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⚠ The following article is currently NOT APPROVED for in-character usage.


NPC Species created by Kyle

The Uname, which means 'killer' in the Imperiums language, are a crab like species that resembles |Spider Crab only much larger and menancing. Uname has tendrils that extend out of their heads and also along the bottom of their bodies, their legs are covered in small thorns that are used to inject poison into their victoms that leads to paralyzes. But, the most noticiable thing about them isn't that their legs can grow to nearly fifteen feet long but that two of their legs can shoot organic poison darts.

The Uname are considered the footsoldiers of the Imperium, often handling the organizations weaponry. They communicate via telepathy and sound-waves but can also communicate by taping their legs against the hulls of their ships or the ground that they walk on.

In a fluid enviroment, they often make a crackling like sound when hunting pray and also use their legs to generate additional sounds to scare their pray toward them.

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