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The Zazeku are the lowest Tier of the Valsh'Nar Empire, these large amphibious crab like beings are used for little more than manual labor or shock troops/weapons platforms in combat mostly due to their low intelligence. The Zazeku are barely able to communicate with more than simple terms and this is only accomplished psychically with other Valsh'Nar Species.


a Zazeku is a large crab like being that stands between 10-14 feet tall. It has three pairs of thick pointed legs on its lower torso and one pair of large claw like ones on its upper torso.

Head: A Zazeku head is Somewhat pointed with eyes sunken into protective plating, it is relatively small compared to the relative size of the body. The mouth is located on the bottom end of the head, and much like the Karshvick the mouth consist of four mandibles. Unlike the Karshvick however the jaws are armored and can sealed so that they are air tight. Seated below the head are a small set of arms. The arms have a small set of pincers on the end that it uses to move food up towards and into the mouth.

Body: a Zazeku's body consists of two main sections, a large upper torso and a lower supportive platform. The upper torso is roughly tear dropped shaped, giving the Zazeku a somewhat hunched over look. On the upper torso the head is located near the front center protected by armored plates as well as the large set of digging arms on either side of it. The lower torso is a somewhat oblong circle that the remaining three sets of legs are attached to. Color wise they are dark grey or Black in color, often with a oily sheen. Finally a Zezeku stands between Ten and fourteen feet tall.

The carapace of the Zazeku is composed of a tough armor like plating which gives the creature a great amount of protection, akin to a piece of light tank armor. With the aid of some Scientist from the Valsh'Nar Military Technology and Science Development and Discovery element as well as natural evolution, the Zazeku's external chitin has been genetically modified to be that durable via selective breeding and sub molecular enhancements (in game terms it has a DR of 10). This natural body armor can be augmented by Valsh'Nar soldiers even more however, by attaching armored plates directly to the Zazeku's body (treated as a of 20). The outer carapace itself is relatively sleek and smooth, much like a beetles exoskeleton.

For Information on Damage Ratings (DR) see Damage Rating (Version 2)

Limbs: A Zazeku has 4 pairs of limbs. The primary set, two large digging pincers, are located at the front attached to the upper torso. The remaining six limbs are attached to the lower body, providing stabilizability movement for the large creature. The large digging pincers have an outer protective shell running up the length of them, providing protection to the creatures upper arms and joints to the rest of the torso. The Zazeku can also use these to form a natural shield for itself when it feels alarmed, seeing as the large triangular plate is connected to the pincers and not the arm (although it does make them a bit cumbersome).


A Zazeku is a rather large creature, and in order for it to keep running it has more than one set of organs to keep its blood, (Which is blue in color) flowing through its systems it has the following 'extra' organs:

  • 3 Hearts (One 'double' heart in its upper torso, and one in its lower)
  • 4 Lungs (Two regular and two aquatic that can also filter out some air toxins)
  • 3 stomachs
  • 1 small pre-stomach that filters out toxins that have been ingested.

Because of the sets of stomachs the Zazeku can eat just about anything for energy, though any indigestible parts would be excreted though the mouth in a pellet form, the rest being converted into energy.

Reproduction for a Zazeku consists of laying a small clutch (normally about 8-12) of eggs in a opaque fertilization jelly. A Zazeku is A sexual and produces both needed requirements for eggs. Not all of the eggs will be fertilized which gives the surviving hatchlings a food source until they are able to emerge from the Zazeku burrow on their own to go dig their own. After about 8 months the youngling Zazeku will be the size of an adult but cannot reproduce until it is matured at roughly two years. As the hatchling grows it will molt out of its old shell about every 2 months.


The primary source of survival for a Zazeku is its exterior armor and strength. Unlike the intelligent beings in the Valsh'Nar Empire, a Zazeku is a very simple creature, akin more to an intelligent cow or buffalo. The outer carapace of a Zazeku is incredibly tough, comparable to a 1/4 inch piece of ADNR . Further more, the nerve receptors are not that close to the surface so it has a hard time feeling pain, which the Karshvick have turned to their advantage by turning the Zazeku into a living weapons platform as well as up armoring it by attaching armor to it. Furthermore the blood of a Zazeku is copper based, so not only is it blue but it is also highly resistant to infections and other harmful blood borne aliments such as poisons or viruses. Another advantage of their blood is that it clots incredibly fast and also is capable of repairing any damaged carapace chunks that may occur on the Zazeku, leaving behind only scars as opposed to a hole. It normally takes about a week and a half for a serious wound to heal if it is not put under stress.

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