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Trölls are native to Planet Yamatai, inhabiting the colder northern parts of the main continent.


Home Planet:Planet Yamatai
Government:Yamatai Star Empire


Huge and rugged in appearance, the Trölls generally stand eight to thirteen feet in height, and weigh around half a ton or more. Trölls have cracked, dry gray skin with very short hairs on it, but no hair on their heads. Trölls may also have lichens, moss, or mold growing on them and this often causes them to have a faint odor of mildew.


Trölls follow a decidedly Old Norse culture, based on the ancient Vikings, including the Old Norse language. A society that values honor, bravery, and cunning, the Trölls are generally wary of outsiders, but occasionally some of them will venture out of the mountains of Norfrost and Kôriyama and interact with modern society.


Nearly every Tröll is trained from a young age in the arts of war. Their militia is controlled and composed of a system of warrior guilds which form alliances, each responsible for some element of protection of Tröll lands. The Star Army of Yamatai also defends the planet. Some trolls have joined the Star Army and can be seen in infantry units, and occasionally, starships.


Tröll Guild Leaders hold most of the political power for the local government, while most Trolls have equal voting on the national level (the Star Army of Yamatai).


Trölls excel in armorcraft, low-tech weaponry, and basic construction.

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