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The Thaurgons are a species of hexapods that were encountered by the YSS Aeon in YE 35.

About the Thaurgons


The Thaurgon home world is called Praxavis. It circles a Red Dwarf star, and has a nitrogen, oxygen atmosphere. Praxavis has a gravity of 1.6 G's.


Thaurgon's have six limbs that extend from their central core. Each of the limbs can be used to manipulate objects as well as for locomotion. The limbs are aligned with three on each side. The skin of a Thaurgon is rubbery and very flexible. The last twenty centimeters of each limb are used as hands. They have an internal skeleton and musculature.

Typical Thaurgon

Located in the front is the Thaurgon face. It consists two of their six eyes, which operate in pairs, and a triangular mouth. The Thaurgon smell things by receptors on their limbs. Their ear slits are located on the upper side of the core.

Thaurgon's can raise up on two sets of legs to free the other legs to be used for manipulating objects. They can also do this to fight.


As indicated the Thaurgon have six eyes. The two in the face are used for performing detailed work, reading, etc. The other two sets are mounted on the upper body. Two towards the front, and the others to the rear. They are primarily used when the Thaurgon is moving, or manipulating objects with their limbs.


The top of the core on a Thaurgon 'standing' is at a height of 1 meter. The body is about 2 meters wide and 2.5 long. Thaurgons typically weigh between 120 and 145 KG.

The Thaurgon have a typical lifespan of 85 years, but 120 is not unheard of.

Family Unit

Thaurgon adults form groups of three or more in their equivalent of marriage/family.


Thaurgon's have three genders; male, female and neutral. The neutral is the one that bears the young. During their lifespan a Thaurgon experiences all three genders. They do not become capable of reproduction until 15 years old. They can engage in sex for pleasure at age fifteen. Reproduction is by the same act, but they can control the process. When a neutral Thaurgon gives birth, they become a male. When a male impregnates a neutral they become a female. When a female contributes her part to the neutral they become a neutral.

In the event a 'family' is missing one of the three genders, one of the members will spontaneously change gender to the missing type.

Gestation period is 11 months, and typically gives birth to twins.

Thaurgon children are raised by their parents, but the community is involved in the rearing as well.


Thaurgon's have a diet which primarily consists of various algae, fungi for protein and fruits for carbohydrates. Additionally insects are grown to produce higher protein food stuff.

Thaurgon's can consume animal protein but it is more difficult to digest and can result in flatulence and gastric distress.

Thaurgon Federation

The Thaurgon government structure practices Federalism. The Thaurgon Federation consists of three planets in their home system. Each planet consists of dozens of democratic states.



The Thaurgons have two types of suits for environmental.

Environ Suit

The basic protective suit is worn to protect against cold environments, or hot dry climates. The suit consists of a pliable membrane that covers the wearer. Located on the back is the module which supplies power and environ control.

The suit provides thermal cooling or heating by the circulation of fluids. The suit covers all of the body except for the face and provides see through panels for the other eyes. A protective face shield can be worn as well.

In dry climates the Protective Suit provides skin moisture in the form of brief sprays of neutral ph water. Surplus water is captured and recycled.

The Environ Suit can protect the wearer to temperatures as low as -20ยฐ and high as 60ยฐ centigrade. A single power cell can power the suit for up to twenty four hours. The power packs are rechargeable, and can be swapped out while the suit is worn.


The Vacuum suit is worn during EVA activities or on planets without an atmosphere. It is similar to the Environ suit but has an life support module. For extended activities a thruster module can be added.


The Thaurgons have a non-powered combat suit. It is made up of articulated segments, that provide protection and does not limit their mobility. It has a life support module that can supply air for up to six hours.

The suit has a 10 SP Armor.

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