intelligent one' in the Varkronam Language.

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